15 Best Things to Do in Moc Chau You’ll Love

Vietnam is renowned for its lush landscapes and vibrant cities, but Moc Chau holds a special allure that’s hard to match. This place is a canvas painted with rolling tea hills and majestic mountains, a scene so dreamy it feels like stepping into a landscape painting.

In this travel guide, I share my favorite things to do in Moc Chau, with tips to fill your days with awe and wonder.

Wander Moc Chau Tea Farms

Imagine rolling hills covered in lush tea gardens, swaying gently in the breeze. 

Moc Chau has these astonishing tea hills that are drop-dead gorgeous, especially between December and February. Fresh tea buds? Check. Picturesque landscapes? Double check!

There’s no shortage of photo ops, with iconic spots like the S-shaped tea hill and the heart-shaped tea hill located about 15 km from the main town.

Visiting tea Hills is one of the best things to do in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

You can take a tour and learn about different types of tea, like Taiwanese Olong, Japanese tea, and Shan Tuyet. 

If you visit from December to February, you’ll catch the tea hills at their freshly pruned for the new season—a stunning sight against the backdrop.

The farm is open year-round, and it’s free to roam around. 

Visiting tea Hills is one of the best things to do in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

Be amazed at Na Ka Plum Valley

Is Na Ka Plum Valley the best place to visit in Moc Chau during spring?

Many would say, yes! This valley transforms into a white paradise of plum blossoms from January to February. 

With its serene landscape, this is an ideal location for a romantic or family picnic, so be sure to bring your cameras and picnic baskets for a fulfilling day trip.

Plum trees fruits in Vietnam.

Na Ka Plum Valley is not just a feast for your eyes, but also an ideal place for plum blossom photography in Moc Chau.

Don’t miss the plum-picking season from April to May—this valley offers juicy plums right from the trees! 

For an entry fee of around 100,000 VND, you’ll join local tourists in soaking up this slice of heaven that’s just an easy drive from the Moc Chau district center.

Picking plums is one of the best things to do in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

Walk the world’s longest glass bridge

What to do in Moc Chau that would make your trip unforgettable? Head to Bach Kinh Long Bridge.

This majestic structure isn’t just a bridge; it’s a record holder! It’s globally recognized as the longest glass bridge in the world.

Imagine standing on it, with the valley and abyss beneath your feet, and feeling like you’re literally walking among the clouds.

Bach Kinh Long Bridge is one of the best places to visit in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

The Glass Skywalk is the crown jewel, hugging cliffs under a lush canopy of trees. Perfect for those Insta-worthy shots!

Plus, this bridge is part of a bigger deal—the Moc Chau Island tourist area, which has its own set of cool things to do. So, your trip to the bridge can be part of a whole day of fun.

Stop by Dai Yem Waterfall

Dai Yem Waterfall is a hidden gem among Moc Chau’s attractions.

When I first saw the waterfall, it reminded me of an intricately woven tapestry of water and rock, cascading down more than 100 meters. It’s like nature’s way of showing off, and it’s marvelous!

The waterfall is divided into two main sections, separated by a flat land. It’s a perfect setting to enjoy a picnic, or simply soak in the incredible scenery. Another highlight is the 100 m glass bridge hanging at a height of 20m.

Dai Yem waterfall is one of the best attractions in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

Admission to the waterfall is 100,000 VND per person, and there are a number of eateries and bars in the area if you want to make a day of it.

The best time to visit is from April to October when the water flows heavily.

To get there, hire a taxi or a motorbike from the Moc Chau center, as public transportation isn’t very reliable.

Stroll Ban Ang Pine Forest

Less than 3 km from Moc Chau town, Ban Ang Pine Forest is your go-to spot for some leisurely outdoor activities in Moc Chau.

Trek along the trails framed by towering pines or ride a bike around the lake—the choice is yours.

If you’re in the mood for something romantic, rent a rowboat and paddle your way through mirror-like waters.

Ban Ang Pine Hill is one of the best places to visit in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

And if you’re an early riser, don’t miss the mystical layer of morning fog that envelops the lake, adding a whimsical touch to your photos.

Plus, if you keep walking to the end of the lake, you’ll discover the renowned Chimi strawberry farm, where you can pick your own strawberries.

Entry to the forest is usually free, and it’s open to the public year-round.

If you’re coming from the center of Moc Chau, take National Highway 43 for about 2 km to reach the Ban Ang area. 

Relax at Chieng Khoa Waterfall

Looking for less touristy waterfalls in Moc Chau?

Chieng Khoa Waterfall, with its crystal-clear waters and serene surroundings, provides the perfect off-the-grid experience.

Chieng Khoa still maintains its untouched beauty, making it a secret spot for a refreshing summer dip.

Chieng Khoa waterfall is one of the best things to do in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

The area around the falls is also perfect for picnics, offering ample space to spread a blanket and bask in the surrounding tranquility.

Entry tickets start at 10,000 VND, and additional charges may apply for renting rafts.

The path to the waterfall can be a bit rugged, so wear sturdy shoes. Also, there may be an additional fee for renting rafts or other amenities.

Visit Dairy Farm in Moc Chau

When it comes to kid-friendly activities in Moc Chau, visiting the dairy farms is a hands-on, educational treat. 

Moc Chau stands out as one of the three largest dairy farms in Vietnam, boasting a modern setup amidst lush landscapes.

Don’t expect just a cursory glance at cows in fields—this place gives you a behind-the-scenes look at dairy farming.

Visiting dairy farm is one of the best things to do in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

You can directly feed them and even observe the milking process. For those of you curious about where your milk comes from, it’s a real eye-opener.

Entry is usually free, and the farm is open during regular working hours.

Just a quick drive from the center of Moc Chau and you’re there. It’s a different kind of experience and offers a nice change of pace from the natural sights.

Marvel at Fairy Waterfall

If you’re wondering what waterfalls to visit in Moc Chau, don’t miss Fairy Waterfall.

Located 25 km from Moc Chau’s center, each level of this waterfall has its unique beauty, making it a must-see Moc Chau attraction.

You can swim on the first floor, and if you’re adventurous, make your way to the second and third floors for some epic photo ops. Just be careful, the rocks are slippery.

March to May is the best time to experience the cascade in all its splendor.

The ticket price is 20,000 VND per person, with additional fees for parking and raft rentals. 

To get there, follow Highway 43 about 25 km from Moc Chau town, then turn where the signboard says Nang Tien Waterfall and keep going. 

Note: This waterfall is near Chieng Khoa waterfall, so you could make it a waterfall-hopping day!

Navigate Bat Cave

For those who love underground adventures, Bat Cave in Moc Chau offers an experience straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Imagine wandering through mysterious, dimly lit tunnels adorned with awe-inspiring stalactites.

As you explore deeper, you’ll hear the gentle, trickling sounds of water droplets, offering a sort of otherworldly music.

Don’t forget to check out the bats—hence the cave’s name—safely nestled in the crevices of the cave’s ceiling.

Public transportation options are limited, so it’s best to hire a taxi or a motorbike.

The cave is open most of the day, but you should visit in the morning when there’s ample natural light.

Take a day trip to Hang Tau Village

When considering off-the-beaten-path experiences in Moc Chau, the remote Nguyen Thu Village near Hang Tau Cave should top your list. 

If you’re someone who loves the rugged, untouched charm of traditional villages, Hang Tau Village will sweep you off your feet.

Just about 20km from the center of Moc Chau, this village is so remote that there’s no phone signal, electricity, or internet. When I got there, it felt like stepping back in time.

Hang Tau is one of the best day trips from Moc Chau, Vietnam.
You’ll find livestock freely roaming around open fields.

If you visit in spring, prepare to be greeted by a sea of blooming plum trees, and in the summer, enjoy the symphony of forest birds and farm animals.

A word of caution: the way to the village isn’t well-marked and is pretty rough. I recommend to hire a local guide, which can cost around 200,000-300,000 VND. 

If you’re up for an adventure and don’t mind traveling without modern conveniences, this place is just a short drive from the main attractions of Moc Chau.

Explore Ghost Cave Suoi Bang

A bit on the eerie side, but equally fascinating, is Suoi Bang’s Ghost Cave.

 This isn’t your typical tourist spot. It’s a system of 80 natural caves containing ancient wooden coffins that date back up to 500 years.

The Ghost Cave allows you to explore the mystery of the past. The wooden coffins, positioned in precarious spots throughout the caves, add an element of enigma to your adventure.

Just remember to tread lightly and respect the cultural significance of the site.

The route to Ghost Cave goes through hilly tea plantations and involves some challenging slopes. It’s a good idea to go with a guided tour to better understand the historical context. 

Visit Ngu Dong Ban On Caves

Ngu Dong Ban On is one of the most interesting things to do in Moc Chau.

Discovered by locals in 2006, this system of five interconnected caves offers a glimpse into the untouched beauty of nature.

As you wander through the caves, you’ll come across stalactites and stalagmites that have been shaped over thousands of years, and the experience is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Just a heads-up, though: there aren’t guided tours and fancy setups here. It’s more of an off-the-beaten-path adventure, and that’s a big part of its charm.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam

So, if you’re looking to really experience the magic of Ngu Dong Ban On, set aside a full day.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring a reliable flashlight, as the ground can be a bit tricky to navigate.

Keep an eye out for the signs to guide you, and you’re all set for a wonderful day of exploration.

Hike Ta Xua

If you’re thinking about a memorable day trip from Moc Chau, Ta Xua Peak should be on your list.

Standing at an impressive altitude of 2,865 meters above sea level, Ta Xua is one of the best hiking destinations in Vietnam.

One of the highlights here is cloud-hunting. Between October and March, the weather conditions are just right to witness a surreal sea of clouds that settles over the mountains. It’s an experience that’s hard to put into words.

Ta Xua is one of the best day trips from Moc Chau, Vietnam.

For those who love flora, the azaleas in full bloom add a vibrant touch to the scene.

The trek also takes you through an ancient forest, covered in moss, giving the place an almost mystical feel.

And if you’re into photography, you’ll find plenty of perfect spots for that killer shot.

Conquer Pha Luong Peak

For those hunting for challenging hikes and panoramic views in Moc Chau, Pha Luong Peak is your ultimate destination. 

Acting as a natural boundary between Vietnam and Laos, this challenging hike rewards you with panoramic views of both countries.

The trail covers about 6 km and can take 3-4 hours, depending on your pace.

Once you reach the peak, your effort is rewarded with sweeping views of forests, villages, and an expansive sky.

cloud hunting.

The site is perfect for photography, or simply sitting down and soaking in the natural beauty.

There is usually no formal entry fee, but you should carry some money for emergency supplies or a local guide. 

To get there, you’ll need to travel 30 km from Moc Chau town. It’s a 3-4-hour trek from the mountain’s base to the peak. 


What’s the best time to visit Moc Chau?

For Moc Chau, the months from October to March are truly magical. You get the blooms, the weather, and the tea hills all in their prime. But honestly, each season has its unique charm.

How to get to Moc Chau?

The most convenient way is by bus from Hanoi to Moc Chau, which takes about 5 hours. You can also opt for a motorbike ride if you’re up for an adventurous journey!

Can I find English speakers in Moc Chau?

English is not widely spoken, so it’s a good idea to learn some basic Vietnamese phrases or have a translation app handy.

Is Moc Chau kid-friendly?

Yes! With its open spaces and natural beauty, Moc Chau is a great destination for families.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s the beautiful landscapes, the cultural experiences, or the adventure you seek, Moc Chau has something for everyone.

So why just read about it? Book your tickets, pack your bags, and set off for an adventure that promises to be as enriching as it is exhilarating.

Don’t forget to share your own Moc Chau stories with us!

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