8 Best Ryokans In Tokyo Japan For Pleasant Stay

Without a doubt, Tokyo is a city of endless fascination, globally renowned for its dynamic fusion of traditional charm and futuristic allure. Here are some of the best ryokans in Tokyo, each offering an unrivaled encounter with Japanese hospitality!

Andon Ryokan

A brisk walk from Minowa Subway Station, Andon Ryokan is an architectural masterpiece where Japanese tradition meets Western nuance.

Award-winning and recognized for its design, this ryokan offers a unique blend, ensuring you relish the best of Tokyo’s ryokan experiences.

The interiors of Andon Ryokan are a testament to this eclectic fusion. With traditional tatami flooring, futon bedding, and distinctive Japanese art, each room becomes a visual treat. Meticulous details in decor and amenities guarantee luxury and comfort.

Andon Ryokan is one of the best ryokans in Tokyo, Japan.
If you’re seeking a ryokan with a unique touch, Andon Ryokan makes an excellent stay in Tokyo.

Location-wise, Andon Ryokan excels. Just a 20-minute stroll, and you’ll find yourself in historical Asakusa, ensuring easy access to Tokyo’s attractions while having a serene space to return to.

The crown jewel of Andon Ryokan? Their private onsen. Adorned with hand-painted tiles and overlooking a quaint Japanese garden, it’s a sanctuary of relaxation.

The owner-painted rooftop offers sprawling views of Minowa, creating an ideal unwind spot.

Andon Ryokan in Tokyo, Japan.

Guests’ words sing praises for Andon Ryokan. Impeccable cleanliness, stellar hospitality, and attention to detail are frequent commendations. The personalized touch makes each guest’s stay memorable. 

With the experiences on offer, Andon Ryokan‘s pricing is both competitive and justified.

Seeking a unique ryokan stay in Tokyo? Why just read about it? Experience it firsthand. Book your spot and let Tokyo weave its magic around you.

Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu

Nestled in the heart of the historic Asakusa district, Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu stands as a beacon of traditional Japanese elegance, blending the charm of ancient Japan with modern comforts

Established for over 80 years, this ryokan offers rooms that embody the spirit of Japan with tatami-matted floors and shoji paper screens.

Inside this Tokyo ryokan, the serene environment is a contrast to the bustling city vibes outside.

Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu is one of the best ryokans in Tokyo, Japan.

Location-wise, it’s hard to beat. You’re ideally positioned near the famed Senso-ji Temple and the vibrant Nakamise shopping street, placing you at the center of Tokyo’s cultural landmarks. This offers both convenience and a deep dive into the local culture.

Unique amenities? Absolutely. Experience the Japanese onsen in Tokyo as you unwind in a Hinoki wood bath. What could be more rejuvenating after a day out?

The view of the Tokyo Skytree from the bath is a delightful bonus. Each soak promises a tranquil experience, setting the scene for a perfect evening.

Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu in Tokyo, Japan.

Guests often applaud Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu for its serene atmosphere and top-notch service. Couples, especially, treasure their stays, highlighting the intimate ambiance and the meticulous staff.

When it comes to value, this ryokan offers competitive rates, ensuring you get the best of traditional Japanese lodging in Tokyo.

So, if you’re seeking tradition, comfort, and convenience, Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu is where you should be.

The Edo Sakura

Hidden just a short stroll from the Iriya Subway Station, The Edo Sakura shines as a tranquil haven amidst Tokyo’s urban sprawl.

A beautifully restored Machiya townhouse, this ryokan boasts narrow, two-story structures that are a testament to traditional Japanese wooden architecture.

The Edo Sakura is one of the best ryokans in Tokyo, Japan.

Stepping into The Edo Sakura, you are immediately struck by the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. The blend of beauty and comfort is palpable.

Whether you fancy a traditional room with Japanese futon bedding or a room equipped with Western beds, the choice is yours. Every corner speaks of an architect owner’s meticulous touch.

Now, what makes The Edo Sakura special? The daily traditional tea ceremony. As dawn breaks, guests are beckoned to partake in this intricate practice. Passed down through the ages, it offers a serene, almost meditative start to your day.

Japanese food at ryokans in Japan.
Guests also love the breakfast at The Edo Sakura.

Guest testimonials paint a vivid picture: a place where tradition and modernity coexist. The inviting ambiance, sublime architecture, and gracious staff are often the highlights.

Considering a stay? The Edo Sakura offers excellent value for a traditional ryokan experience in Tokyo. With its heart-warming blend of beauty and comfort, it’s a delightful deal for any traveler.

The Edo Sakura in Tokyo, Japan.

Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa

Located a heartbeat away from the local subway station, Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa is your gateway to Tokyo’s traditional hospitality.

The ambiance here whisks you back in time, making Tokyo’s hustle and bustle seem miles away. 

Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan.

The interior is pure Japan. Every room is a love letter to the traditional ryokan style, complete with straw-matted floors and inviting futon beds.

The neighborhood around Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa buzzes with activity. Yet, once you step inside the ryokan, tranquility envelops you. Should you wish to venture out, you’re excellently placed to explore Tokyo’s attractions.

Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa is one of the best ryokans in Tokyo, Japan.

For those seeking a little extra relaxation, this ryokan has a treat in store. How does a Japanese-style communal bath sound?

You can book your slot, ensuring a private, relaxing soak. And for those with a little extra tension, massages are on the menu.

Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan.

Couples, in particular, love their stay at this ryokan. Reviews glowingly mention the intimate atmosphere, attentive service, and unmatched ambiance.

So, if you’re seeking a traditional ryokan experience in Tokyo, Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa promises an unforgettable journey.

Ryokan Sansuiso

Situated in Shinagawa, one of Tokyo’s busiest districts, Ryokan Sansuiso emerges as a peaceful retreat amidst the urban chaos. 

The design of Ryokan Sansuiso is deeply rooted in traditional Japanese aesthetics. From the tatami straw floors underfoot to the soft futon beds awaiting you, each room echoes tales of ancient Japanese traditions.

Ryokan Sansuiso is one of the best ryokans in Tokyo, Japan.

The lighting too, plays its part, with indirect illumination setting the perfect mood for relaxation.

Location-wise, Ryokan Sansuiso is a gem. You’ll find yourself overlooking the picturesque Meguro River, with many guests savoring moments on its banks.

Especially during cherry blossom season, the view turns into a mesmerizing display of nature.

Ryokan Sansuiso in Tokyo, Japan.

Guest reviews are a testament to the ryokan’s charm. With an outpouring of appreciation for the staff’s dedication, the reviews paint a picture of warmth, comfort, and genuine Japanese hospitality.

English-speaking staff, friendly conversations, and impeccable service are common praises.

If you’re contemplating a traditional stay in Tokyo, Ryokan Sansuiso offers an affordable, authentic experience. So, reserve your room, and explore Japan like never before.

Ito Ryokan

Residing in a house boasting over 70 years of legacy, Ito Ryokan welcomes guests into its warm embrace, promising an authentic Japanese inn experience that’s second to none.

The rooms, reflective of classical Japanese design, feature straw floors, and snug futon beds. You’ll bask in an ambiance rich in tradition, complemented by modern-day conveniences.

Ito Ryokan is one of the best ryokans in Tokyo, Japan.
If you’re seeking a cultural experience along with a cozy stay, Ito Ryokan is a perfect place to stay in Tokyo.

Location-wise, Ito Ryokan is a traveler’s dream. Close to landmarks like the Amazake Yokocho Shopping Street and the Genyadana Monument, it ensures you’re in the thick of the action while providing a peaceful retreat.

Ito Ryokan isn’t just about rooms and locations. Here, you’ll be immersed in Japanese culture. From the mesmerizing shamisen tunes and the art of calligraphy to tea ceremonies, every day narrates a different story.

Ito Ryokan is one of the best ryokans in Tokyo, Japan.

Guest testimonials often sing the same tune: comfort, authenticity, and coziness. The spacious rooms, impeccable decor, and unparalleled hospitality stand out. 

For those seeking a blend of old-world charm and modern comforts in Tokyo’s ryokans, Ito Ryokan is a top pick. Book your stay, savor the magic of Tokyo, and craft memories to cherish.

Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya

Just a short stroll from Iriya Metro Station, Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya emerges as a pocket-friendly oasis in the heart of Tokyo. This ryokan offers a peaceful ambiance, a stark contrast to Tokyo’s usual urban hustle.

As you venture inside, you’re greeted with quintessential Japanese aesthetics. Rooms are adorned with tatami-mat floors, and you have the choice between traditional futon bedding or a Western-style arrangement.

Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya is one of the best ryokans in Tokyo, Japan.
If you’re looking for a budget stay in Tokyo, Sakura Ryokan is certainly worth checking out!

Each space is meticulously crafted, ensuring you relish both tradition and comfort during your Tokyo stay.

In terms of proximity to local attractions, Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya hits the sweet spot.

Being situated in a peaceful neighborhood, it offers the perfect balance – close enough to explore Tokyo’s vibrant spots and far enough to avoid the constant hustle and bustle.

But what truly sets Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya apart is its unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction. Every tiny detail, from room amenities to guest services, is thought of, ensuring that your stay is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya in Tokyo, Japan.

Guest feedback resonates with contentment. Reviews frequently highlight the pristine and quiet rooms, the kind staff, and the overall tranquil ambiance of the ryokan. Couples, in particular, find this ryokan to be a peaceful and romantic retreat.

When we talk about affordability and experience, Sakura Ryokan Asakusa Iriya stands tall. Offering competitive rates in a city like Tokyo, without compromising on the authentic ryokan experience, is indeed commendable. 

Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa

Located in vibrant Asakusa, Taito, Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa beckons with a blend of Japanese tradition and minimalist elegance.

This ryokan captures the essence of a classic Japanese tea house, offering a tranquil retreat amid Tokyo’s lively streets.

Once inside Cyashitsu, you’re wrapped in an ambiance that exudes Japanese culture. Though rooms may be modest in size, they feel expansive thanks to ingenious design and ambient lighting.

Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan.
Whether you’re yearning for the comfort of traditional futon beds or the familiarity of Western-style ones, you’re assured a memorable stay.

When it comes to location, Cyashitsu sits at the heart of Asakusa, one of Tokyo’s most historic and culturally rich neighborhoods. You’re steps away from the renowned Senso-ji temple and lively streets teeming with shops, eateries, and local artists.

And the unique amenities? The sixth-floor communal bath is a standout. Offering a panoramic view of the surrounding neighborhood and the iconic Tokyo Skytree, Cyashitsu is a relaxation haven, connecting you deeply with Tokyo’s spirit.

Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa is one of the best Tokyo ryokans in Japan.
Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa offers a unique, minimalist design that is both inviting and calming.

Guest reviews are consistently glowing, often emphasizing the staff’s exemplary service. Many appreciate their eagerness to share, offer recommendations, or simply chat, making visitors feel genuinely welcome.

Balancing value with experience, Cyashitsu Ryokan Asakusa emerges as a prime choice.

If you’re seeking a heartwarming ryokan experience in Tokyo, this is your destination. Don’t miss this gem; book, and immerse in Tokyo’s heart and soul.

FAQs about ryokans in Tokyo

What is it like to stay in Tokyo ryokan?

Staying in a Tokyo ryokan can be a unique and memorable experience. You’ll get to sleep on a traditional Japanese futon, enjoy communal baths, and try out different cultural activities like tea ceremonies or flower arrangement classes. You’ll also immerse yourself in Japanese culture and hospitality, with friendly staff ready to assist you with any needs during your stay.

How much does one night in Tokyo ryokan cost?

The cost of one night in a Tokyo ryokan can vary depending on the location, size of the room, and included amenities. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from around ¥10,000 to ¥50,000 or more per night. Some ryokans may offer special packages or deals, so it’s always a good idea to check ahead and see what’s available. 
Keep in mind that staying in a ryokan may be more expensive than a standard hotel. Still, the experience and cultural immersion may be worth the extra cost.

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