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If you plan to visit South Korea but don’t have a travel companion, don’t hesitate to do so! As someone who has traveled solo to more than 20 countries, Korea is one of the safest countries I’ve been to. And my trip was so much fun!

So, if it’s your first solo trip to Korea, here is what you should know before visiting. 

best things to do in Jeju island South Korea

Is South Korea safe for solo travelers?

Yes. I felt completely safe while traveling in Korea. As long as you have common senses and do not try to get into trouble, you’ll be fine. 

South Korea is safe and has excellent transportation, so there’s no reason not to travel alone there. 

How many days should you visit South Korea on your solo trip?

Wait, this question is a bit difficult, right?

You should determine the purpose of this trip and your budget.

If you plan to go sightseeing and shopping, a few days is enough. However, if you’d like to explore and have many cultural experiences in Korea, you must stay for days.

If you are going for the first time, you should spend around a week sightseeing and exploring Seoul. Then, on your next trip, expand your vacation further. For example, I recommend exploring Busan or Jeju Island.

Or you can rely on the situation to arrange a short trip but still allocate a reasonable time and destination, all okay.

solo travel South Korea tips

Is it costly to travel solo to South Korea?

I don’t think so. You can travel to South Korea on a budget.

For example, if you rent Hanbok in Seoul, you can get free entrance to 5 palaces. Also, there are many attractions where you can enter for free.

About shopping, there are so many discounts! For example, I walked around Myeong dong in Seoul and got tons of free samples. 

Also, you can take advantage of booking tickets for transportation and attractions on Klook. You’ll get discounts and can use the code conveniently and fast.

Hanbok Gyeongbokgung Palace Seoul South Korea

How to exchange money in South Korea

South Korea uses coins and banknotes, including 1 won, 5 won, 10 won, 50 won, 100 won, and 500 won. Banknotes are distinguished by different colors, including 1,000 won, 5,000 won, 10,000 won, 50,000 won.

You can bring USD to Korea and exchange it for won at the airport bank.

Some notes when changing money are as follows:

  • If you do not want to change money at the airport, you can go to Myeongdong to exchange. This area has many Korean currency exchange banks with the best rates.
  • Many services here accept cash and international cards. However, you should also prepare some cash to spend on travel, shopping at small shops.
  • When traveling, you should not bring more than 7,000 USD converted into other foreign currencies if more will be declared to the Customs.

Getting around South Korea

By bus

This is a popular means of transportation in Korea, and you can travel anywhere by bus.

There are two types of buses: inner-city buses and high-speed buses. Bus fares range from 1,250 won to 2,300 won for suburban routes.

By taxi

It’s more convenient to get around by taxi, but it is quite expensive. Taxis in Korea have different colors, with gray or black cabs are usually cheaper.

Taxi is more expensive from midnight to 4 pm, so don’t forget to ask for a price before getting on a cab at night. 

Solo dining in South Korea

In my observation, Koreans love cooking with chili powder! Many dishes have powders, and one serving is a lot, equal to 2 servings in other countries. 

Eating out alone in South Korea can be difficult for solo travelers. Particularly, if you want to try Korean barbecue, ask someone to go with you since they don’t sell to 1 person. You can order a 2-people portion, but it would be a waste. 

So, make some friends and invite them to join! 

Price: Each dish ranges from 5,000 won ~ 10,000 won, depending on the item.

Korean fried chicken
Eating one portion of fried chicken was a bit too much for me.

Tips to solo travel to South Korea

In brief, here is what you should remember before visiting South Korea

  • Apply for a visa and book your flight tickets
  • Buy a 4G sim card to stay connected
  • Prepare cash
  • Pack light
  • Download travel apps
  • Join tours to meet people and get around easier
Seoul South Korea

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  1. Thanks for these tips! Cant wait to go to Korea

  2. Caroline Smith says:

    Your blog is very informative and helpful. Traveling alone is one of the best experiences. Challenging but you will discover something different about yourself.

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