Why Julefrokost is the best Danish celebration of the year

Christmas is coming with the most exciting and long-awaited celebration of the year: Julefrokost! If you live in Denmark, I guess you may once hear about it. Check this article and get ready for your Julefrokost!

What is Julefrokost?

Julefrokost is a really important Danish tradition. Every December before Christmas, people gather together and celebrate an annual Julefrokost – a Danish Christmas lunch.

Julefrokost can be between family members, or just generally a group of people (friends, colleagues, the member of clubs).

In Danish, Jule means Christmas, and Frokost means lunch. However, the time of the party may depend on the host, and usually, it starts late in the evening, around 5 pm. It can be considered as a dinner.


Before Julefrokost

Usually, people will buy gifts to prepare for the Julefrokost. And surely the host will prepare delicious food and drinks for the participants.


Dress code

In the party, the participants usually dress up and wear formal clothes. Men usually wear suits, while women wear beautiful dresses. Some people will dress up as Santa Claus too. The dress code is also up on the host’s rule.


What do they do in Julefrokost?


Julefrokost is a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas, so of course, there are a lot of Danish traditional food. You will eat for hours and much more than you usually do.

You can check here to see how is a proper Danish Julefrokost.

It’s Julefrokost and it’s time to get fat! So stay strong and eat for the whole night! 


2. Drink

The participants may be asked to bring their own drinks and also drinks for others. It can include beers, cocktails, beverages, or whatever you want to bring.

The most important drinks in Julefrokost is snaps.

Snaps is a small shot of drink and people drink it during eating. It’s 32% ~ 40% alcohol. You can read more at Wikipedia

In my perception, snaps tastes like a combination between water, apple juice, and vodka.

“Everyone doesn’t like it but they still drink it”

“It doesn’t taste good, but it’s the tradition so everyone will drink snaps.”

Many Danes do not like snaps, but they still drink it because it is an important part of Danish culture.

This is what a Julefrokost meal looks like

3. Sing

When they drink snaps, they will sing snaps song. The name of the song is “Haps haps haps”

You can check out the song here!


4. Talk

Julefrokost is also a time for everyone to gather and talk. People usually look back and talk about what they have done during this year. If you celebrate with your company, it’s a great time to get to know more about your colleagues and build a good relationship.


5. Dance

Yes! As other parties, Julefrokost cannot miss a dance floor.


6. Game

There are some games in the party. It might be drinking game such as beer pong.

However, the most and common game in Julefrokost is PAKKELEG, which is a gift game.

Rules: It can depend on each party but generally it follows

Each person brings a small gift and all gifts are placed in the middle of the table.

1st round: Everyone takes turns in rolling the dice and when you roll a 6, you can choose a gift until all gifts have been taken.

2nd round: You rolls a dice and can take other people’s gift if you can roll a 6.

After a period of time, everybody opens their gifts. Some people will have no gift while some may have more than one. In my case, I, unfortunately, didn’t receive any…


7. Smoke

Many Danes smoke. They usually go out and smoke regularly. It can be the place that you can meet and see most of the people in the party.


What happens at a Julefrokost, stays at the Julefrokost

In Julefrokost, especially after midnight, people will get pretty wide. They might do crazy things and behave strangely. Everyone knows that and no one will blame you if you do something strange that night.

Don’t worry, on Monday people will back to the same 😉


5 best tips for Julefrokost!

  • Don’t go out the night before. You need to get ready for the big day.
  • You should drink water because it helps reducing hangover next day!
  • Don’t drink too many snaps if you don’t want to be too drunk
  • Eat more than you do and drink more than you do
  • Enjoy yourself and be a bit crazy because it’s Julefrokost!


Just accept all the Julefrokost invitations and enjoy the best party of the year!

You can enjoy the most of the Danish culture with it 😉

Skål !!!

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