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Expatolife is a combination of Expat and Life.

Expat is a shorten form of Expatriate, which indicates a person temporarily or permanently residing, in a country other than that of their citizenship.

Living abroad since 18 years old, I’ve experienced the expat lives in Denmark and Japan. I totally understand how difficult it is to move from one country to another, so I’d love to share with you all my tips and experience as an expat to make your expat life become easier.

Also, with a great opportunity from living in different continents, I have grown my love for traveling. After visiting 26 countries, having memorable experiences as well as haunting ones, I’m writing down my own tips and guides for amazing destinations around the world.

Thanks to these experiences, Expatolife was born with love to share experience and tips when traveling and living abroad. We hope Expatolife can be a helpful friend for expats and travelers from all over the world.


Who is behind Expatolife?

Hi there, I’m Ha. I’m a founder of Expatolife – Expat and Travel blog. I can describe myself as:

♥ Adventurer – 26 countries and on counting

♥ Dream Chaser

♥ Photographer

♥ Marketing Student in Japan & Denmark

♥ Saigonese – Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Things I love to do

♥ Writing & Sharing

♥ Trip planning

♥ Designing website

♥ Photography

♥ Social marketing

Ha Truong

Founder & Author

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My writing

Guide to Expat Life

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Guide to travel the world

Come along and explore the world with us

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