A Detailed Guide To Trung Trang Cave Cat Ba Island Vietnam

Along with the Hospital cave, Trung Trang cave is one of the most impressive caves in Cat Ba island Vietnam

This article provides all the information you need before visiting Trung Trang cave, including getting there, the entrance fee, and things to see and do.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam

About Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang cave is one of the typical and largest caves for cave populations in Cat Ba. Each year, this cave attracts thousands of domestic and international visitors.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam

The history

The cave has been called by different names.

Formerly known as the bat cave because of the residence of bats, the cave was chosen as the operating place of the naval headquarters during the American war, from 1964 to 1968, so it was then called the Navy.

Nowadays, you can still see historical features such as the water tank, activity room, and meeting room serving soldiers’ daily lives.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam entrance


Trung Trang cave has a length of about 300m through the mountain with thousands of stalactites in various shapes, offering geological values with a typical cave ecosystem.

In addition to its beauty of natural stalactites, Trung Trang cave has its ecosystem in the mysterious darkness. The cave is home to many creatures such as reptiles, insects, birds, and bats.

Combined day trip

After visiting Trung Trang cave, you should not miss exploring the splendid Kim Giao forest of Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park Vietnam travel guide

Best places to stay in Cat Ba

You can find several hotels along the coast in Cat Ba town.

I recommend staying at Cat Ba Oasis Bungalows. The food at the cafe is tasty, and the service is superb. I love the pool there.

If you’re looking for an affordable stay, Dai Thuy hotel offers lovely rooms at a reasonable price. The staff is friendly and welcoming.

Tips: If you’re ready for an adventure, ask to rent bikes from your hotel! Otherwise, you can hire a scooter driver to explore the area. 


How to get to Trung Trang Cave

Although the way to Trung Trang cave is through the forest, the road is wide, airy, and green.

Cat Ba island Vietnam road
Way to Trung Trang Cave

On the way from Cat Ba town, you’ll see a yellow circular sign (where you exit the cave and return to the parking lot at the front door) before going to the ticket gate and the entrance of the cave (opposite the square plate “Trung Trang cave” on the side of the road).

Trung Trang cave entrance fee

The entrance fee to Trung Trang cave is 40,000 VND.

The tickets to Trung Trang cave are also tickets to Cat Ba National Park. You will not have to repurchase tickets to hike to Ngu Lam Peak in Cat Ba National Park.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam gate

Things to see in Trung Trang Cave

The bridge

We entered the gate after purchasing the ticket and followed a high bridge to the cave door.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam bridge

The cave exploration starts from high to low, with the entrance halfway up the mountain. You can explore the cave and get out at the back entrance at the foot of the mountain.

Cat Ba National Park
The view of Cat Ba National Park from the bridge

Standing on the bridge, we could enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Cat Ba national park. The greenish color of the forest, the fresh smell of the air, and the fog created a perfect picture. 

The entrance

Trung Trang cave Cat Ba island Vietnam guide

The arch of Trung Trang cave was quite impressive, with stone pillars and stalactites from the outside, bringing a mysterious feeling. 

Trung Trang cave Vietnam entrance

Around the first 30 meters, we saw another cave entrance. It was probably the original entrance to the cave before the bridge was built.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam path

As the road in the cave was either made of steps or cemented, it was convenient for us to walk. However, we still had to bend our backs to fit the cave in some parts.

The stalactites

Under the yellow light, the stalactites of Trung Trang cave looked very impressive. 

Close to the end of the exit, we saw the arches deep into the ground along the way. Although illuminated below, no one would dare to climb down because there were no signs.

Finally, we passed through an iron door and went outside.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam view

The exit of Trung Trang cave was relatively wide and beautiful. People said you might see the bats sticking up from above on the ceiling some days.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam guide

Following the trail for a few hundred meters, we got back to the parking area and went to Cat Ba National Park.

Trung Trang cave Vietnam visit

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  1. Yukti Agrawal says:

    I love to see underground caves and all those stalactites formations and therefore I am adding Trung Trang Cave visit in my Vietnam Itinerary. It really looks scary as you told that previously bats were living inside the cave. It is good that the entrance ticket of this cave includes the entrance of Cat Ba National Park too.

  2. Jackie Gately says:

    What an incredible and well-hidden treasure of a place the Trung Trang cave is! There are so many winding paths meandering through; such a stark comparison to the lush greenery above. Must feel so surreal (and a little spooky) beneath miles of earth. I’d love to see this someday.

  3. sherianne says:

    Cat Ba National Park is gorgeous, the forest is so thick and green! Trung Trang cave looks like a great spot to explore with some incredible formations.

  4. I visited Cat Ba Island many years ago, it was one of many highlights in Vietnam. But I don’t recall visiting Trung Trang Cave, looks incredible. I think I just saw the more touristy one in Halong Bay. Love seeing these quiet trails. That’s my type of trekking especially when there’s beer the other end :)

  5. Mijia Eggers says:

    The underground caves are always our family trip destinations! This site looks like very well-maintained. Thanks for the nice tip!

  6. Paul Healy says:

    These look like very interesting caves to explore. I love seeing stalactites and hearing about what different people think the formations look like. You’ve done such a good job getting these photos in what must have been very tricky light conditions. Well done!

  7. Looks like a great trip. I love cave exploring and will need to add this to the list. You mentioned reptiles though – so paranoid of snakes 😳😳

  8. Oh wow, Trung Trang looks so fascinating! I can’t believe you needed to bend down in some parts! The cave and National Park together sound like an amazing adventure and way to see the natural environment of Cat Ba Island.

    1. Yeah, you need to because some parts of the cave are really low. Hope you can visit the area soon!

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