Top 10 Most Surprising Facts About Denmark

In this article, you’ll know the ten most surprising facts about Denmark. It’s not only useful for those who would like to learn more about this lovely country, but it’s also a good preparation if you have a chance to visit Denmark.

1. Toilet for both genders

There are many toilets for both genders in Denmark, so don’t get surprised or shocked if a guy or girl comes to the same bathroom with you.

Facts about Denmark - Toilet for both genders

I was so surprised the first time when I was in this situation. I still remember the feeling when I heard a random guy’ voice outside when I was in the toilet, and I was like

“No way! How did I go to the wrong one? I remember I enter correctly?”

I was shy and embarrassed at the moment, so I stayed in the toilet for a while. Waiting, waiting, and waiting, but those guys didn’t go!

“Oh, No! What should I do then?”

I had no idea and just went out as fast as I could. After talking to my friends, I realized that some toilets in Copenhagen are for both genders.

2. Hygge

“What is the most special thing about Denmark that you will show a foreigner?” I asked my Danish friend.

“Hygge,” he answered.

I heard that Hygge is the way that helps the Danes survive in the cold winter, and I can confirm that it’s true! (After staying here in the winter)

So, what is Hygge?

Hygge is an extraordinary activity in Denmark. It can be defined as having a good time with good people.

If you walk around Copenhagen in the evening, you can see lots of people sitting together, having a cup of coffee, or having a meal, with a small candle in between.

However, I heard that too many candles for Hygge caused health problems in Denmark :( 

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Facts about Denmark - Hygge and Coffee
What is better than a cup of coffee during the winter?

Also, I was shocked when I knew it was common for Danes to leave their babies to nap in a stroller outside when moms “Hygge” inside.

OMG! How is it possible ?? How can they leave the babies outside, even when it’s freezing and windy ??

facts about Denmark - put strollers outside

I once asked my Danish friend about it, and he said, “It’s safe to do that because they calculate the wind direction, and the baby will cry if bad things happen.

Also, no one kidnaps children here.” “It costs a lot to raise a child,” he joked.

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3. VAT

Denmark is one of the countries with the highest tax in the world.

The standard VAT in Denmark, or called Danish VAT “MOMS,” is 25%. Therefore, everything in Denmark is expensive compared to other countries.

On my first day in Copenhagen, I was shocked when buying a small Coca-Cola bottle with 20 DKK. It is more expensive if you buy it in Seven-Eleven or Fotex than Netto and Fakta.

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facts about Denmark - high tax
The VAT in Denmark is 25%, so the price is high compared to other countries.

4. Super windy

The thing that I don’t like most in Denmark is the weather. It is way too windy. Sometimes, I cannot even ride my bicycle because of the strong wind.

Facts about Denmark - Really windy in Denmark

5. Flat country

Denmark is a flat country. As I read, its average height is above the sea of 31 meters. The article also said that the highest natural point is Møllehøj, at 170.86 meters.

You cannot see any mountain in Denmark, only small hills. So, it is the best place for cycling.

6. Bicycles, bicycles, and bicycles

Because of geography, Denmark is a perfect place for cycling.

If you come to Copenhagen, you can see people biking everywhere. Danes love biking in every type of weather. Even it’s rainy, windy, or snowy.

In Copenhagen, there are lines for bicycles only and traffic lights for bikes. Bicycle thefts are very common in Copenhagen as well. So, watch out!

Facts about Denmark - Bicycles in Denmark
Bicycles are everywhere!

7. Drinking culture

It’s very typical to see people walking with a beer or many beers on the street in Denmark. You can see people drinking on the street, public transportation, and in public places.

It is legal to buy alcohol everywhere too. There are many drunk people at the weekend in Copenhagen.

Facts about Denmark - Drinking beer
Danish or Scandinavian people in general love beers!

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8. Smoking

Another surprising thing to me is that many Danes smoke.

You can see many people smoking in parties, bars, and clubs. They will go out for some time and then come back inside.

I was once the only one left inside the house because others were smoking outside.

9. Apartments in the inner city

a) Same floors

The apartments in Copenhagen have the same number of stories, 3 or 4.

The designs are also a bit similar as well. It seems to me that those apartments have different colors and different window styles.

I was lost at first days when I just came because I couldn’t find my way to similar apartments. 

Beautiful Nyhavn in Denmark - Facts about Denmark

If you visit Nyhavn, you can see it!

b) Only stairs

Also, most of the apartments only have stairs. 2 places that I lived, and none has an elevator. I visit some of my friends’ houses, and there are only stairs.

However, it’s an excellent chance to practice and improve your health, isn’t it?

10. Health care system

You can get an assigned doctor when you have a CPR number in Denmark. When you change your place, you can choose another doctor.

Also, health check-up is free. Are you feeling unwell? Just call your doctor and book an appointment.

Unfortunately, the medicine price is pretty high, and the health care system does not cover your dental cost.

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Facts about Denmark.

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  1. Hi
    I am Danish and I think it’s fun to read, what you think about Denmark. First I must say that Denmark is so much more that Copenhagen. I live in a small town in Jutland and I also think that everything is very expensive in Copenhagen. You have a lot of choises when you shop grosseries – and you can choose shops that aren’t expensive at all.

    About smoking: still too mand danse smoke, but about 10 years Agro, it was made illegal to smoke in restaurants, bars, pubs and all public places. And again, in many parts of Denmark it’s consideret bad behavior to smoke in the streets.

    Yes, you Can leave your baby outside whitout anyone kidnapping them, but it has nothing to do whit the cost of raising a baby :-)
    It happened once in the early 80ties. It must be something about moral I think.

    When it comes to taxes, danes have a lot of different opinions – some thinks it’s okay and others that ir is to high.
    I pay about 42% of my income in tax and I’m happy about it. I get free doctors, hospitals, daycare, kindergarden, schools and educations. Actually theres a lot more, but thats the most important to me.

    And the weather… every season is fantastic. I love the changes and every season has it’s own charm. Winter, cold and snowy – always time for hygge with friends and family. Spring – everything smells wonderfull and you get new energi from the light comming back. Summer – Can be very hot, the last weekwe have had 25*celsius – lovely and always gives you a reason for hygge on the beach or in your garden. Fall is windy and cold and neverending :-)

    We like tourists very much – so welcome ?

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Hi Bibi,

      Thank you for your comment. Regarding the cost of raising baby, it was just a joke from my friend (you know how expensive Denmark is).
      I totally agree that although the tax is high, you receive lots of benefits :)

  2. I will be there in copenhagen after 3 months if i will go through my interview sucessfully which is in 14 june. Waiting to be there 😁😀😁

  3. Hehe, I always love to hear how foreigners view Denmark, so thank you for making this post! Altough I feel a need to respond to some of these comments, because some of you seem a little outraged by mothers leaving strollers outside.. A mother would never keep her baby unsupervised and I can guarantee you that she always has atleast one eye at her baby! We don’t leave our babies outside because we doesn’t care for them, we do it because we simply trust one another in Denmark, and getting our baby stolen just isn’t a concern for us, because the possibilty of that happening is so far-fetched for Danes :)

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for sharing. Since I lived in Copenhagen, I know that it’s normal there. But of course, it still surprised me a lot when I first knew it haha!

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