Top 10 Budget Bars In Copenhagen For Cheap Drinks

The capital of Denmark has a vibrant nightlife with several bars and clubs scattered across the city. However, as Copenhagen is famous for being expensive, it may cost a fortune to go out at pricey bars.

Where to find cheap beer in Copenhagen?

Here is a list of the best bars in Copenhagen offering cheap beer, shots, and cocktails at an affordable price.


Studenterhuset, translated as “Student House,” is an excellent place for a night out in Copenhagen.

Despite its name, you can visit here without being a student. However, you may meet lots of students from Copenhagen University (KU) here.

Studenterhuset hosts local bands regularly on Saturday night and offers lots of events throughout the week. As this place is aimed at university students, the price is very affordable.

Besides having cheap beers, this venue is also an excellent cafe to meet friends, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and apple pie.

On the second floor of Studneterhuset, you can find a common area with group meetings or self-learning tables.

Here is a list of regular events at Studenterhuset that you should join:

  • Quiz Night (Monday)
  • Swing dance (Tuesday)
  • Community Kitchen (Wednesday)
  • Language Café (Friday)
  • Bands (Saturday)
  • Flee Market (Sunday)

You can find more details on upcoming events here.

  • Address: Købmagergade 52, København, Denmark
  • Open Hours: Daily

Eiffel Bar

Located in the old canal quarter of Christianshavn, Eiffel Bar is a tiny dive bar that offers cheap drinks and 80s music. The atmosphere is nice and cozy, and the staffs are friendly.

Because it’s allowed to smoke inside, you may find the bar is smoky and slightly sleazy. Therefore, if you don’t like small smokey places, Eiffel Bar is not for you.

  • Address: 58 Wildersgade, København, Denmark
  • Open hours: 12 pm to 3 am daily

Heidi’s Bier Bar

With a great selection of international and local brews, Heidi’s Bier Bar is worth a visit on your trip to Copenhagen.

Heidi’s Bier Bar offers cheaper beer compared to other pubs in Copenhagen.

With the apres-ski atmosphere, you can enjoy your cheap beers while dancing on the tables in ‘Oktoberfest style.’

Apres-ski hours (Happy hours)

If you arrive before 10 pm, you can select many great deals on a large selection of specialty beers and delicious after-ski drinks.

best places to drink in Copenhagen Denmark

While all the beers on tap cost 29 DKK from Sunday to Thursday (until 10 pm), the whole menu is half price on Friday from 2 pm to 10 pm.

  • Address: Vestergade 18, København, Denmark
  • Open hours: daily

Floss Bar Copenhagen

Floss is a cool underground bar with alternative music and atmosphere.

The venue is also great to buy cheap beer. For 30 DKK, you can get two bottles of Carlsberg or Tuborg or two Gold Tuborgs for just 35 DKK.

You can find pool tables downstairs, but it can be overcrowded during weekends.

Note: The basement area is very smoky, so it will be a disaster for a non-smoker. 

  • Address: Larsbjørnsstræde 10, København, Denmark
  • Open hours: Daily

Den Glade Gris – The Happy Pig

With interesting events and cheap drinks, Den Glade Gris is an excellent bar for a night out in Copenhagen.

Every Friday and Saturday, from 10 pm, you can enjoy live music on the ground floor. The bar also hosts stand-up comedy every Thursday for 2 hours, starting at 8 pm.

If you’re into dancing, you can find a dance floor with a DJ on the first floor.

The Happy Pig serves cheap drinks until midnight, so listen to good music, get a cold beer, and dance!

Cheap beers in Copenhagen Denmark
Before midnight, you can get a pint of Carlsberg or Kronenbourg for only 29 DKK and Tuborg for 25 DKK.
cheap cocktails in Copenhagen Denmark
The price for shots and cocktails is also reasonable at Den Glade Gris.
  • Address: Lille Kannikestræde 3, 1170 København, Denmark
  • Open hours: Tuesday to Fridays

Benni’s Bar

Located at the intersection between Enghavevej and Ny Carlsberg, Benni is a cozy pub for those who love cheap beer in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

In the afternoon, you can sit outside, drinking beers and watching people.

Benni has a large selection of bottled beers at a price below 30 DKK.

Address: Enghavevej 61, København, Denmark

Copenhagen Street Food – Reffen

What is better than sipping a drink with a beautiful view?

Since rooftop bars in Copenhagen are too expensive to be on our list, Reffen is a great choice for you.

Opened in May 2018, Reffen is a street food market with different events and concerts. Enjoying delicious food with cheap cocktails by the water is an excellent idea for summertime in Copenhagen.

  • Address: Refshalevej 167, København, Denmark
  • Open hours: Food stalls (12 pm – 8 pm daily)
best street food in Copenhagen Denmark
You can try this delicious Blue Taco at Reffen.

Tørst Bar

Located on the bar street, Tørst Bar is where you can find cheap beer in Copenhagen.

The music varies between very old hits and new ones, so you can enjoy drinks while dancing with friends.

If you’re looking for cheap drinks and a generally fun atmosphere, Tørst will be a good deal!

  • Address: Vestergade 17, København, Denmark
  • Open Hours: Wednesday to Saturday

LA Tequila Bar

LA Tequila Bar is generally known as the ‘Last Stop’ for a night out in Copenhagen as it opens until 7 am on Saturday and Sunday morning (closes at 5 am on the other days).

The bar offers decently priced drinks and, obviously, tequila shots. The beer price is affordable for the Copenhagen standard, at 40kr for a draft beer.

LA Bar has two levels: the downstairs area is a smoking zone, and the second floor is the “dance floor.” There is no DJ but an automated playlist blasting through speakers.

  • Address: Gammel Mønt 17, København, Denmark
  • Open hours: Daily from 4 pm, except Sunday at 8 pm 

Miami Cafe & Bar

Miami Bar offers discounts on cocktails during Happy hour. You can find sofas and tables on the ground floor, while the dance floor is on the second floor.

The music is okay, and the crowd is ready to have fun. The place is usually filled up around 11 pm.

  • Address: Gammeltorv 16, København, Denmark
  • Open Hours: Thursday to Saturday.

Note: You’ll need to pay to store your jacket in a wardrobe. 

After-hours Dance Clubs in Copenhagen

If you’re looking for some nightclubs in Copenhagen, Bakken, Culture Box, and Club Mambo are great places to go.

For a cozy vibe, The Jane should be on your list.

Disclaimer: This article is based on my personal opinion.

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