Book And Bed Tokyo Asakusa Review

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a bookstore or being surrounded by books all the time?

Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa is a “Bookstore to stay in” and offers you all these experiences. This hostel is a great place to stay in Tokyo for book lovers and travelers seeking an extraordinary experience with an exciting concept.

Below is the review of my stay in Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa. I cover all the necessary information that you need to know about this hostel and also share my experience after staying in this bookworm’s paradise.

Where to stay in Tokyo on the budget for the first time
Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa is a “Bookstore to stay.”

1. Where is Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa?

Located in the heart of Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan, Book and Bed Hostel is only 3 minutes walk from Asakusa Station Exit 2 and 2 minutes from the famous gate Kaminarimon Asakusa of Sensoji Temple.

Also, if you need to exchange money, the foreign exchange office is only 2 minutes from this accommodation.

Surrounding this “Bookstore Hostel” are countless restaurants and shops, so you will be able to find delicious Japanese dishes without going too far.

If you’re a big fan of Starbucks, there’s one store just next to this building.

  • Address: 2 – Chome Kaminarimon 2 – Chome Taito – Ku, Tokyo 111 – 0034 Pagoda Asakusa 6F
  • Email:
Starbucks next to Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa
If you’re a Starbucks-lover, you will love this location!

2. How to go from Narita Airport to Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa?

I love how easy it is to get to this hostel. Most international flights arrive at Narita Airport, so I will write a short instruction to help you get here easier.

There are two options that you can choose:

You can buy the ticket either at the ticket machine or the Information Stand. I bought mine from the Information Stand and received a small map of the train system in Tokyo, which was helpful.


Unless you’re in a hurry, you should not use a taxi to get from the Airport to Asakusa because it will be costly (¥20000 to ¥25000).

Click here for my Japan travel budget tips for enjoying the best of Tokyo without getting broke.

3. The surrounding area

Asakusa, Tokyo has a friendly vibe of traditional Tokyo with shops and street-food stalls along the street.

Where to stay in Asakusa Tokyo Japan
Here is the surrounding area of this hostel. Asakusa has a traditional vibe of Tokyo.
Kaminarimon Asakusa of Sensoji Temple
The famous gate Kaminarimon Asakusa of Sensoji Temple is just 2 minutes walk from Book and Bed Hostel.

4. The entrance

Budget Hostel near Tokyo Station
Here is the entrance of this Bookstore Hostel. It looks mysterious, right? :)

You will see an elevator at the end of this path. Then, you need to press number 6 to get to the hostel. Because the door is always closed, you’ll need to open it.

Let’s say hello to the receptionist! He will introduce all the necessary information about this hostel.

Best place to stay in Tokyo Japan
He’s amiable, so don’t be afraid to ask him anything :)

5. The decoration

The hostel is divided into two sides. On the left side is a tall bookshelf combined with guestrooms, while on the right side are only beds.

If you prefer more privacy, I suggest you choose the right side. You can ask the receptionist for your preference. It’s better to contact them by email first so you can arrange your bed better!

I was assigned the bed on the right side, but I wanted to sleep inside the bookshelf, so I asked for the left side instead.

You can relax and chill in the lobby (common area), a long desk in the middle of the hostel.

Where to stay in Asakusa, Japan
The lobby is in the middle of the hostel.

6. It’s time to read some books!

There are plenty of books in English and Japanese to choose from. I didn’t ask for books in other languages, so I’m not sure if there are any.

Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa Budget hostel in Tokyo
There are several books for you to choose from. It was great that I found a book about Copenhagen – my 2nd home in Denmark.

You can read books everywhere in this hostel (maybe not the restroom, though. There is plenty of space where you can enjoy your night and have time with books.

Best place to stay in Tokyo Japan
You can sit outside your bed and read some books :)
cheap accommodation in Tokyo Japan
How about relaxing on the couch with your books? So comfortable, isn’t it?
Cheap hostel in Tokyo to stay
If you prefer to sit, the table is here for you. You can read books everywhere in this hostel.

Falling asleep while reading a book or chilling around the lobby with relaxing music and the environment will help you to relax after a whole day discovering Tokyo.

7. Want to have some drinks?

Feel lazy but still want to have some drinks? No worry, Book and Bed Hostel covers it for you!

If you’re lazy and don’t want to disrupt your reading process, you can order drinks at the bar. You can choose from Coffee and bagels to drinks with alcohol such as cocktails.

The bar is next to your bed, so having a drink while reading some books is possible!

Best place to stay in Tokyo on a budget
Don’t hesitate to order your favorite drink!

8. How much is it to stay in Book and Bed Hostel?

You read my review to this point, so I bet you must wonder how much you need to pay for this hostel, right?

Is it super expensive?

Come on. It’s Tokyo. It’s Japan. And it’s a book-concept hostel, so it must be expensive!

I’m just kidding! This hostel is affordable and it’s a budget hostel

You can find the price below.

Beds and price

There are three types of beds that you can choose: Compact, Standard, or Double. The price for one night varies based on each class.

Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa is for everyone, both solo travelers and couples!

Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa Stay in Tokyo on a budget
Here is the compact bed size :)


  • Payment by cash is not possible, so you can only pay by Credit card
  • The check-in time is from 16: 00, and the Check-out time is 11:00, but you can leave your bags/ luggage in advance.

9. What services are covered with the price?

  • Free bedsheet and cover
  • Usage of shared toilets and shower rooms
  • Free use of Wi-Fi
  • Bed facilities : Book light / Private curtain / Hanger / Private outlet / Slipper / Locker with small dial lock
  • Hairdryer. Note that you cannot use it from midnight until 7 am the next morning, so it can be a bit inconvenient.
Best hostel to stay in Tokyo
You can access the toilet and bathroom 24 hours but only use the hairdryer from 7 am until midnight.
Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa Budget Hostel in Tokyo
It’s always clean :)

10. Reservation: How to book a Bed in Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa?

You can click here to reserve a bed in this hostel :)

11. My rating for this accommodation: 9.4/10

Best place to stay in Tokyo for the first time
  • Location: 10/10 >> I love this location! If you are looking for the best hostel to stay in Tokyo around Asakusa, no place can be better!
  • Price: 9/10 >> The price is slightly high, but since it’s a concept hostel, the price is acceptable.
  • Service: 10/10 >> I love how friendly those staffs are! They’re willing to take pictures for you and give you all the suggestions on how to take the best photos.
  • Environment: 10/10 >> I love their choice of music, the design, and all the books.
  • Facilities: 8/10 >> I would like it more if I could use a hairdryer all the time. The bathroom is a bit small, so this is a point that the hostel should improve.

Have a book day!

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  1. As someone who loves to read and wants to visit Japan one day (soon) this hostel looks like a dream accommodation. However, I’ve never stayed in a hostel because I like having privacy and feel weird sleeping surrounded with strangers. But since it has such a good review I may just try it for a day to see how it goes.

    1. The right side of the hostel with white color is definitely for people who love to have more privacy, so I think you can stay there. Also, as it’s a book-hostel, it’s always quiet and peaceful :)
      You can always book one day first to see if you like it :)

  2. Cherene Saradar says:

    This place looks awesome! Can’t believe it’s a hostel. I love books and I’ve never been to Tokyo but I will def stay here when I go!

    1. I hope you can stay there :) It’s a lovely place!

  3. Wow, what an incredibly unique place to stay! I’ve only used hostels a couple times but this looks awesome. I love the concept and I love that there is bar/coffee access right there. Wonderful spot for those looking for an affordable stay in Tokyo!

    1. I love how you describe the hostel :) I hope you can visit Japan and stay here.

  4. Juliette S says:

    This would be such a dream place! We love Japan anyway but especially because of these awesome places. Everything is designed to be so functional over there. And a book hostel is super functional for us booklovers! So delightful!

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Thank you, Juliette. I’m glad that you like this place :)

  5. OMG this looks like the perfect place for travel loving book worms like me! Adding this to the bucket list stat!

    1. Ha Truong says:

      You definitely should!

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