My Khe Beach Da Nang Vietnam: Useful Info

If you’re in search of the perfect beach to create some incredible memories, then prepare to fall in love with My Khe Beach, situated in the vibrant city of Da Nang, Vietnam. This awe-inspiring coastal gem, with its powdery white sand, crystal-clear azure waters, and rhythmic dance of the waves, never fails to captivate its visitors.

Why is My Khe Beach famous?

Tucked away in the stunning coastal city of Da Nang, My Khe Beach is an outstanding choice for beach lovers visiting Vietnam. This charming beach is a hit among tourists around the globe, and not without reason.

My Khe boasts an extraordinary coastline that extends over 900 meters. Its smooth sand, year-round warm water, gentle waves, and picturesque lines of coconut trees all contribute to its undying charm.

My khe beach sunset Da Nang Vietnam.

How to get to My Khe Beach?

Getting to My Khe Beach is easy, regardless of whether you opt for a car, scooter, or walk. It’s merely a 3km journey from Da Nang’s city center, making it a convenient taxi or bike ride away.

Each route to the beach is as scenic as it gets, lending you a chance to marvel at the beauty of Vietnam’s landscapes during the journey.

Here are the routes from Da Nang Airport and the train station:

  • Route 1 (4.8 km): From Da Nang Airport => Nguyen Van Linh Street => Dragon Bridge => Vo Van Kiet Street => Turn right to Vo Nguyen Giap Street.
  • Route 2 (6.9 km): From Da Nang airport => Duy Tan Street => Tran Thi Ly Bridge => Nguyen Van Thoai Street => turn left to Vo Nguyen Giap Street.
  • Route 3: From Da Nang train station (5.2 km) => Hai Phong Street => Le Loi Street => Le Duan Street => Han Bridge => Ngo Quyen Street => Vo Van Kiet Street => Turn right to Vo Nguyen Giap Street.

Where to stay in My Khe

When it comes to lodging, My Khe Beach does not disappoint. A string of splendid hotels and resorts line its sandy shores, all equipped with modern amenities and ready to serve as your home away from home.

My favorites include TMS Hotel and A La Carte Hotel. Both stand out for their prime location, comfortable beds, and friendly staff. Their high standards of hospitality and convenient proximity to the beach have made me return to them over the years.

Weather At My Khe

Da Nang enjoys a comfortable, warm climate throughout the year, which translates into beach-worthy weather nearly all the time! However, being a coastal city, Da Nang also sees its fair share of rainy spells, which could dampen your beach experience.

Please check my Da Nang best time to visit for more information.

Best Time To Visit

The perfect time to soak in the splendor of My Khe Beach is from May to August.

During these months, the weather is splendidly sunny, setting the stage for your unforgettable beach day. The sea remains serene, making it great for a refreshing swim or peaceful lounging by the shore.

However, I recommend avoiding Vietnamese public holidays and the stormy season from October to mid-December. This time sees large crowds or challenging weather conditions that could put a damper on your beach time.

My Khe beach Da Nang Vietnam is an amazing place to visit.

How long should I spend at My Khe Beach?

If you’re in a rush, a morning or a lovely evening will give you a glimpse at My Khe Beach.

However, to truly savor everything My Khe Beach has to offer, plan to spend at least 2 to 3 days here. This allows enough time to explore the beach, engage in water sports, relish the local cuisine, and appreciate the breathtaking sunset views.

Things to do at My Khe Beach

While the inviting azure waters might tempt you into a full day of swimming and sunbathing, there are also other thrilling activities to experience at My Khe Beach.

I strongly recommend trying your hand at stand-up paddleboarding or even paragliding.

The sunset at My Khe is another must-experience event. I still can’t forget the spectacular sight of the sky awash with hues of pink, orange, and red, with the gently lapping waves providing the perfect soundtrack.

What to Wear & Pack

As far as attire goes, keep it light and easy. A comfortable bathing suit, a breezy cover-up, flip-flops, and don’t forget a pair of chic sunglasses for that perfect beach look.

When packing essentials, sunscreen should top your list to guard your skin against the strong tropical sun.

Nearby attractions to explore

My Khe Beach’s charm extends to its surroundings as well, with several must-visit attractions in its vicinity.

One such landmark is the Son Tra peninsula, home to the revered Linh Ung Pagoda. This tranquil spiritual spot can be seen right from the beach and is a short trip away, making it an ideal addition to your My Khe itinerary.

Local cuisine to savor

No trip to My Khe is complete without indulging in Da Nang’s famous local cuisine. There are several beachside eateries serving delicious seafood dishes fresh from the sea. And while you’re at it, don’t miss out on Vietnamese coffee – a taste that will leave you wanting more!

Additional tips for your visit

Last but not least, here are a few additional words of advice.

Always swim within the designated areas, and avoid straying too far from the shore. The beach has vigilant lifeguards, but personal safety should always be your priority.

And do watch for signs of rip currents – a darker color in the water, smaller and calmer waves, and the appearance of bubbles or debris on the surface.

With its immaculate beauty, welcoming atmosphere, and plethora of activities to indulge in, My Khe Beach is a must-visit spot for any Vietnam itinerary. But don’t just take my word for it; come and experience the magic of My Khe for yourself!

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