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where to stay in jeju island hotel

Yeha Guesthouse: A Budget Stay in Jeju Island, South Korea

Where is the best place to stay in Jeju island? Endorsed as Good Stay by the Korea Tourism Organization, Yeha Guesthouse is a budget accommodation for travelers who seeking a budget stay with a convenient location in Jeju Island, South Korea.   Location The…
living in Hawaii

An Expat Guide to Living in Hawaii

What is it like to live in Hawaii as an expat? In this Expat Interview, Katie shares her expat life in Hawaii. She discusses her moving procedure, good and bad things about Hawaii, where to visit in Hawaii, the cost of living in Hawaii and more.   About…
best place to learn Vietnamese in Saigon Hochiminh Vietnam

Learn Vietnamese in Saigon

Where is the best place to learn Vietnamese in Saigon? How to improve pronunciation or grammar? Perhaps you haven't started any Vietnamese lessons, or you're at the beginning of your study and find it difficult to pronounce. Perhaps you want…
Shinbashi Tokyo food tour

Tokyo Food Tour: Explore the hidden gem of Shinbashi

Have you ever heard of Izakaya - the casual Japanese pubs where people hang out after work? As visitors should try tapas when visiting Spain, drinking at Izakaya is one of the must-do activities when you travel to Japan. But how to find good…
living in Sendai Japan

Expat Guide to Living in Sendai Japan

What is it like to live in Sendai? In this Expat Interview, Viola shares her experience of moving to Japan with the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET program). From the cost of living in Sendai to being a foreigner in Japan, you will…
The Gate Hotel Asakusa Tokyo

The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon Review

Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise and the Tokyo Skytree is just outside your window. Amazing, isn’t it? Your trip to Tokyo, Japan will be perfect with a stay at The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon - a nice hotel located in the heart of Asakusa.   The…
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