Da Lat Shopping: 10 Best Things To Buy

What to buy in Da Lat, Vietnam?

Da Lat is a great place for shopping enthusiasts. Everything from handicrafts to local products such as fruits and vegetables, you can get it here.


Located in Central Highlands, the beautiful city of Dalat has long been famous for its large, high-quality coffee plantations.

A good coffee brand to buy in Da Lat is Moka Cau Dat. Moka Cau Dat Coffee belongs to the Arabica genus, and the coffee variety is associated with Cau Dat.

coffee bean

Cau Dat area has a suitable climate, temperature, humidity, and soil conditions for growing coffee. Moka beans (Arabica Bourbon) also offer a delicious, elegant, and slightly sour taste on the tip of the tongue.

If you visit Cau Dat tea hill, do not forget to see where this special Moka coffee is grown. Because Moka coffee only grows at an altitude of 1,500m above sea level, along with a suitable climate, Cau Dat, Da Lat is an ideal place. 

  • Where to get Moka Coffee in Da Lat: You can buy it at Cau Dat for quality assurance or specialty stores. 
  • Moka coffee prices have many levels: size 16 is from 450,000 VND per kg, size 18 is from 500,000 VND per kg, and the highest quality is from 600 – 800,000 VND / kg.


Tea is also one of the famous Dalat specialties. We love sipping tea and looking at lush green tea hills that stretch to the horizon.

In addition to green tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, and artichoke tea are good options. Tea flavored with flowers is good for health and attractive in terms of aesthetics and smell. 

tea Da Lat things to buy Vietnam


Da Lat is a paradise for flower lovers. You can find many types of flowers in Da Lat and prices are usually lower than in other places. 

If you live not too far from Dalat, you can buy fresh flowers and pack them carefully to bring home.

If you’re from far away, the travel distance will affect the quality of the flower, so buying dried flowers is a better option.

Hydrangea garden Da Lat Vietnam

Where to buy fresh flowers:

  • Dalat Hasfarm‘s fresh flower showroom: 01 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Da Lat.
  • Langbiang Farm: Lac Duong town, Da Lat, Lam Dong.
  • Dalat flower garden: 02 Tran Nhan Tong, City. Da Lat.
  • Flower street near Da Lat market on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.
  • Fresh flower stalls in Dalat market.

Where to buy dried flowers:

  • Minh Dried Flower shop. Address: 04 Ho Tung Mau, Da Lat.
  • Shops along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Lat.


Strawberry farm is one of the signatures of Da Lat, and picking strawberries directly in the garden is one of the most popular activities to do in the city. 

Instead of going to the market to buy pre-picked strawberries, visitors often search for the locations of the strawberry gardens, visit them, choose and pick fresh strawberries.

Here are some strawberry gardens in Da Lat for your reference:

  • Van Thanh Strawberry Garden: Van Thanh Flower Garden, Dalat
  • Japanese Strawberry Garden: 162 Thanh Mau, Ward 7, Da Lat
strawberry dalat vietnam


Avocado is also a specialty of Dalat. Its season is usually from May to early August.

The avocados have a rough, green outer skin, buttery flesh, and large seed in the middle.

When choosing avocados, you should get the ones whose stalk is still fresh, and when gently shaken, the seeds will roll inside.

  • Reference price: From 70,000 VND to 80,000 VND / kg
  • Where to buy: Dalat Market or fruit stalls

Da Lat persimmon

Persimmon season in Da lat starts from July to November every year.

In addition to trying ripe and crunchy persimmon, people in Da Lat also make dried persimmons to store all year round.

Dried persimmon has red-yellow color, hard outside, soft inside with a sweet and fragrant flavor. It’s delicious when you try this fruit with hot tea on cold days.


Artichoke is a herb originating from the Mediterranean introduced to Vietnam by the French many years ago. 

Da Lat has become the most suitable land to grow artichokes for the highest quality with a temperate climate all year round.

Artichoke products such as tea and artichoke extract offer great benefits such as detoxification. Also, you can store artichoke for a long time, so it’s easy to buy a gift.

artichoke da lat vietnam

Dried fruits

Besides dried persimmon, other dried fruits are also excellent choices if you’re afraid of buying fresh fruits that cannot be preserved for long. Da Lat dried fruits are naturally dried without using much sugar and still retain the fruit’s delicious flavor.

My favorite dried fruits are dried mangoes and sweet potatoes.


In Da Lat, you can find many places producing jams from local agricultural products. You can get them at Da Lat market or L’angfarm stores.

There are different types of fruit jam with traditional ingredients and recipes. The jam here has a unique flavor with various colors, ranging from kumquat jam to strawberry jam and artichoke jam.

strawberry jam

Fruit juice

In addition to processing fresh fruit by drying and making jam, Da Lat also makes fruit juice – a very popular beverage on summer days.

They’re packed in bottles of all sizes, convenient for travel, and have many flavors to choose from, such as mulberry, strawberry, passion fruit, raspberry, and grapes.

rasberry juice

These bottles of fruit juice are the perfect choice for bringing unique flavors of the mountains and forests of Da Lat as gifts for friends and relatives.

You can get fresh and high-quality fruit juices at the following places:

  • Specialty shops of Dalat market
  • L’angfarm stores

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