My Tho Boat Tour: Explore Thoi Son Islet Mekong Delta Vietnam

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One of the most popular trips to the Mekong Delta region is to Thoi Son islet – an interesting attraction in My Tho, Vietnam. Visiting the islet, you not only can enjoy a relaxing boat tour along the canals but also try out different activities. 

My Tho boat tour Vietnam Thoi Son islet boat tour


About Thoi Son Islet

Thoi Son islet is the largest islet on the Tien River, with a total area of about 660ha.

There are currently over 1,000 households, including more than 6,000 residents, of which more than 90% are engaged in agriculture.

Six thousand families living here are, day by day, preserving the natural beauty of their homeland.

Thoi Son islet My Tho Vietnam

For many years now, Thoi Son islet has formed an extensive garden system with abundant fruit gardens with the typical architecture of the Southern region.

The houses have ornamental gardens or bonsai, carefully trimmed, surrounded by seasonal fruit gardens such as rambutan, longan, etc. 

With the beauty of the Mekong Delta, the fruitful gardens, and Southern people’s honest and generous nature, Thoi Son islet is an excellent destination for a weekend getaway from Saigon


How to get to Thoi Son Islet

If you are travel by bike or car, you can drive up the Rach Mieu bridge. In the middle, there will be an additional turn down the islet.

Note: For cars, you have to pay the road toll at the entrance to Thoi Son islet.


My Tho boat tour

I recommend taking a My Tho boat tour from Saigon if you’d like to visit the Mekong Delta region in one day.

The tour includes transportation, a guide, lunch, and ticket fees for the activities, so it’s convenient for your trip. 

There are many interesting activities that you can do on tour, from visiting the beekeeping garden and the coconut candy factory to enjoying fresh fruits picked from the gardens.

My Tho Vietnam honey tea


  • 7:30 am-7:45 am hotel pick up/7:45am meet up at 220 De Tham Street
  • Depart for My Tho
  • Vinh Trang pagoda
  • Boat ride along the Tien River
  • Proceed to Tortoise islet for lunch
  • Boat ride to An Khanh in Ben Tre
  • Enjoy seasonal fruits & honey tea
  • Visit a family business, sample coconut candy
  • Return to HCMC
  • 5:00 pm hotel drop off/back to the departure point

My Tho Vietnam Thoi Son islet


Things to do in Thoi Son islet

Enjoy the countryside with horse carriage

Coming to Thoi Son islet, you cannot miss the experience of sitting on a leisurely horse carriage ride on the winding roads.

Horse carriage was a popular means of transport in the South in the early years of the twentieth century.

My Tho Vietnam horse

Many documents recorded Saigon – Gia Dinh and some provinces such as Can Tho, Go Cong, My Tho, Ben Tre as the places where horse carriages were the most popular.

Sitting on the carriage, y0u can enjoy the fresh air, seeing the peaceful countryside, while admiring the beauty of the gardens and local lives.


Enjoy the boat tour

Another activity that you can experience in Thoi Son is viewing the islet by boat. Sitting on the boat, you can enjoy the view of the gardens and local houses along the way. 

My Tho boat tour


Try honey tea

Most of the household on My Son islet has a bee garden to collect honey. After harvesting, honey will be transported to other provinces.

When visiting the islet, you can enjoy the delicious, sweet taste of honey tea. 

Also, you can purchase high-quality honey raised in the garden as a gift for your family and friends.

My Tho Vietnam honey tea

My Tho Vietnam honey tea


Sample coconut candy

Coconut candy has become one of the most famous specialty snacks in Southern Vietnam. 

At the tourism sites in Mekong Delta, you can visit traditional coconut candy production sites, learn about making coconut candy products, and sample some of them.

coconut candy Vietnam

People in Thoi Son islet are well-known for traditional works such as beekeeping, coconut-making, or producing handicrafts.

Therefore, this is an opportunity for tourists to visit traditional craft villages, learn the process of making coconut candy with the locals.

My Tho boat tour coconut candy


Try fresh fruit

Mekong Delta region is blessed by nature for fertile and lush land. This area, for a long time, has become a large market with many delicious fruits.

Visiting Thoi Son islet, you can enjoy the seasonal fruits while listening to the folk songs of Southern artists.

Vietnam fruit