Ha Giang to Hanoi Vietnam: Transport Guide

In this travel guide, you’ll find useful information about traveling from Ha Giang to Hanoi by bus and motorbike, including timetable, ticket prices, and tips.

Ha Giang to Hanoi: Overview

The distance between Ha Giang and Hanoi is about 300 km (186 miles), and you can easily travel between the two cities by bus and motorbike.

Bus6 hours$ (€)Check tickets
Bike/ Car8 – 10 hours
Travel options from Ha Giang to Hanoi.

Travel tips

Ha Giang to Hanoi bus

Traveling by bus is a great option to get from Ha Giang to Hanoi.

Quang Nghi, Bang Phan, and Techbus VN offer daily bus services to Ha Giang, starting from 6:30 am to 9 pm.

The journey takes about 6 to 7 hours, and the ticket price starts at $10 (€10).

You can also select limousine service provided by Ha Giang Limousine. They’ll pick up you at your hotel in Ha Giang city so it’s convenient.

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A beautiful mountain pass in Ha Giang, Vietnam.
Bus info
Journey time6 hours
Price$10 (€10)
Distance300 km (186 miles)
Frequency42 buses per day
First bus6:30 am
Last bus9:05 pm
Departure stationHa Giang
Arrival stationHanoi
OperatorsQuang Nghi, Bang Phan, Techbus
Bus information from Ha Giang to Hanoi.
Ha Giang Limousine06:3013:00Check tickets
Techbus07:0013:00Check tickets
Techbus07:3013:30Check tickets
Quang Nghi09:1515:45Check tickets
Quang Nghi12:3019:00Check tickets
Bus schedule from Ha Giang to Hanoi. You can check more bus schedules here

How long is the bus from Ha Giang to Hanoi?

The bus to Hanoi takes about 6 to 7 hours. Please note that the travel time could be slightly longer due to traffic time. There may be toilet and food breaks on the way.

How much is the bus ticket from Ha Giang to Hanoi?

The bus ticket to Hanoi costs from $10 (€10). Please note that prices may change on weekends and national holidays.

Where are the departure and arrival stations?

Some bus companies will pick you up from your hotel in Ha Giang, or you can depart from their office. Buses arrive at My Dinh station or specific addresses depending on the companies.

When is the first and last bus departing from Ha Giang?

The first bus departs at 6:30 am, while the last leaves at 9:05 pm. For the latest schedule, please check here. Please come at least 30 minutes before departure for check-in procedures.

Ha Giang to Hanoi by bike/ car

It takes about 8 to 10 hours by motorbike and 7 to 8 hours by car to travel. It’s for reference only and depends on the break time, speed, and driving style.

Starting from Ha Giang, you can travel by motorbike or private car to Ha Noi by the following 2 routes:

  • The first route: Ha Giang – Tuyen Quang – Phu Tho – Viet Tri – Vinh Phuc – Hanoi.
  • The second route: Ha Giang – Tuyen Quang – Doan Hung – Phu Tho – Phong Chau Bridge – Co Tiet – Trung Ha Bridge – Son Tay – Hanoi.

Don’t forget to check the forecast before starting the journey. Also, check your vehicle, wear protective gear and pack first aid kit with you.

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