Tham Ma Pass Ha Giang Vietnam: Brief Guide

Tham Ma Pass (Tham Ma slope) is one of the most dangerous zigzag passes in Northern Vietnam, connecting Ha Giang city and Meo Vac district.

In this travel guide, I share useful information about Tham Ma Pass so you can plan a perfect trip there.

About Tham Ma Pass

Known as one of the most dangerous passes in the North, Tham Ma pass consists of 9 bends. The natural scenery around Tham Ma is beautiful and enchanting.

The pass earns its name as it was used to evaluate horsepower.

The horses carry goods from the bottom of the slope. If a horse can reach the top of the slope and is still strong, it’s a good horse.

Today, this pass evaluates the steady driving skills of riders.

Tham Ma Pass in Ha Giang, Vietnam.
Looking down from above, the winding road looks like a silk strip lying gracefully in the middle of majestic mountains.

While the slope is not too high, there are dangerous winding sections, and the turns are quite narrow. Conquering this slope, you can clearly feel the height of the rocky plateau of Ha Giang.

Kid playing in Tham Ma pass, Ha Giang, Vietnam.
Tham Ma has a unique charm that attracts many travelers.

When you get to the top of the pass, you’ll see some kids and old ladies there.

How to get to Tham Ma Slope

From Ha Giang, you can travel toward National Highway 4C. This slope is on the road from Ha Giang city to Quan Ba to Yen Minh and then to Dong Van.

A beautiful mountain pass in Ha Giang, Vietnam.
Conquering Tham Ma slope, you’ll see the vast green mountain scenery of the rocky plateau.

Best time to visit Tham Ma Pass

The best time to visit Ha Giang and Tham Ma Pass is from September to December.

Visiting Ha Giang from the middle of September to October, you will see ripe rice-terraced fields in the Northwest mountains.

People in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

From October to the end of November, Ha Giang put on a new skin woven by the seductive purple, white, and pink colors of the buckwheat flower fields.

November and December are when each canola flower sprouts again, bright yellow racing to bloom.

Tips for conquering Tham Ma Pass

  • If you ride a motorbike to Tham Ma, remember to maintain your vehicle before going.
  • Wear a helmet and protective pads to ensure safety during your journey.
  • Bring identification documents such as your Passport and driving license.
  • Bring an extra power bank and a camera to record your memories.
  • Check the weather forecast before going to avoid rainy days and storms. Slippery roads and landslides are dangerous.
  • Pack light. Bring medicine and a first-aid kit.
Children in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

More places to visit near Tham Ma

Here are some places near Tham Ma Pass that you should visit.

  • Quan Ba: Don’t forget to stop by Quan Ba ​​heaven gate and Bac Sum slope.
  • Yen Minh: In Yen Minh, you visit places: Yen Minh pine forest and Yen Minh town.
  • Dong Van rocky plateau: Tham Ma slope is the main road to the idyllic Dong Van town. You can explore nearby landmarks such as Pao’s House, H’Mong King Palace, Lung Cu flag pole, Ma Pi Leng pass, and Nho Que river. You can select certain spots to explore depending on your time and budget.
Nho Que river and Tu San Alley Ha Giang Vietnam.

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