Ultimate Guide To Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An ancient town is famous for its nostalgic beauty and the traditional craft villages.

Arriving at Thanh Ha Pottery Village in the afternoon after a trip to My Son Sanctuary, I was impressed by the wriggled alleys into the village and fascination pottery display area.

Below is my review of Thanh Ha village, including information and tips to plan a great trip there.

best things to do in Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoi An Vietnam

Before visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village

  • Where to stay: Thanh Ha village is close to Hoi An, so you can stay in Hoi An and get to Thanh Ha by bike or boat. I recommend booking hotels in Hoi An in advance. 
  • Itinerary: If you don’t have much time in Hoi An, taking a tour to My Son sanctuary before visiting Thanh Ha village is a great idea.
  • Travel insurance: I recommend purchasing travel insurance when traveling. You can read more information here.

About Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Formed in the sixteenth century, Thanh Ha Pottery Village is one of the oldest pottery villages in Vietnam. This village is located right on the banks of Thu Bon River, about 3km from Hoi An ancient town.

Over five centuries, Thanh Ha pottery village still preserves its traditional pottery-making process, which manually shapes pottery by hand and foot pedal without using molds.

This method creates a unique feature in this village’s ceramic products. Nowadays, Thanh Ha ceramic products are mainly used for decoration and display purposes.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village travel guide

How to make the pottery

The whole village has 23 households producing pottery with over 100 employees. Every year, they make about 400,000 products.

The primary material used in Thanh Ha pottery products is brown clay taken from the Thu Bon river.

Visiting Thanh Ha village, you will have an excellent opportunity to witness the process of creating beautiful ceramic products from talented and skillful artisans.

The product shaping process must have two people. One person stands on the ground with one leg while the other foot kicks the turntable, and two hands knead the clay.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village travel guide Hoi An Vietnam

After the potters form the shape of the ceramic products, they will take these products out to the sun.

The products are then baked in traditional wood stoves, initially set on fire for about 7 – 8 hours.

How to get to Thanh Ha Pottery Village from Hoi An

Thanh Ha pottery village is located at the edge of the city, but it’s easy to get there from Hoi An.

From Hoi An old town, you can follow Tran Hung Dao street and then continue on Hung Vuong street until seeing the Thanh Ha market at the intersection.

Continue about 3 minutes on Duy Tan street until you get to the ticket booth.

how to get to Thanh Ha Pottery Village from Hoi An Vietnam
You can also get to Thanh Ha village from Hoi An by boat.

>> Transportation tips: How to get from Da Nang to Hoi An


I recommend downloading the Maps. Me app for an offline map or you can buy a SIM Card and use 4G on your trip for better orientation.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village entrance fee

There are two areas in Thanh Ha pottery village: the pottery village of the villagers and the private terracotta park located in the town.

You can buy tickets to visit a whole village or just one area you like. Entrance tickets cost between 15,000 and 30,000 VND, including:

  • See ceramic artisans
  • Visit Xuan My Temple relic
  • Make your pottery
  • Received a ceramic product

Things to do in Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoi An

Explore the village

Thanh Ha pottery village Hoi An Vietnam travel guide

Thanh Ha pottery village still retains its ancient features in the architecture. The houses have a low fence of trees and use pottery as decoration.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village ceramic products
Visit Thanh Ha pottery Village Vietnam
The houses in Thanh Ha also use pottery to decorate and create unique architecture.

Visit Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

Thanh Ha Terracotta Park Hoi An Vietnam

Don’t miss this amazing park!

Thanh Ha Terracotta Park is the highlight of this pottery village. The park displays several beautiful ceramic miniatures of global landmark buildings.

Entrance fee

The entrance ticket to Thanh Ha Terracotta Park is separated from the entrance to the village itself.

Ticket price: 30,000 VND/ person. Please note that the price may be increased at your time of visit.

Making your own pottery with the locals

A-DIY-Pottery-Wheel is my favorite part of the visit to Thanh Ha Pottery Village. As I hadn’t experienced this before, I had a blast trying to create my pottery.

The potter family was kind, instructed me on the technique, and showed me how it was done.

making pottery in Thanh Ha Pottery Village
The ceramic products are made by the skillful hands of Thanh Ha potters.

I then had a chance to try to do it on my own. And it was super fun!

how to make your own pottery
I had a little help from this friendly potter!


This activity was already included in the entrance ticket to Thanh Ha Pottery village. There are plenty of local houses with the sign “making your pottery,” so you can enter and ask them.

Buy ceramic souvenirs

Discovering Thanh Ha village, you are not only able to immerse yourself in a rustic and peaceful town but also be spoiled with choosing souvenirs for your friends and family.

what to buy in Thanh Ha Pottery Village ceramic products

One of the unique ceramic products here is To He, the whistling or the blowing animal.

It takes the shape of an animal such as a buffalo, cow, cat, or pig, with the belly has a small hole, so it will make a sound when you blow.

The price of these products is affordable, and there’s a variety of choices.

Watching the sunset on Thu Bon river

As Thanh Ha village is located nicely along Thu Bon river, don’t forget to walk along the small alley and enjoy a beautiful sunset (or just a peaceful evening walk). You will see the twelve Zodiac statues here too!

best things to see in Thanh Ha Pottery Village
You can find your Zodiac along the river bank.

Visit Xuan My temple

I saw this temple while walking along Thu Bon bank.

Interestingly, the place still reserves the images of Vietnam in the old-time: the banyan tree, water wharves, temple, and religious beliefs.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village temple

Relax at a cafe

After walking around and doing fun activities, it’s time to relax. You can spot some local places for food and drink in this village.

Thanh Ha pottery village travel guide
The sign of a cafe was designed and made from Thanh Ha pottery.

Receiving your gift

Before leaving the village, don’t forget to stop at the shop for your little ceramic souvenir!

Note: You will need to show your entrance ticket, so keep it tight!

Where to stay in Thanh Ha Village

Terracotta Homestay is an excellent choice if you decide to stay in this traditional village for a night or two.

best place to stay in Thanh Ha Village

Otherwise, there are plenty of places in Hoi An where you can stay.

Little Riverside Hoi An is an excellent stay if you’re looking for a relaxing time in the ancient town.

If you’re a solo traveler and plan to meet other travelers, the Wanderlust hostel is a great choice. The bed is comfortable, the staff is helpful, and the vibe there is amazing and chill.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village tour

I didn’t take the tour on my trip to Thanh Ha village Hoi An, but I saw most of the visitors were on tour at that time.

The tour seemed crowded, and the visitors couldn’t stop much to enjoy the activity. I’d suggest exploring this lovely village at your own pace if you’re not in a rush.

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