Fairy Stream Mui Ne Vietnam: A Walk Through Nature

Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) is a scenic spot in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Mui Ne is one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam, thanks to its immense sand dunes, but perhaps not many people know about this unique stream.

Walking along the Fairy stream was one of our favorite moments in Mui Ne. Discover its beauty in this article.

Fairy stream Mui Ne Vietnam

How to get to Fairy stream

Starting from the sandhill of Mui Ne, follow Vo Nguyen Giap street. When you see Ho Quang Canh street, turn left into this street.

Then, continue and turn left to Huynh Thuc Khang street. Ride a little further, and you will reach Fairy Stream.

We took a jeep car tour to visit popular places in Mui Ne, and it was great. 

Fairy stream ticket price

Here is the ticket price for Fairy stream Mui Ne

  • Adult ticket price: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Child ticket price: 6,000 VND / ticket

The best time to visit Fairy stream

Mui Ne Phan Thiet is sunny all year. However, it can get very hot after 10 pm, so we recommend visiting the stream early in the morning before 9 pm. 

The beauty of Fairy stream Mui Ne

1. The colors

Fairy stream is a spectacular painting of nature. It is a combination of the bright red and white color of sand, the lush green color of trees, and the clear color water of the stream. 

The stream is not clear and still cloudy. It is heavy with fine silt. That is why the spring water has a light pink or reddish-orange color, different from the normal streams.

Mui Ne Vietnam
Compared to other streams in Vietnam, Fairy Stream impresses visitors with the bright orange-red water dyed with sand.

2. The scenery

What makes Suoi Tien attractive is the color of the water and the surrounding landscape.

Walking along the stream, we found several impressive sand stalactites.

The reddish-brown color of the sandy soil, together with the stalactites of all shapes and sizes, creates a wild and amazing beauty.

One side of the steam is a cliff, and the other is coconut forest. The vast and stretched forest makes this place cooler and more desolate.

Suoi Tien Mui Ne Vietnam

3. Experience walking to explore the stream

While you can experience a jeep ride in Bau Trang, Fairy Stream offers a unique experience. 

To explore Suoi Tien, visitors need to walk along the stream. It sounds rather strange, but it’s fascinating. 

The water level here is not too deep, and the stream is gentle. The shallowest place reaches the ankles, and the deepest site only gets the adult knee.

We also quite enjoyed the feeling of soaking our feet in the stream while walking through the sand. Amid the unique natural scenery, it was wonderful to admire the view.

Also, the cool water seems to dispel the fierce heat of Mui Ne, creating a feeling of strange excitement. 

Fairy stream Mui Ne Vietnam
The walking experience along a stream surrounded by majestic stalactites was enjoyable!

4. The waterfall

After about 1 km, we saw a waterfall at the end of the stream. It’s pretty small but still interesting to see. The level of water here reaches our ankles. 

Suoi Tien Fall Mui Ne Vietnam

5. Enjoy delicious dishes of Mui Ne

You can find street vendors selling drinks and specialty snacks along the stream. We enjoyed a cold coconut with coconut pancake. 

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