A Handy Guide To Oedolgae Rock Jeju Island, South Korea

Oedolgae Rock was one of my favorite stops on Jeju island’s Olle trail #7. This place totally captured my attention with its beauty, and I was so glad to visit it. 

Here is my brief guide to Oedolgae Rock, including tips on how to get there, opening hours, and what to see.

About Oedolgae Rock

Located in the Seogwipo area, South of Jeju Island, Oedolgae Rock stands alone on a beautiful shore near the shores of Sammaebong, Seogwipo.

In Korea, Oedolgae means “lone rock pillar.” Oedolgae Rock was formed when a volcano erupted about 150,000 years ago.

This famous 20m high and 10m in circumference rock appears many times on postcards sent from Jeju.

It’s also a popular fishing spot and a famous Korean drama filming location – Lady Dae Jang Geum.

Best time to visit Oedolgae Rock

While you can visit this rock in the morning or the afternoon, the best time to view the Oedolgae Rock is sunset. 

During the year, summer and autumn are the two best months to visit this area.

This place has excellent views in the summer with clear, airy skies. The walking path leading to the Oedolgae rocks is also ideal.

Photo tips: You may see many tourists when you get to the main observatory, so walk around to discover better corners for your photos. 

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How to get to Oedolgae Rock

To get from Jeju city to Oedolgae Rock, you can take these buses:

From Jeju’s Intercity Bus Terminal

  • You can take a bus bound for Seogwipo and get off at Dongmun Bus Stop (Dongmun Rotary Bus Stop).
  • Then go west along Jungjeong-ro Road for about 130 meters to the bus stop. From there, take bus number 8 bound for Oedolgae Rock.

From Jeju International Airport

  • Take airport bus number 600 and get off at the New Gyeongnam Hotel bus stop.
  • Here, you take a taxi to Oedolgae Rock (it takes about 5 minutes).

Ticket price: It’s free to visit Oedolgae Rock.

Where to visit after Oedolgae Rock

There’re plenty of things to see and do in the Seogwipo area, such as Jeongbang Waterfall and Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

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