8 Best Supermarkets in Vietnam: Shop Like a Local

Vietnam, a land of vibrant culture and scenic beauty, is also a hub for diverse shopping experiences. So, what are the best supermarkets in Vietnam?

From local gems to international giants, the Vietnam supermarkets promise both variety and quality.

Whether you’re a local looking to explore new shopping avenues or a traveler keen on understanding the Vietnamese retail, this guide will be your compass.

Read on to find the best Vietnamese supermarkets and elevate your shopping journey!

1. Co.op Mart:

When searching for top local supermarkets in Vietnam, Co.op Mart frequently leads the list.

A staple in the Vietnamese daily shopping experience, this marketplace embodies both local charm and modern convenience.

I’ve been shopping here since I was a kid, and it’s always been pleasant.

Coopmart is one of the best supermarkets in Vietnam with fresh fruits.

As you stroll through its aisles, you’ll find fresh local produce, household items, and a captivating range of Vietnamese brands. For tourists, it’s a great spot to find genuine local snacks.

Don’t miss their food court, and pick up some cooked meals if you’re on a budget.

Coopmart is one of the best supermarkets in Vietnam with fresh fruits.

Plus, their prices are reasonable, catering to diverse budgets.

An insider tip: make it a point to visit early in the day to catch the freshest items, and keep an eye out for their seasonal promotions.

2. BigC:

A shopping haven for international brands in Vietnam, BigC is complemented by a rich Vietnamese flavor.

As you wander around, you will be tempted by clothing brands and household sections.

Big C Go is one of the best supermarkets in Vietnam.

I always make sure to pick up some baked goods too. My to-buy list always has Baguettes, Danish, and sponge cake.

Their prices are pretty reasonable, and I’ve found that they frequently roll out enticing promotions.

Big C Go is one of the best supermarkets in Vietnam.

However, a little heads-up: evening hours tend to be busy, so if you prefer a quieter ambiance, plan your visit accordingly.

3. Aeon Vietnam:

For anyone keen on a delightful blend of Japanese and Vietnamese shopping experiences, Aeon Vietnam is a top recommendation on the best Vietnam supermarkets list.

Their beauty section, adorned with Japanese brands, is something I always end up spending extra time (and money!) on.

And, oh, their food court – is my refuge after a shopping spree. You can indulge yourself with fresh sushi and delicious udon.

Regarding pricing, Aeon is moderate, and they have special offers that coincide with Japanese holidays.

Pro-tip: weekends can be crowded, so a weekday might be ideal for a leisurely shopping experience.

4. Lotte Mart:

If you want to explore the best supermarkets in Vietnam with a touch of K-culture, Lotte Mart is the place to be.

It’s like taking a short trip to Seoul, with aisles lined with beauty products and more. My numerous visits have always ended with a cart full of Korean snacks and a heart full of content.

Lotte Mart is one of the best Vietnam supermarkets.

Pricing is competitive, and there is always something on sale during Korean festivals. So if you’re a fan of K-culture and products, time your visit around these festivals for maximum benefits.

5. MM Mega Market:

Think bulk shopping in Vietnam, think MM Mega Market.

I’ve planned quite a few parties using their extensive bulk-buy section, and it never disappoints.

Especially for events or if you’re a business, this is the best supermarket in Vietnam to cater to all your wholesale needs.

Thanks to its wholesale nature, their prices are competitive. Festive times often see great promotions, so keep an eye out!

6. WinMart:

When people ask for recommendations on the best supermarkets in Vietnam that bring a touch of luxury, WinMart is always on my list.

The aisles shimmer with a mix of international brands and local specialties, but it’s their organic section that always captures my attention.

On the tech side, their self-checkout system is swift and efficient.

The pricing caters mainly to the mid to high-end range, but it’s well worth the quality and experience. And if you’re a regular, consider their ‘VinID’ loyalty program.

7. Emart:

For anyone drawing up a list of the best supermarkets in Vietnam with international flavors, Emart should definitely be on it.

Every time I step into Emart, it feels like a mini-trip to Korea, right here in Vietnam. Their bakery, with fresh Korean pastries, is something I often rave about.

Apples in supermarkets.

Price-wise, they’re competitive and offer frequent discounts on Korean goods. From personal experience, weekdays are more relaxed and less crowded.

8. Lanchi Mart:

Lanchi Mart is a chain of supermarkets in Hanoi, Vietnam. It offers a touch of nostalgia for those seeking traditional Vietnamese supermarkets.

Prioritizing local produce, it’s a top choice for supporting local farmers in Vietnam.

In terms of prices, they’re pretty affordable. My tip: drop by in the morning hours when the produce is the freshest.


Can I find international brands in Vietnamese supermarkets?

Absolutely! Supermarkets like BigC and WinMart offer a wide range of international brands, catering to both local and expatriate populations.

Are products in Vietnamese supermarkets locally sourced or imported?

While a significant portion of the products are locally sourced, especially fresh produce, there’s also a wide array of imported goods available, catering to both local and expatriate tastes.

Is organic and eco-friendly shopping possible in Vietnamese supermarkets?

Absolutely! Several supermarkets, notably WinMart, offer sections dedicated to organic and eco-friendly products to cater to the growing demand for sustainable choices.

Is bulk shopping possible in Vietnam’s supermarkets?

Certain supermarkets, like MM Mega Market, specialize in wholesale shopping, making it a go-to for those seeking bulk purchases.

Are home delivery services common for supermarkets in Vietnam?

Many modern supermarkets, especially in urban centers, offer home delivery services, adding convenience to your shopping experience.

Can I find promotions in Vietnam’s supermarkets?

Yes, most supermarkets in Vietnam frequently have promotions, especially around local festivals and holidays.

Are the supermarkets in Vietnam open daily?

Yes, most of the supermarkets in Vietnam frequently run promotions, especially during festive seasons. It’s always good to keep an eye out for these deals.

Is it easy for a foreigner to shop in these supermarkets?

Absolutely! With a range of local and international products and clear signs, foreigners will find shopping in Vietnamese supermarkets a breeze.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City or the tranquil lanes of Hanoi, there’s always a supermarket ready to cater to your needs. From the freshest local produce to imported goods, these supermarkets in Vietnam symbolize the country’s blend of tradition and modernity.

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