A Brief Guide To Starfish Beach Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

About 20 km from the center of Duong Dong town on Phu Quoc island, there is a small, picturesque fishing village famous for its starfish and beautiful white sandy coastline. That place is Rach Vem, often known as Starfish Beach. 

starfish beach Phu Quoc Vietnam
Starfish Beach on Phu Quoc island.

Where is Starfish Beach?

Perched along the northern regions of Phu Quoc Island, Rach Vem or Starfish Beach is a heavenly locale nestled about 20 kilometers from the bustling center of Duong Dong town. Far from the madding crowd, this quaint and picturesque fishing village proudly boasts an untouched shoreline that shimmers in the sunlight.

starfish beach map
The location of Starfish Beach in Phu Quoc.

How to get to Starfish Beach

Whether you’re an adventurer who loves to take the wheel or someone who prefers to let others guide the way, getting to Starfish Beach is easy.

Adventurous souls can savor the freedom of renting a motorbike at an economical 150,000 VND ($7) for a day. Just follow Hung Vuong Street from Duong Dong town till you reach Cua Can Bridge, take a right, and upon reaching the intersection, turn left, and you’re just about 5 km away from your beach paradise.

However, if you’d rather sit back and enjoy the ride, rent a private car charter for a relaxed journey at $50 a day.

Alternatively, numerous tours offer inclusive transportation options from Duong Dong town, keeping your adventure absolutely hassle-free.

Phu Quoc beach Vietnam

Where to stay in Phu Quoc

Whether you’re a luxury seeker or a budget traveler, Phu Quoc Island accommodates everyone with its range of stay options.

If luxury and comfort are your calling, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort, and Fusion Resort Phu Quoc offer plush amenities and stunning views.

For a mid-range budget, Sol Beach House Phu Quoc and Mango Bay Resort offer a harmonious blend of comfort and nature.

If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly stay, consider Phu Quoc Bambusa Resort and Thanh Kieu Beach Resort, both known for their cozy vibe and friendly service.

The best time to visit Starfish Beach

While the charm of Phu Quoc Island is constant, its weather can be quite the drama queen. Summertime showers and relentless rains during the monsoon can transform the easy-going routes into challenging muddy tracks, thus affecting your travel experience.

From my visits, I’ve found that the months from January to May offer the best window to truly appreciate Starfish Beach. It’s when the weather is pleasant, the beach maintains its pristine beauty, and the starfish make their appearance in full glory.

During the summer and rainy seasons, waste from the Mekong River can often wash up on the beach, disrupting its pristine beauty. The resulting impact on the local biodiversity often means that you won’t find many starfish around during this time.

starfish beach

How much time to spend there?

No one wants their beach day to feel rushed. That’s why I always suggest setting aside at least half a day for your Starfish Beach adventure. It allows you enough time to explore, relax, and meet the beach’s eponymous stars.

Phu Quoc beach Vietnam

Ticket prices

Entering Starfish Beach is free, but do keep some cash handy for the beach amenities. For example, a pair of sunbeds cost me around 100,000 VND. I found it to be a reasonable price for a comfortable spot under the sun.

Phu Quoc beach Vietnam

Explore Starfish beach

A day at Starfish Beach presents many pleasant activities. Whether it’s swimming in the crystal-clear waters, exploring the local fishing culture, or just spending a leisurely day among the hundreds of starfish, there’s never a dull moment.

Like Sao Beach or Ong Lang Beach, the beach in Rach Vem is also clear, crystal blue, and calm, with extremely smooth white sand.

When observing the starfish, remember not to remove them from the water for extended periods as it can harm them.

Phu Quoc beach Vietnam
There are about 200 households living, mainly engaged in fishing activities.
starfish beach Phu Quoc Vietnam
You will have the opportunity to take a dip and play with hundreds of starfish.
Phu Quoc beach Vietnam

What to pack

When packing for a day at Starfish Beach, I recommend including comfortable beachwear, sturdy flip-flops, and a hat for sun protection. Don’t forget the sunscreen, a beach towel, and sunglasses.

A waterproof camera would also be great for capturing those underwater memories. And if you enjoy reading like I do, a good book would be a great addition.

starfish beach Phu Quoc Vietnam

Food & drink

Starfish Beach may be all about the starfish, but the beach experience isn’t complete without some mouthwatering local cuisine. The island offers an impressive variety of fresh seafood, refreshing coconuts, and traditional Vietnamese dishes. Each visit leaves me craving more!

Other beaches in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc island is a haven of spectacular beaches.

If you’re already making the trip to Starfish Beach, I’d strongly recommend adding other gorgeous beaches like Sao Beach or Ong Lang Beach to your itinerary. Each beach is a unique gem, showcasing a different facet of Phu Quoc’s diverse natural beauty.

starfish beach Phu Quoc Vietnam

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