Best Time To Visit Mekong Delta Vietnam

With the beauty of fruit orchards, rice fields, and the hospitality of the people, Mekong Delta is a great destination to visit in Vietnam

When is the best time to visit Mekong Delta, Vietnam?

Read this article to plan for your ideal trip to Southern Vietnam!

best time to visit Mekong Delta Vietnam


Weather in the Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta has a tropical monsoon climate, which is favorable for the development of agriculture, especially rice and other crops. 

The climate is divided into two main seasons, with the rainy season starting from May to November and the dry season lasting from December to April of the following year.

The weather is about 28 degrees C and stable all year round. Unlike other areas in Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is not often affected by storms and natural disasters.

My Tho boat tour Mekong Delta Vietnam


Best time to visit Mekong Delta Vietnam

As the Mekong Delta has a warm and sunny climate all year round, you can visit the region at any time of the year, depending on your schedule. 

Each season has unique characteristics that bring different experiences.

The fruit season (June to August)

Although the garden may have different fruits depending on the season, the summer (around June, July, August) is the ripe fruit season in the Mekong Delta Vietnam.

If you happen to visit the region during this time of the year, you can visit some famous fruit gardens and enjoy the best fruits such as durian, mango, tangerine, and grapefruit.

Vietnam fruit


The floating season (September to November)

Between late September and November, water from upstream of the Mekong River flows into the two upstream rivers of Dong Thap and An Giang provinces, creating a flooding season.

Floating season causes difficulties for farmers because their fields are flooded and crop failures.

However, in return, when the river rises, fish and shrimp are deposited, creating all the beautiful scenery.

Also, you should not miss visiting Cai Rang floating market or taking a boat trip to Thoi Son Islet in My Tho

My Tho boat tour Vietnam Thoi Son islet boat tour

Here are some other places that you should visit

Tan Lap floating village in Long An Vietnam

Tan Lap floating village is about 100 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh city. You should visit Tan Lap village in October or November to be able to see the blooming lotus and watching birds. 

Melaleuca forests in Tra Su, An Giang

Melaleuca forest, located about 30 km from Chau Doc city, preserves the most typical and unique natural habitat of wetland ecosystems in the Mekong Delta.

This forest is most beautiful in the flooding season (from September to November each year). 

Bird National Park in Dong Thap

Every year when the water floods, Bird National park puts on a colorful new shirt with a dazzling dance of nature.

You should start your exploration in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Also, the flooding season is the time when the lotus fields in Dong Thap blooming, so take a boat in the middle of the lotus field to immerse in its beauty.


Springtime (December to February)

In the springtime, near the Lunar New Year, the Mekong Delta is beautiful with flowers everywhere.

If you travel near Tet holiday, you can also experience the unique customs and traditions of the Lunar New Year celebration.

Tet Holiday in Vietnam Lunar New Year


Final thoughts on the ideal time to visit Mekong Delta

In short, you can visit the Mekong Delta Vietnam anytime.

If you like exploring the fruit orchards, then go in the summer

If you are a romantic soul, like to explore the Mekong Delta in the flooding season, you should visit from September to November.

Finally, if you’d like to celebrate the Tet holiday, visit the Mekong Delta in the spring to enjoy the festive atmosphere. 

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