My Khe Beach Da Nang Vietnam: Info & Tips

My Khe beach in Da Nang is dubbed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it surely earns that name. The beach is enchantingly beautiful, with blue sea water, and fine and white sand coast.

In this travel guide, I share useful tips about My Khe beach Da Nang, including how to get there, the best time to visit, places to stay, and more.

About My Khe beach Da Nang

Da Nang is home to many beautiful and famous beaches such as Tien Sa Beach and Non Nuoc Beach, but My Khe beach is the most popular one, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign travelers yearly.

My Khe beach has a coastline of more than 900 meters. It’s famous for its smooth white sand, year-round warm water, gentle waves, and beautiful lines of coconut trees. The seawater has a salinity of about 60% and is not affected by pollution.

Relaxing on My Khe beach, you can see the Son Tra peninsula with Linh Ung pagoda from afar. In addition to swimming, you can try activities such as SUPing and Paragliding.

My khe beach sunset Da Nang Vietnam.

I especially love the sunset on the beach. It’s so beautiful when the sky is painted in a pink color shade.

Also, I like how well-kept the beach is. You can find trash cans in many places, and there are strict rules preventing littering.

There are also beach lifeguard teams on duty, ready to respond promptly when someone is in distress, so it feels safe swimming here.

Best hotels near My Khe beach

Along the coastline, you can find several resorts, luxury hotels, and villas of high standards.

TMS Hotel and A La Carte Hotel are our favorite places to stay near My Khe beach. Both have excellent locations, comfortable beds, and friendly staff.

How to get to My Khe beach

You can easily get to Da Nang from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and other cities by flights, trains, and buses.

My Khe beach is about 3km from Da Nang city center, so you can easily get there by taxi or bike.

Here are the routes from Da Nang airport and train station:

  • Route 1 (4.8 km): From Da Nang Airport => Nguyen Van Linh street => Dragon Bridge => Vo Van Kiet Street => turn right to Vo Nguyen Giap Street.
  • Route 2 (6.9 km): From Da Nang airport => Duy Tan street => Tran Thi Ly bridge => Nguyen Van Thoai street => turn left to Vo Nguyen Giap street
  • Route 3: From Da Nang train station (5.2 km) => Hai Phong street => Le Loi street => Le Duan street => Han bridge => Ngo Quyen street => Vo Van Kiet Street => turn right to Vo Nguyen Giap Street.

Best time to visit My Khe Beach Da Nang

The best time to visit My Khe beach in Da Nang is from May to August because it’s the dry season and the weather is awesome.

During this time, it’s sunny and pleasant, suitable for outdoor activities. Also, the waves are not too strong so you can swim and relax.

Furthermore, you should avoid going on public holidays such as April 30 (Reunification Day) to May 1 (Labor Day). Vietnamese holidays usually attract large crowds and it’s not pleasant to visit the beaches at this time.

Also, the stormy season (October to mid-December) is not ideal to visit My Khe beach. There will be strong waves, heavy rains, and storms.

Please check my Da Nang best time to visit for more information.

My Khe beach Da Nang Vietnam is an amazing place to visit.

Tips for visiting My Khe

Here are some tips that will be useful for your visit.

  • Before swimming, you should warm-up for at least 5 minutes.
  • Only swim in a designated zone and during the swimming hours.
  • Do not swim too far from the shore 15m or deeper than 5m.
  • Wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • Most beaches in Da Nang have venomous jellyfish, so prepare vinegar to be ready to give first aid to the wound.
  • Avoid swimming when there’re signs of reverse current. It will often have darker in color than the surrounding water, and the surface has smaller and calmer waves. Bubbles or debris may also appear on the surface.

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