Learn Vietnamese in Saigon

Where is the best place to learn Vietnamese in Saigon? How to improve pronunciation or grammar?

Perhaps you haven’t started any Vietnamese lessons, or you’re at the beginning of your study and find it difficult to pronounce. Perhaps you want to learn about grammar and improve your reading skills.

If you’re looking for a Vietnamese teacher to help you with your studying, you’re in the right place!

Since it’s always useful to learn the host country’s language, learning some Vietnamese while living in Vietnam will make your life easier and enrich your expat life in Vietnam.

As I was an expat, I understood the struggles of being in a foreign country without knowing the language. Therefore, I offer Vietnamese classes for foreigners, and the program is designed specifically based on your needs.

Note: At the moment I only offer online Vietnamese lessons. Please contact me for more information.

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Learning form

  • One-to-one: You can have your private lesson at the center or at the coffee shop.
  • Group: Invite your friends to join in a group study with you. You can schedule class sessions for your group. The lessons are taught at the center or at the coffee shop.
  • Educational Tours: Learn Vietnamese in an active way and have a great chance to practice your Vietnamese while visiting great places and understanding Vietnamese culture & living style. The educational tours include food tour, walking tour, customized tours. The price for a tour is different compared to a normal rate.

6 Reasons why you should choose Expatolife

how to learn Vietnamese in Hochiminh Vietnam
where to study Vietnamese in Saigon


  • Learning Vietnamese at the center or at the coffee shop.


$15/ hour per person, but special offers and discounts are available if you study in a group.

Terms & Condition

  • Transportation fees may be added depending on your location.
  • Drinks and parking fees are not included yet in the tuition fee.
  • If you cancel your lesson, you must contact 24 hours in advance or you will be charged full price.
  • The tuition fee is non-refundable.


If you’re interested in taking Vietnamese lessons, please contact me to discuss your study plan.

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