where to stay in jeju island hotel

Where is the best place to stay in Jeju island? Endorsed as Good Stay by the Korea Tourism Organization, Yeha Guesthouse is a budget accommodation for travelers who seeking a budget stay with a convenient location in Jeju Island, South Korea.

where to stay in jeju island hotel



The location of Yeha Guesthouse is really convenient. You can reach Jeju Bus Terminal within 3 minutes walk from Yeha Guesthouse. If you travel on a budget and would like to discover Jeju island on your own, staying near the main Bus Terminal is a good idea. From there, you can take different buses to visit different places on the island.

Also, there’s a bus stop just 1-minute walk from Yeha Guesthouse which can take you directly to the Jeju Night market and the center. I went to Jeju night market every day to buy street food and enjoy the local life.

Tips: You should buy T-money card when you first arrive in South Korea. With a T-money card, the price of each bus ticket is cheaper and it’s more convenient to carry the card with you.

If you don’t want to take the bus and just want to walk around the area, you can find plenty of restaurants and also a 24-hours convenience store near Yeha Guesthouse.

things to do in Jeju island

It’s lovely to wander around the neighborhood!


Facilities & Service

There are several free services at Yeha Guesthouse. For example, you can use a free washing machine with washing powder. However, you’ll need to pay for a Dryer at the reception to dry your clothes. Also, if you’d like to iron your clothes, you can ask at the reception to borrow Iron & Board.

I traveled to Tokyo before visiting Jeju island, so it was really convenient to wash my clothes, iron them and use them again.

Here are all the free services at Yeha Guesthouse:

where to stay in Jeju hotel


The Common Area

You can find the common room next to the reception on the left when you enter Yeha Guesthouse. The common area is spacious with tables and chairs, along with computers for guests. You can also use free International call service here.

where to stay in jeju island hotel

The common area is spacious with different facilities.

where to stay in Jeju island south korea

There’s a Happy Hour from 7 pm to 9:30 pm every night, so you can have one free drink and talk to people in the common area. Also, playing games and reading books are great as well.


The decoration

best place to stay in Jeju island south korea

You can buy Jeju cookie & chocolate from the Guesthouse :)

where to stay in jeju hotel

I love the decoration in this Guesthouse. They are simple but really cute and colorful!


The kitchen

The kitchen at Yeha Guesthouse is very tidy. You can find almost basic cooking equipment such as rice cooker, pans, pots. There’s free rice in the fridge so you can cook your own rice whenever you’d like to.

best place to stay in jeju island korea

You can use kitchen equipment to cook your own meals. There’s free rice in the fridge too!



As Yeha is a budget guesthouse, the complimentary breakfast is simple. From 7 am in the morning, the staffs prepare bread, eggs, jam, coffee, and tea for guests, and guests can freely cook rice if needed.


The Room

I got a twin room for my stay at Yeha Guesthouse. The room is simple but has enough facilities such as TV, hairdryer, plugs, etc.

where to stay in jeju island hotel

The toilet and bathroom are in the same room so it may be a surprise if you’re not used to this type of restroom. There’re toiletries so you don’t need to buy shampoo or toothpaste while staying.

The wifi connection is really good at Yeha Guesthouse. I could use it in my room and in the common room.


10 Things I love about Yeha Guesthouse

  • Convenient location
  • Free drink every night
  • Free breakfast
  • Friendly staff and nice service
  • Easy to communicate – You can ask at Q&A part on its website and get reply really fast
  • Free washing-machine & powder
  • Family-friendly and solo-travel-friendly guesthouse
  • Lovely decoration
  • Great discount if you book Yeha Guesthouse and Yeha Tours at the same time
  • Provide transportation to Mt. Halla


Book this room

You can check availability and price at Yeha Guesthouse from its website or on Booking.com


How to get to Yeha Guesthouse?

From Jeju Airport

  • By bus (10 minutes): You can take the bus number 315, 331, 332, 343, 465-2 bus for 1,200KRW at Gate No.2 of the 1st floor, Jeju Airport and then get off at Hankuk Hospital (the bus stop after Jeju bus terminal). You can then walk to the Guesthouse in 1 minute. The disadvantage of taking buses is that if you have big luggage, it’s really difficult to bring your luggage down.
  • By taxi (5~10 minutes): As Yeha Guesthouse is not far away from Jeju airport, you can take a short distance taxi (Around 4,500KRW).


You can take a bus to Jeju Bus Terminal first and you can walk to the Guesthouse.


Tips for Jeju island, South Korea

  • Because you cannot use Google Maps in South Korea (Google Map didn’t show any routes for cars or walk), you should download Kakao Map instead.
  • You should buy a SIM card or rent an Egg wifi so it’s more convenient for your trip.
  • Plan your trip in advance so you know the best places to visit.

Disclaimer: I was invited to stay at Yeha Guesthouse, but as always the opinions are my own.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the tip on the T-card, that sounds so convenient! I’d love to visit Jeju Island one day, and Yeha guesthouse looks like a good choice. It’s clean, comfortable and serves a free drink each night, what more do you need?!

  2. Soraya says:

    The Yeha Guesthouse at Jeju Island does sound like a perfectly convenient place to stay for those who are on a budget. Being 3 minutes away from the main bus terminal is the perfect location. And thanks for sharing the tip about purchasing the t-money card – definitely would help the budget planning!

  3. Amy Dodd says:

    Such a great post and recommendation! I’m heading to Jeju in the next two months so I will have to check this place out as where to stay during my visit.

  4. Navita says:

    As backpackers doing slow travel, whenever we visit a place, we always look for budget hostels and guest houses. Happy to note that Yeha Guesthouse is a budget accommodation and has received an endorsement of good stay by the Korea Tourism Organization. Looking at the pictures and facilities shared and having stayed at so many similar properties, I can say that Yeha Guesthouse does come across as a preferred choice for our visit to Jeju Islands.

  5. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Yeha Guest House looks like a nice place to stay in Jeju. Like the fact that it is centrally located and it is near the Bus terminus which makes it easy to move around the city. The place looks so neat and with so many amenities. Free breakfast and the free drink is indeed a bonus.

  6. Indrani says:

    Seems like a good budget option to stay. The kitchen is so well equipped, definitely designed and planned to make the stay easy. The decorations and furnishings are so tastefully done.

  7. Ami Bhat says:

    The convenience of the location is what makes this the most attractive. It does look comfortable. Love the contemporary and warm touch of decor here. Definitely worth every cent

  8. Lauren Pears says:

    What a gorgeous guest house! I will definitely bear this place in mind when I eventually get round to visiting South Korea. I am always looking for budget places to stay and can’t complain when there is free breakfast and drinks!

  9. Anshika Juneja says:

    Yeha Guesthouse looks like a nice place to stay in Jiju. I always prefer for such convenient and beautiful looking guesthouses.


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