10 Reasons To Pack Your Bags And Move To Denmark

Why should you move to Denmark?

I asked myself that question and tried to find some good reasons to live in Denmark when I was choosing a university for my bachelor study. (Oh hey, I got to Copenhagen Business School!)

If you’re reading this article, I guess you’re in the same boat. 

Either you receive a job offer or considering studying in Denmark, knowing solid reasons to live in Denmark is a good start.

Here are my ten reasons why you should pack your bags and move to this Scandinavian country.

reasons to live in Denmark


1. The Danish lifestyle

I love the Danish lifestyle. 

People looked so relaxed! 

It was my first thought when I was wandering around the city on my early days after landing in Copenhagen.

People walked at a slow speed. Much slower than the ones in Japan. 

The Danes take their time to walk and enjoy the moment. Or just to breath. 

I was used to a fast-living pace, so it was my first culture-shock when I got there as things were so peaceful and slow. However, I then gradually learned to love and adapt to this lifestyle. 

best things to do in Copenhagen Denmark


2. The Danish Pastries

Danish Pastries stole my heart!

I love baking and have been taking a few baking courses, so living in a country with awesome bakeries is an excellent bonus.

best things to do in Copenhagen - cafe and pastry


3. The location

If you love traveling, you will love the location of Denmark.

As Denmark is located in Northern Europe, you’re very close to London, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Hamburg.

From the center of Copenhagen, it only takes about 20 minutes to the airport, and then a quick check-in and you’re ready to go. After within 1-3 hours flying, you’ll get to other countries in Europe.

best things to do in Iceland riding horses
I went to Iceland for a week and the trip was great!

Also, flights within Europe are reasonably cheap, so you can have a fun weekend in Prague or eating gelato and drinking cappuccino in Milan without hurting your budget.

I spent less when traveling in Europe compared to living in Copenhagen. (Tips: I use Couchsurfing!)

If you’d like an oversea vacation, there are cheap flights and destinations to almost every part of the world. 


4. The size

As Denmark is small, you can get to anywhere in the country within 5 hours. Compared to other countries such as Sweden or Norway, it’s much more manageable.

You can have a great day at the Lego park in Billund, or exploring the museum in Aarhus and coming back to Copenhagen on the same day or the next one. 

Because riding a train in Denmark can be expensive, I suggest using a shared car service or taking a bus. 


5. The living standards

The living standard in Denmark is high.

You can drink water right from the tap, breath in the fresh air, and eat good quality food.

Although fresh air, drinkable water, and quality food seem necessary, lots of people in other countries cannot have access to them.

Also, Denmark has a low crime rate, so you don’t have to worry much about your safety. 

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reasons to live in Denmark


6. The healthcare system

Denmark has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. 

You’ll get proper treatment and don’t need to pay a crazy amount. In some countries, you could die if you can’t afford to pay your bills, and the quality of the hospital is not high. 

I love how easy to book a doctor appointment in Copenhagen. Since I got assigned a personal doctor, all I have to do is to call her office in advance for my appointment. I can see my doctor on the same day. 

Once I couldn’t reach my doctor, I got booked an appointment in a hospital instead.

The best thing is that these appointments are all FREE!


7. The public transportation 

I love the biking culture in Denmark. 

There are lanes for bicycle everywhere in Copenhagen, and people bike in any weather conditions: sunny, rainy and even snowy.

You can live your whole life in Denmark without a car. Use your bicycle and public transport such as trains and buses between cities! The metro system is useful in Copenhagen too.

best things to do in Copenhagen Denmark


8. The alcohol

If you enjoy drinking, there’s one more reason to live in Denmark.

The price of alcohol is relatively low in the supermarkets, and there is not much control like in other Nordic countries. 

The bars close late at night, or even in the morning, so you can chill and relax the whole night, especially during weekends.

Also, Denmark is famous for Carlsberg so that you can try from where it was made.

best places to drink in Copenhagen cheap beers


9. The work-life balance

Denmark is a great place to work. I love the work-life balance here!

The average working hour is 34 hours, and you can get 5–7 weeks of vacation + 3–5 sick days + 10 public holidays

There is plenty of time to enjoy your life besides working.

If you are fired or quit your job, you can rely on the insurance to live and educate yourself to find a good job and not pushed to take the first job that comes.


10. The Innovation

I feel like people in Denmark have come up with at least one innovation in their life. Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship are like the fundamental element in their blood. 

I’ve joined several entrepreneurship events and learned so much from those. I even got my inspiration to start Expatolife from those!


11. The equality

Another reason to live in Demark is equality. 

Although no country has achieved equality between men and women, Denmark almost reaches that mark. 

I love the fact that in Denmark, women are treated with respects and have their rights. Women are equal with men and even in managerial positions or at the Permian. 

beautiful places to visit in Copenhagen Opera house


12. The processive

Denmark is the first country in Europe that stopped slavery, and also the first country that granted same-sex unions. 

I think it’s great to live in a society where people can feel comfortable in their skin and community, be proud of their gender identity and sexual orientation.


Final thoughts on living in Denmark

Although I’ve mentioned several good things about living in Denmark, there are bad sides too. Stay tuned for my next article on the bad points!

Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below.

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