Guide To Lung Cu Flag Tower Ha Giang Vietnam

Lung Cu flag tower is one of the most popular attractions in Ha Giang, Vietnam. It symbolizes Vietnam’s sovereignty and plays an important role in Vietnamese history.

About Lung Cu flag point

Lung Cu is the northernmost point of Vietnam in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province.

The tower is located more than 1400 meters above sea level on the top of Dragon Mountain. Despite being 2 kilometers from the extreme point, the Lung Cu flagpole has historically been seen as a representation of national sovereignty and Vietnam’s northernmost point.

Lung Cu flag tower Ha Giang Vietnam.

You can see beautiful panoramic views of Lung Cu from the flag point.

Ha Giang Vietnam.


The first flagpole was constructed thousand years ago, during the Ly Thuong Kiet era. It was restored in 1887, during the height of French colonialism, and made firmer and more durable. The tower was gradually rebuilt and constructed with care and consideration.

Lung Cu flag tower, as of today, was renovated and inaugurated in 2010. This flagpole, over time, has witnessed many ups and downs in history.

Lung Cu flag tower Ha Giang Vietnam.

The architecture

The flagpole is about 33 meters tall and almost 4 meters in diameter. The octagonal shape of the column and the flagpole in Hanoi share certain similarities.

Eight reliefs made of blue stone at the base and pedestal mimic the Dong Son bronze drum pattern and motifs to depict the historical eras of Vietnam and Ha Giang.

The red flag with a yellow star at the top represents the nation’s pride in its people. The flag has an area of 54m2, representing 54 ethnic groups living together.

Lung Cu flag pole Ha Giang Vietnam.

Places to stay near Lung Cu flag tower

Lo Lo Chai village is an excellent choice if you plan to stay in Lung Cu. Tucked away on a rocky plateau, this community is one of the most isolated in the North. I recommend Long Co Tran homestay, a lovely home in the area.

Ha Giang Vietnam.

You can also stay in Dong Van town and head to Lung Cu the following day. Dong Van Cliffside House and Dong Van Ancient Town 29 are great choices for a pleasant stay in town.

How to get to Lung Cu flag tower

Lung Cu flag point is almost 200km from Ha Giang city and about 30km from Dong Van. The road to Lung Cu is winding, surrounded by terraced fields with majestic scenery.

You can take a bus from Hanoi or Sapa to Ha Giang. The bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang takes about 6 hours, and it’s best to rest one day before doing Ha Giang loop.

From Ha Giang, you can head in the direction of Dong Van, and then turn left following the instruction sign.

Best time to visit Ha Giang

The ideal time to visit the Lung Cu flag tower is from October to November or spring. Both periods have pleasant weather with little rain, suitable for outdoor exploration.

Also, you should visit the flag point when it’s sunny. Otherwise, it’s quite difficult to see the surrounding areas.

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