10 Best Souvenirs To Buy In Hoi An, Vietnam

What to buy in Hoi An, Vietnam? What are the most typical souvenirs of Hoi An?

Hoi An is one of my favorite places to visit in Vietnam. This lovely town is famous for a variety of specialties and eye-catching souvenirs. Here are my top picks!

Hoi An silk

Wandering around Hoi An, you’ll find several silk shops with many designs such as Ao Dai, shirts, vests, ties, bags, and scarves. Silk Hoi An is soft, light, and airy, so it would be a lovely gift for your friends and family. 


Visiting Hoi An, nothing is more interesting than seeing colorful lantern stalls on the street.

Lanterns have many designs, such as flying saucer lanterns, cylindrical lanterns, or garlic bulb lanterns. Also, you can learn how to make lanterns as well. 

things to buy in Hoi An lantern.
The lantern has become one of the symbols of the beautiful Hoi An.


Hoi An is also famous for beautiful drawings. Many shops display pictures of living life, natural scenery, people, and scenery.

vietnam shopping guide art gallery

To He

“Tò He” is a traditional Vietnamese toy, usually made of colored rice dough in the shape of animals.

However, in Hoi An, the potters from Thanh Ha pottery village shape these toys from clay and then put them in the fire.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village Vietnam.

Wood carvings

Have you heard of wood carving art?

In addition to bronze, lantern, and pottery, Hoi An is also very famous for Kim Bong carpentry (Cam Kim ward, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province).

In this village, many families have been creating these items for generations. Wandering around the area, you can see stalls and workshops of Kim Bong woodcarvers.

Popular items are wooden stamps, characters, landscape paintings, and portraits on unique materials. Prices start from 100,000 VND ($5).

Leather products

Hoi An is an excellent place to buy leather products. You can find leather items such as leather shoes, leather bags, etc., in Hoi An with unique designs and good quality.

The leather goods here are mainly handmade with meticulous processing techniques. The price is also not too high for a beautiful, durable product.


Hoi An is also a popular place to buy handmade clothes. You can do everything for your outfit, from fixing it to buying new.

I highly recommend getting a suit here, as it’s much cheaper in your home country. The price depends on the model and the material you choose. There is nothing more ideal than when the recipient receives a gift that can both keep the memories of Hoi An and use it practically.


Another interesting gift to buy in Hoi An is chopsticks, an indispensable item in a Vietnamese meal. Hoi An chopsticks are usually made from old bamboo.

Visiting Hoi An, you will see many shops selling chopsticks from Vietnam and some other Asian countries.

3D Card

Hoi An 3D card (pop-up card) is one of the very popular souvenirs in Hoi An, thanks to its variety of forms and originality. You can choose unique models or images reminiscent of Hoi An as a gift.


If you love collecting keychains when traveling, Hoi An is a perfect place to do so.

Hoi An has no shortage of souvenir stalls, and you can find these beautiful keychains everywhere.

Walking around the old town, you will see cotton or wooden key chains bearing the image of Hoi An with different shapes and sizes.

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