Queen Beach Quy Nhon Vietnam: A Beautiful Gem

Queen Beach, often known as Egg Beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Quy Nhon, Vietnam. In this guide, I’ll share useful information about the beach and tips to make the best of your trip.

So, why is Queen Beach famous?

Have you ever seen a beach that’s filled with egg-shaped stones instead of sand? Sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? But yes, that’s precisely what makes Queen Beach, or the Stone Egg Beach (Bai Trung) as Vietnamese call, a unique spot that stands out in the picturesque city of Quy Nhon.

hoang hau beach quy nhon vietnam.

The first time I set foot on Queen Beach, I was amazed by the sight of countless smooth stones, each resembling a giant egg, stretching across hundreds of square meters.

The story of Queen Beach

The legend says that in the Nguyen Dynasty, when King Bao Dai and Nam Phuong Queen visited the central provinces, the beauty of this beach caught the Queen’s eye.

Queen Nam Phuong then chose a perfect destination for a private holiday with King Bao Dai in 1927. 

Bao Dai is the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty, the final ruling family of Vietnam. His reign was from 1926-1945, and he abdicated in August 1945 when Japan surrendered.

queen beach quy nhon vietnam.

Where is Queen Beach?

This coastal beauty nestles within the Ghenh Rang tourism area, just a stone’s throw away (approximately 2km) from the bustling city of Quy Nhon.The close proximity to the city’s hustle and bustle, yet the calm tranquillity this beach offers, never ceases to amaze me.

queen beach quy nhon vietnam.

How to get to Queen Beach

The beach is located in Ghenh Rang area, and you can easily reach Queen beach either by hopping on a bike or taking a quick taxi ride.

If you happen to be staying in the city center, it’ll take you a breezy 30 minutes to walk to the beach. No rush, just enjoy the stroll!

To get there, just follow An Duong Vuong street and then make your way to Han Mac Tu street. Keep on going straight for a little bit more, and you’ll find yourself at the welcoming gate.

Once you arrive, feel free to park your bike in the designated parking lot. From there, it’s just a short and pleasant walk to Egg stone beach. Easy peasy!

Oh, and the best part? There are plenty of different paths to choose from when going down to the beach. The steps are all interconnected, so you can explore and move around freely.

queen beach quy nhon vietnam.

Where to stay in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon offers a plethora of stay options catering to all kinds of travelers. Luxury resorts, mid-range hotels, budget hostels, you name it! Having stayed at different places during my visits, I’ve found that most accommodations offer easy access to Queen Beach.

What’s the weather like?

Quy Nhon, like most of Vietnam, enjoys a tropical climate. So, you can expect a healthy dose of sunshine and warm temperatures for most parts of the year. On a typical sunny day, the beach basks in a beautiful golden hue, a sight that always warms my heart.

queen beach quy nhon vietnam.
When standing from the top, you can view the whole surrounding. In the distance are fishing boats undulating in the mist, and the beach stands out with thousands of egg-shaped stones.

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to explore Queen Beach is from February to June. During this time, the weather is typically sunny, making it ideal for all the outdoor activities you’d like to indulge in.

Remember to avoid the stormy months from July to early October. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way. I once visited in August, only to be caught in frequent rain spells.

Also, I’ve found that arriving early not only lets you pick the best spot but also offers the perfect light for photography. Plus, the early morning is an excellent time to enjoy the tranquil ambience of the beach. If you want to enjoy sunset, arrive at around 4 pm.

queen beach quy nhon vietnam.

How much time should you plan to spend?

I recommend spending at least an hour for this tranquil escape. However, if you’re a nature enthusiast who loves to capture the world through the lens, I’d recommend keeping aside a couple of hours to truly soak in the beauty of Queen Beach.

hoang hau beach quy nhon vietnam.

What are the best things to do?

There’s so much to do at Queen Beach! Bask in the sun, relax with a book, or stroll along the beach, soaking in the views. My favorite is capturing the beauty of the egg-shaped stones through my camera.

egg beach quy nhon vietnam.

What should you wear?

Given the tropical climate, I’ve found that light, breathable clothing works best. A good sun hat, sunglasses, and comfortable footwear are a must. And yes, don’t forget to carry your swimwear!

queen beach quy nhon vietnam.

What should you pack?

Remember to pack your beach essentials like sunscreen, water bottles, a beach towel, and of course, a good book if you’re planning to relax by the beach. I always carry a portable charger to keep my camera and phone powered.

What attractions are nearby?

Once you’ve enjoyed Queen Beach, the nearby Quy Nhon city center, and the enchanting Han Mac Tu area await your exploration. They offer a splendid mix of local culture, food, and shopping experiences.

And, the food & drink?

You’ll find many local restaurants serving delicious Vietnamese cuisine around the Ghenh Rang area or in Quy Nhon city. Don’t forget to sample the local seafood, it’s absolutely delicious!

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