When is the best time to visit Jeju island South Korea?

Dubbed as Hawaii of East Asia, Jeju island is a must-stop on your trip to South Korea

When is the best time to visit Jeju island and enjoy the scenery? 

This article includes the climate in Jeju, the best months to visit Jeju island, and things to do on Jeju island in different seasons.

Climate and weather in Jeju island

Located in the southern part of Korea and surrounded by the sea, Jeju Island has warmer and more pleasant weather than other parts of Korea.

The average temperature of the winter months (December to February) is 5°C and the summer months (June to August) is 26°C.

There are four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

  • Spring: from March to May
  • Summer: from June to August
  • Fall: from September to November
  • Winter: from December to February

Rainy season in Jeju island

From the second half of June to early October, Jeju island can be affected by typhoons that bring strong winds and torrential rains. 

best time to visit Jeju island South Korea

Best time to visit Jeju island

The best time to visit Jeju island is from April to June and September to October. 

April to June is the end of spring and early summer. The weather is warm but still dry with little rainfall.

Traveling to Jeju at this time, you will have the opportunity to stroll around and see the beautiful cherry blossoms or attend the vibrant spring festival.

From September to October, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the autumn, with the leaves simultaneously turning into very unique yellow or red.

best things to do in Jeju island South Korea
April to June or September to October is the best time to visit Jeju island.

Things to do on Jeju island in different seasons

1. Spring in Jeju

Spring on Jeju Island usually takes place from March to May with relatively warm and pleasant weather.

  • March: The highest average temperature of the day is 12 – 13ºC, and the lowest is about 6ºC
  • April: The highest average temperature of the day is 17 – 18ºC, and the lowest is 10ºC
  • May: The highest average temperature of the day is 21 – 22ºC, and the lowest is 14 – 15ºC

Things to do in Jeju in spring

a) See flowers in Jeju Island

By the time of spring, Jeju is filled with beautiful blooming flowers. Cherry blossoms can easily be found along either side of the roads on the island. You can also spot azaleas and canola as well. 

b) Join the hot spring

After a long day exploring Jeju island, nothing is more wonderful than soaking in hot mineral water and relaxing.

Hallim park South Korea

2. Summer in Jeju

The summer on Jeju Island is from June to August every year. It’s usually hot and humid, with the average temperature on the island being about 25 – 30 degrees Celsius.

In July and August, heavy rains appear more often, and it can affect your travel plan. 

Things to do in Jeju in summer

For those who love outdoor activities, you can join some of them, such as climbing, windsurfing, snorkeling, at the beginning of June. 

best things to do in Jeju island South Korea

3. Autumn in Jeju

Autumn on Jeju Island usually starts from September to November each year and has a cool atmosphere.

The average temperature is about 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. At the end of November, the weather gets colder, but the air is still dry and has little rain.

Things to do in Jeju in autumn

When traveling to Jeju in the fall, you can enjoy the poetic scenery and participate in different activities such as picking tangerines.

There are many tangerine farms open to visitors. When visiting the farm, you can enjoy the sweet tangerines and harvest their fruits.

Jeju city

  • Baengnokdam Farm (백록담 체험농장)
  • Odeung Gamgyul Farm (오등 감귤농장)
  • Gyulhyanggi Agricultural Association (귤향기) 

Seogwipo City

  • Hallabong Farm
  • Jejuhyang Nongsusan (제주향 농수산)

4. Winter on Jeju island

Winter on Jeju Island starts from December to February next year. Compared to Seoul, the weather of Jeju Island is much warmer in the winter.

The average temperature ranges from 7 to 9 degrees Celsius. Snowfalls are typically light, as well as night frosts.

Things to do in Jeju in winter

Coming to Jeju in winter, you can watch the snow and immerse yourself in the bustling winter festival atmosphere. The whole neighborhood is decorated with flowers and vibrant music.

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