20+ Best Things To Do In Phu Quoc Vietnam

During the French colonial era, Phu Quoc island was a notorious prison site is blessed with crystal blue water, fine white sand beaches, and pristine forests.

What are the best things to do in Phu Quoc island Vietnam?

We’ve spent more than a month exploring this beautiful island, and here we share the list of the top experiences in Phu Quoc that you should not miss.

1. Explore Phu Quoc’s beaches

Phu Quoc charms its visitors with pristine beaches and extraordinary experiences. 

The beaches in Phu Quoc have endless coastlines, white sand, and crystal clear water. Sao Beach, Starfish beach, and Ong Lang beach are the most beautiful ones. 

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Phu Quoc island Vietnam

2. Take the longest cable car

One of the most impressive experiences that we had in Phu Quoc was crossing the sea by cable car.

Located in the southern part of Phu Quoc island, An Thoi station will take you to Pineapple island by cable car.

During the trip, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the islands and then spend a relaxing time at Hon Thom’s entertainment area.

Hon Thom Phu Quoc cable car things to do in Phu Quoc Vietnam.
Taking a cable car crossing the sea is one of our favorite things to do in Phu Quoc.

3. Have fun VinWonders

If you have an extra day in Phu Quoc, spend your time at VinWonders and have fun!

Similar to VinWonders in Nha Trang, the one in Phu Quoc is also divided into zones: waterpark, game area, performance area, and indoor game.

The performance area with outdoor performances and street festivals will make you fascinated. We also love the water slides here.

Food and drink are very reasonably priced, and the place is well organized and suitable for all ages.

4. Visit Vinpearl Safari

Many travelers also choose to visit Safari as a part of their trip to VinWonders. 

Vinpearl Safari is one of the largest wildlife and plant parks in Vietnam. The area of 380 hectares is home to 140 animal species with over 2000 individuals and 1200 plant species.

In Safari, you can sit on the bus, observe the natural environment, and get acquainted with the animals.

Safari Vinpearland Phu Quoc Vietnam

5. Go island-hopping & view the corals

Hon May Rut and Gam Gui are the perfect places for diving and watching the beautiful coral reefs. 

You can also admire the colorful flora and fauna in the An Thoi archipelago, near Mong Tay or Doi Moi.

The corals in this area are ranked first in Vietnam regarding species richness. Just with a lifejacket and diving goggles, you can have a fun day exploring the corals in the ocean. 

An Thoi Phu Quoc Vietnam

6. Go sea fishing

The next experience you should try on your trip to Phu Quoc island is sea fishing. 

Departing from An Thoi port in the early morning, boarding a fishing boat, and touring the islets, you can enjoy the poetic scenery of the tranquil sea and try fishing.

Sitting on a fishing boat enjoying the sea breeze with quiet space are peaceful moments of your holiday.

An Thoi Phu Quoc Vietnam

7. Catch squid at night

Your journey of squid fishing starts when the sun begins to set, and the sky is dyed with the pink color of the sunset.

There’s no need to know the techniques in advance. Instead, you will learn how to bait and fish squid like a true professional in the cheer of your boat mates.

8. Explore the island on a motorbike

Phu Quoc forest is one of 30 national parks in Vietnam. There are nearly 20 animals in the red book, such as white wolves, gibbons, etc. 

You can easily explore the island with a motorbike and a map.

The rental price is 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day, depending on the type of bike.

Phu Quoc sim wine flower

9. Watch the sunset on the beach

Do you know Phu Quoc is the best place to watch the sunset in Vietnam?

You can experience the beauty of the sunset at many beaches on this island, but each site offers a different unique experience.

For example, if f you decide to stay at Long Beach, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sun sinking into the majestic, vast sea. The scenery is as brilliant as any romantic movie.

If you choose Ong Lang beach, you will have a peaceful experience. You will see the sun gradually sinking into the sea under the rocks and waves.

Ong lang beach Phu Quoc Vietnam
Sunset at Ong lang beach Phu Quoc island

10. Visit fishing villages

One of our best experiences in Phu Quoc was at Ham Ninh fishing village.

The village is nestled at the foot of Ham Ninh mountain, about 20km from Duong Dong town.

Ham Ninh is an ancient and pristine village with thatched roofs and simple bamboo walls. People in this area mainly live by catching pearls and fishing.

Besides the pure beauty of charming scenery, this place is also a great destination if you’d like to enjoy fresh seafood.

Ham Ninh fishing village offers an exciting experience: dining in the middle of the sea. You’ll get to these floating restaurants by boat, choose the seafood and let them know how you want to cook them.

11. Stroll the pepper farm

Phu Quoc Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, vast primeval forests, fresh seafood dishes, and a great place to buy peppers.

Phu Quoc pepper is renowned for its characteristic aromatic flavor as an essential spice in every Vietnamese kitchen.

Visiting these farms, you can learn about the methods of growing pepper and better understand the hard life of the people on the island.

Phu Quoc Pepper farm Vietnam

12. Learn about the bees

Another exciting place to visit in Phu Quoc is a bee farm. Located near the primeval forest, this bee farm is the first to study and preserve bees on this island.

Here, you can visit, listen to explanations about the honey bee ecological farm. You can also try honey tasting and purchase honey gifts back home.

Phu Quoc bee farm Vietnam

13. Kayak on the river

Kayaking on the Cua Can river is a fascinating experience if you love outdoor activities. 

The best way to join this is to sign up for the Northern island tour. However, you can also rent kayaks by the hour from the restaurants along the river, such as Huong Viet restaurant. 

14. Enjoy tasty seafood

Phu Quoc is a paradise for seafood lovers! Seafood is fresh, and there are many choices. 

We often visited the markets during our stay in Phu Quoc, bought fresh fish and shrimp, and grilled it by ourselves. (Thanks to our Airbnb kitchen!)

We also visited the fishing villages and tried seafood dishes there. Prices at the fishing village were generally cheaper than the restaurants in town. 

seafood Vietnamese food

15. Visit Phu Quoc prison

If you are a history buff or simply curious about what a wartime prison looks like, this will be your destination.

Terrible, brutal, and horrifying is what you can experience in visualized history.

16. Relax at Tranh waterfall

About 9km from the center of Duong Dong town, Tranh stream is a stream made up of small gullies from Ham Ninh Mountain.

The best time to visit the Tranh stream is from June to January. This is the rainy season, and the stream can show its best beauty.

You can spend an afternoon here, relaxing, bathing in the stream, or simply wandering around.

Tranh stream Phu Quoc Vietnam

However, one disadvantage during this period is that Phu Quoc often has prolonged rains, and traveling around the island is often inconvenient.

17. Visit Phu Quoc fish sauce factory

Phu Quoc fish sauce is famous for its high protein and delicious taste, so don’t miss your chance to visit one of the factories on your trip.

Famous fish sauce factories, such as Hung Thinh and Khai Hoan, are located in Duong Dong town, so visiting will be very convenient. 

Here, you can see the traditional way of making fish sauces for hundreds of years. Phu Quoc fish sauce is a great specialty to buy as a gift.

18. Experience wine tasting at Sim wine factory

Besides fish sauce and peppers, Phu Quoc Sim wine is also a unique gift to buy as souvenirs.

Many wine factories open part of their garden for visitors to visit, so don’t miss this chance to enjoy wine tasting there. 

Phu Quoc sim wine Vietnam

19. Visit Pearl farm

Phu Quoc island is known as Pearl’s island, so it would be a shame if you don’t visit the pearl farms here.

We visited one of the pearl farms in Phu Quoc, named Ngoc Hien. Our guide explained pearl type, the pearl-harvesting process and showed us the pearl production process.

Here you can also buy pearls as souvenirs. Again, there are many types, from cheap to expensive, so you choose which suits the budget.

20. Learn how to cook Vietnamese food

One of the best ways to explore Vietnam is exploring local recipes and trying to make them yourself.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn the combination of Vietnamese tastes and spices while spending fun time with your classmates.

21. Visit Ho Quoc temple

Ho Quoc temple is the largest and most famous temple in Phu Quoc. The temple lies on the back of the mountain, facing the sea.

The entrance to the pagoda has 18 arhats of stone and a majestic dragon-phoenix painting.

If you come here early in the morning, you can watch the beautiful sunrise.

22. Visit Phu Quoc night market

After watching the sunset and relaxing on the beaches, check out the Phu Quoc night market and enjoy street food there!

The market is located at the crossroads of Bach Dang – Nguyen Dinh Chieu and operates from 5 pm to 11 pm. It’s especially crowded on weekends, so we recommend visiting early to avoid the crowd.

23. Go pub crawl

Phu Quoc Island’s relaxed nightlife scene is ideal for those looking to entertain.

We love the Coco bar and The Rabbit Hole Irish Bar. Both have a pleasant atmosphere and great prices. 

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