Best Time To Visit Switzerland

When is the best time to visit Switzerland? I also asked this question when planning my trip to this beautiful country. 

I’ve done some research on this topic, and here is my brief guide. The article includes the following sections.

  • Switzerland’s climate
  • The best time to visit
  • The worst time to go
  • Best months for skiing
  • Switzerland high and low seasons


The climate of Switzerland

The weather in Switzerland varies greatly by location and altitude. 

The Alps cover 60% of the country, with main Swiss cities are located at an altitude of about 400 to 600 meters. Here, you can experience a moderately continental climate, with comfortable summers and cold and dull winters. 

The temperature on mountains becomes colder with increasing altitude.

In general, the summer is warm and humid in Switzerland, although some mountain areas may see cool weather. It’s also rainier than the winter, and you may experience a brief period when the temperature is above 30°C.

Temperature is freezing between December and March.


Best time to visit Switzerland

The ideal time to visit Switzerland is from May to September. The temperature is warm, and you can see flowers blooming everywhere.

For fewer crowds, visit Switzerland in late April, May, September, and early October.

Late April and May is an excellent time to visit. The weather is pleasant, and the fields are green and dotted with flowers.

Also, you can still experience good weather in September and early October, and the temperatures start dropping by late October.

Best time to visit Switzerland.


The worst time to visit Switzerland

December to February is the cold season in Switzerland. At this time, the country has significant snowfall, and the mountain is covered in heavy snow.

Also, the average temperature is below freezing. The sun is less than 2 hours a day, which makes it quite depressing to visit. 


Best months to visit Switzerland for hiking

If you love hiking and outdoor activities, summer is a great time to visit. While the weather is comfortable, you should expect sudden rains and thunderstorms in the afternoon. 

Always pack a raincoat or umbrella in case.

Switzerland on a budget travel tips.


Best months to visit Switzerland for skiing

February and March is a great time to visit Switzerland for skiing. You’ll get longer days and still lots of snow on the mountain. 

However, the ski resorts are costly, and some activities in the cities may be limited. 


Switzerland high season

While the tourist season is from May to September, Switzerland sees the highest numbers of travelers in July, August, and December.

During July and August, you can experience longer days with fantastic weather for outdoor activities. And the festive month of December is busy with skiers. 


Switzerland low season

Between summer and ski seasons, April, early May, late October, and November, you will see fewer crowds and empty mountain resorts. 

Zürich and Luzern are gray and foggy in November.


What to pack for Switzerland

If you are visiting in the summer, you should pack

  • Light clothes
  • T-shirts and shorts
  • A jacket
  • A raincoat or umbrella
  • For mountain excursions
    • Hiking shoes
    • Sunscreen and sunglasses
    • Warm clothes for high peaks

For the winter, you should pack

  • A Jacket
  • Hat or beanies
  • A scarf
  • Gloves
  • A raincoat or umbrella