The Best Cheap Eats In Copenhagen, Denmark

Where to eat in Copenhagen on a budget? 

Although Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it can also be a budget-friendly destination for foodies if you know where to go.

In this article, I share the best cheap eats in Copenhagen and where to find them.

1. Hotdog stand

There are many hotdogs stands around Copenhagen, so don’t hesitate to try one. You can pick one up for lunch at an affordable price and with incredible tastes.

best places to eat in Copenhagen Denmark

Where to try hotdog in Copenhagen?

Here are some recommendations for a good hot dog in Copenhagen.

a) DØP

Location: Købmagergade 52, 1150 København K, Denmark

If you find yourself around the Norreport Station area, stop by and try delicious hot dogs from DØP. This hot dog stand is just nearby the Round Tower (Rundetaarn).

The price starts from 35 DKK, and you can pay an extra 5 DKK to upgrade your choice of sausage.

hotdog Copenhagen

b) John’s Hotdog Deli

Location: Bernstorffsgade 5, 1704 København V, Denmark

John’s Hotdog Deli is another option for people around Central Copenhagen. It’s located just outside Central Station and across Tivoli.

The price is a bit lower than DØP, starting from 28 DKK. Some people say the hotdog here is better than DØP, but I will let you try it yourself :)

2. Dalle Valle

Dalle Valle is my favorite place for a buffet in Copenhagen.

It’s an “All you can eat” restaurant and serves several delicious dishes ranging from salads to different types of meat and pasta. Therefore, it’s vegan-friendly and also an excellent place for meat lovers.

For an expensive city such as Copenhagen, Dalle Valle is a good deal :)

Big bonus: Besides coffee and beer, the restaurant also serves cocktails in the evening. You can read the menu here

cheap eats in Copenhagen buffet


  • From 10 am to 4 pm, the price is 99 DKK
  • From 4 pm to 10 pm, the price is 149 DKK

Great deal: If you visit Dalle Valle from Saturday to Tuesday, you can receive ½ discounts on a buffet from 6 am to 10 pm.

Address: Fiolstræde 3, 1171 København K, Denmark


If you download the app off Dalle Valle, you can get two buffets for One price on weekdays or two buffets on Sundays, including drinks for 199 DKK in total.

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3. Fish Market Mall (Fisketorvet)

Fish Market Mall is another cheap eats in Copenhagen.

Because Fish Market Mall is a bit far away from my apartment, I rarely go there, but this Mall also has different buffet restaurants.

I once tried a Thai restaurant buffet, and it cost me less than 100 DKK.

4. Takeaway Pizza

Takeaway pizza is also a recommended choice for cheap eats in Copenhagen. There are many pizza shops around Copenhagen, and the price usually starts from 60 DKK.

Where to eat the best pizza in Copenhagen? : Pizzeria La Fiorita

I knew this delicious pizza restaurant from my friend, and this place has become my favorite stop for pizza. Pizzeria La Fiorita is located near the Lake and not far from Central Copenhagen.

The restaurant is small and cozy, so you can experience a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying delicious slices of pizza. With fresh topping and crispy dough, Pizzeria La Fiorita is a great place to eat authentic pizza at an affordable price.

There are vegan pizza choices and other Italian dishes such as Bruschetta, Lasagna, Fettuccine, Tortellini, etc.

Location: Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 2, kld. Hjørnet af Nansensgade, 1359 Kbh. K.

Another recommended pizza place is Forno, a pizzeria in Frederiksberg.

5. Sunset Boulevard

If you are looking for a cheap place to eat in Copenhagen, you should visit Sunset Boulevard. It’s my favorite place to have an excellent fresh-made burger.

You can find this shop near the Fish Market (Københavns Hovedbanegård).

If you enter the shop, you will see the price for one burger starts from 43 DKK, but you can ask for the cheapest option, Snack Burger, and it’s only 15 DKK.

I find Snack Burger and other burgers are not much different, so I usually go with Snack Burger. Not only so cheap, but the Snack burger is also delicious. The sauce of Snack Beef Burger reminds me of the taste of Vietnamese Banh Mi.

6. Samos

If you’d like to have a Greek meal in Copenhagen, Samos can be the right choice. Samos is a budget greek restaurant with an “all you can eat” buffet. Although the food selection is limited, the food is tasty.

Price: The buffer is 60 ~ 79 DKK (can be changed)

Limitation: The restaurant is small with many tables, so you might feel uncomfortable if you have intimacy problems.

7. Fiskafeen

Fiskafeen is located in Vanløse, which is close to the metro station.

They serve delicious fish and chips. Especially, Fiskafeen also has vegan options and vegan desserts.

  • If you are a group of up to 5, it will cost 385 DKK for ten big panko buttered cod + all you can eat chips. (385/5= 75dkk per person).
  • Two pieces of cod+ chips =95 DKK
  • If you only drink water, tap water costs 10 DKK (You have to pay for water in Copenhagen, I know!). So, if going on a budget, you can still eat well for 105dk.

You can check their website here:

8. Veggies Heroes CPH

You can choose the “All you can eat” buffet was 110kr. The shop has a reasonable price and a large selection of vegan dishes. It was all delicious, and there’s a wide range of selection of sushi.

Address: Blegdamsvej 106 Copenhagen 2100

9. Søren K

There’s a canteen above Søren K in the Black Diamond that is open on the weekdays between 13-14 – good food, and you pay by weight. You can get a big plate of delicious food for around 30-40kr.

10. Absalon

The lunch is always substantial and tasty, and you can get filter coffee and a muffin/piece of cake for 25 kroner.

Check their website:

11. Thai Asien

Thai Asien on Holbergsgade next to Nyhavn is very cheap and affordable. It is around 99kr average price for a meal.

12. Punjab Bites Amager

One of our new favorite takeaways is that we usually get some vegetarian dishes (the mutter paneer usually), it’s 75 DKK with a side (rice or naan), and it’s enough for two considerable portions.

We toss in naan or two as well, and it’s around 100 DKK and a meal for two.

13. RizRaz

For a tasty buffet that works for vegetarians and vegans alike, there’s also RizRaz. If you show up before 16.00, they also serve vegetarian pizza!

14. Too Good To Go App

This app is a life-saver!

Instead of wasting food, restaurants cooperate with this app to let users buy at a lower price in the evening before closing.

While using the app, you can see the distance from your location to the restaurants and what food they offer.

My favorite choices are bakeries and “All you can eat” restaurants. There are vegan restaurants for you as well! However, you can only go and pick your food at a specific time of the day, so make sure that you don’t miss it.

How to use the application Too Good to Go?

Firstly, you need to register as a user and choose the restaurant based on your interest.

After purchasing, you must be at the restaurant at a proper time to receive your food. The restaurant will check your ticket and press a button, and they will give you a small box to take whatever you want.

Therefore, if the picking-up time is 10 pm, I suggest being there at 9:55 in order not to be in a long queue or miss all the food. Your phone should have internet data as well to check your ticket.

15. YourLocal App

With a mission to “Fight food waste and support local shops,” YourLocal notifies users about eco-friendly last-minute deals whenever a shop has food leftover.

You can find supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, fish shops, restaurants, and takeaway.

It’s in the App Store and Google Play, so it’s easy to download.

According to Anne – a user of this app.

“The advantage of this app over the TGTG app is that you don’t have to wait until late to pick up your food as some participants in YourLocal are standard supermarkets like IRMA.

Also, you can get meat, fruit, and vegetables to cook, not just restaurant leftovers. That said, I like both apps.”

16. Supermarket takeaway food

There are few cheap supermarket chains in Copenhagen, such as Netto, Fakta, Lidl, and Aldi.

However, Netto is the most popular one. It’s everywhere in Copenhagen and opens until late at night (10 pm or 11 pm, some even open 24 hours).

I usually buy an already-made salad from Netto, and it is tasty. There are burgers, sandwiches, spaghetti, and other takeaway dishes that you can choose from.

17. Fast food chains: Burger King, McDonald’s

Even though I’m not a fan of fast food, it’s one of the cheapest options if you need a quick-and-cheap meal.

Some fast-food chains in Copenhagen, such as Burger King and McDonald’s, start from 20 DKK. I usually eat there after a late night, as they open 24 hours.

18. Copenhagen Business School

I usually have my meals there as I study at Copenhagen Business School. Even though it’s for students at CBS, everyone can eat there without student ID requirements.

The cafeterias serve different types of dishes and change the choices every day. You need to choose what you like, and then put the plate on the calculator and pay for it yourself. It’s a self-serving service.

I usually pay around 35 DKK for a meal.

19. Other restaurants for a cheap meal

  • California Kitchen
  • Grød!
  • Ali Bagheri
  • Scurry Hub (Fiolstræde, Thai curries, 65 DKK each)
  • Chin Chin (Fælledvej 22B, Asian street kitchen, 60 DKK for a typical meal)

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Cheap places to eat in Copenhagen Denmark

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  1. OMG we thought Copenhagen was so expensive (well, we also came from Argentina which was significantly cheaper) so this would be so helpful! We’ll be going back because my sister in law lives in Gothernburg and we try to visit Denmark as well when we go see her! Thanks :)

  2. Manjulika Pramod says:

    This post made me hungry. I have been to Oslo but couldn’t go to Copenhagen due to last minute cancellation. I would have loved to eat at Samos and Hot dog stand. The take away pizza looks tempting too.

    1. It’s sad that you couldn’t make it. Hope you can go one day and try these dishes.

  3. Thanks for this list. What are your favorite Vietnamese restaurants to eat at? Especially looking for great bun cha, iced coffee, bánh xèo, and pho. Thanks!

  4. The food in Copenhagen can be really pricey. The hot dogs from DØP are amazing – so good that I wanted more! Shame I didn’t know about the Too Good to Go app as this would have save a few pennies during my weekend trip last year. Such a great concept for the restaurants to reduce waste and sell the food at a cheaper price. Next time I’l be using these tips for those tasty cheap eats!

    1. The app Too Good to Go really save me tons of money in Copenhagen. Maybe next time you can use it :)

  5. That is an amazing guide, Ha!!!! Thank you so much! We are in town and we’re curious what options are there!! We will give the pizza a go tonight!!

  6. Irene Martinho says:

    This post was incredibly helpful! I am going to visit Copenhagen in a month with my boyfriend and I cannot wait!

  7. Thanks for the list!
    PHAGO is also a hidden gem! They make super delicious and huge sourdough flatbreads with lamb/chicken/falafel and it’s only around 70dkk. And then there is Chicky Grill, serving super cheap and traditionally danish home-cooked meals for also 70dkk.

  8. John Carston says:

    It helped when you mentioned that having a pizza is the best option for gatherings. My sister mentioned to me last night that she wants pizza for her birthday next week and asked if I have any idea what is the best option to do. Thanks to this informative article and I’ll be sure to tell her that we can try the pizza restaurant that I know as they have good reviews and they offer delivery.

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