Phu Quoc Bee Farm Vietnam: Info & Review

Visiting Phu Quoc island, in addition to relaxing on white-sand beaches, we also discover a lot of exciting things from the primeval forests. One of our favorite places was an organic Phu Quoc bee farm, located in the island’s northern part. 

Phu Quoc bee farm Vietnam

How to get to Phu Quoc bee farm

Getting to Phu Quoc island

You can easily travel to Phu Quoc island by flight or ferry. Below is the transportation guide.

Getting to the bee farm

Located near the buffer zone of Phu Quoc primary forest is the destination of beekeeping. 

Phu Quoc bee farm is located in Hamlet 2, Cua Can commune.

From Duong Dong town, you can drive to the intersection of Cua Can Bridge, turn right and continue for about 3km near the entrance to Nguyen Trung Truc’s relics.

Bee farm in Phu Quoc island Vietnam
The gate of Phu Quoc bee farm

Things to do at Phu Quoc bee farm

Enjoy honey tasting

Hopped off our bike, we walked into the bee farm and welcomed the staff here.

They showed us the bee tasting area and explained the different flavors and the benefit of each one. 

bee tasting
What is better than after hours of relaxing on the beach, you can enjoy the sweet taste of honey bees?

We were impressed by the coffee honey and wildflower honey flavor, not so much with the garlic honey.

Buy honey gifts

Next to the bee tasting area was a souvenir section. There was a wide range of products to choose from. 

bee gift
There are many products made from honey that you can buy for friends and relatives at home.

Relax at the cafe

We also tried out some honey drinks and food at the cafe. The menu was interesting, with many items made from honey.

Phu Quoc bee farm Vietnam bee cake
We ordered lemongrass honey tea, honey milk tea, and bee cake. The drinks came with organic honey harvested from the farm.

Take the bee tour

After relaxing at the cafe, we joined the farm tour with other guests.

We first visited the organic garden, where they farmed different flowers and trees. We could spot cashew, durian, jackfruit, and pineapple.

Our guide was informative and knowledgeable, showing us various types of flowers and trees in the gardens.

While walking in the garden, we saw several bee houses. 

Our guide carefully explained about the bees. We learned lots of useful information on the value of honey bees, along with how to protect them.

bee houses
The garden was the ideal source of pollen and honey for bees.
Phu Quoc bee farm Vietnam
This farm also helps to study and preserve honey bees in Phu Quoc. Save the bees!

Things we love about Phu Quoc bee farm

  • The area is refreshing and quiet, very suitable for relaxation. 
  • The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
  • The garden is beautiful. There are many types of flowers, such as cajuput, sim, white eucalyptus, cashew, etc.
  • The cafe is pleasant, serving honey drinks and snacks. They also use bamboo straws to protect the environment.
  • The bee tasting area has many exotic tastes.
  • You can stay overnight at this place.
  • The tour was informative. We learned a lot about the bees and the surrounding natural environment.
Phu Quoc bee farm Vietnam
The farm is located in the buffer zone of the Phu Quoc national primary forest. This place is ideal for those who love a relaxing and peaceful natural environment.

Other places to visit in Phu Quoc

After a Phu Quoc bee farm trip, here are other sites on the island that you should visit.

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