Best Beaches In Phu Quoc Vietnam That You Can’t Miss

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Known as one of the best places to visit in Vietnam, Phu Quoc charms its visitors with scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches, fresh air, and tranquility.

Here is the list of best beaches in Phu Quoc that you should visit!


1. Sao Beach (Bai Sao)

Sao beach is considered as the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. The sand on this beach is pure white and smooth like cream.

In addition to the clear blue sea that one can see the bottom, sand in Sao Beach Phu Quoc is also famous for its smooth whiteness, creating a soft feeling under your feet.

Not only that, being embraced by mountain ranges makes the scenery here even more impressive.

Sao beach Phu Quoc Vietnam


2. Ong Lang beach (Bai Ong Lang)

Along with the blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine, Ong Lang beach has unique rocky beaches and is a great sunset viewpoint.

This beach is also suitable for outdoor activities such as playing group games or having a barbecue. During the day, you can do a kayaking tour to explore the area, then enjoy a romantic meal under the sparkling lights of the shore.

There are also many luxury resorts on Ong Lang beach to stay and relax.

We visited Ong Lang beach many times during our trip to Phu Quoc island. In the late afternoon, sitting on the rock of different shapes, facing the sea, we could enjoy the beautiful sunset and the magnificence of nature.

Ong lang beach Phu Quoc Vietnam


3. Starfish beach

Starfish beach, or Ganh Dau beach, is one of the most impressive beaches that I’ve ever been to.

Here, you can find thousands of starfishes laying around, creating a unique sight, not available anywhere else. 

starfish beach Phu Quoc Vietnam


4. Long Beach (Bai Truong)

Long Beach is located on the southwest of Phu Quoc Island, with a coastline stretching for more than 20 km starting from Dinh Cau Port to North An Thoi.

Long beach Phu Quoc Vietnam

The beach is parallel to the main road Tran Hung Dao, where you can find 70% of Phu Quoc resorts, restaurants, souvenir shops, and other tourist services.

This is the reason why Long beach is more bustling than other beaches in Phu Quoc as you can both relax on the beach and do other activities.


We love walking along Long beach at night, listening to the waves and watching the brilliant lights emanating from the resorts.


5. Thom beach (Bai Thom)

Located quite far from the center, about 35km from Duong Dong town to the Northeast, Thom beach is charming with its pristine beauty.

Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the fresh air and the vastness of the sea without any disruption. 

Thom beach Phu Quoc island Vietnam


6. May Rut island

May Rut island is about 10-minute canoe from Fingernail Island, more than 10km southwest of An Thoi town

This pristine island has a gentle beach and rows of palm trees. Water in May Rut is not deep, can swim hundreds of kilometers from the coast, convenient for watching corals, or simply relaxing in freshwater.

The marine ecosystem here is very diverse, including fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, snails, etc. 

May Rut island Phu Quoc Vietnam

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