Bai Xep Beach: The Vietnamese Coastal Haven I Adore

Bai Xep Beach, nestled in the fishing village of Quy Nhon, Vietnam, serves as an oasis for tranquility seekers. With its untouched, picturesque setting, it is nothing short of paradise for beach enthusiasts.

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Vietnam

Where is Bai Xep Beach?

Bai Xep is perched in the historic Ghenh Rang commune, Binh Dinh. Its charm lies in its dual beaches – the Front Beach (Bai Truoc) and the After Beach (Bai Sau). These sun-kissed sandy stretches seamlessly blend with a centuries-old residential area that sits in the heart of the village.

Bai Xep beach Vietnam

How to get to Bai Xep Beach

Biking is always an adventure, offering a chance to soak in the scenic Vietnamese countryside. A taxi ride, on the other hand, is quite convenient, particularly when traveling in groups.

Below is the intruction for self-driving:

  • From Quy Nhon city center, drive along the National Highway 1D (Quy Nhon – Song Cau coastal road).
  • After about 20 minutes (about 12 km), you can see a large sign on the left-hand side of the road. Following this sign, you will reach Bai Xep. The path to the beach is a small path with a frescoed wall.
  • Tips: If you’d like to visit Life’s a beach, turn right after seeing the well. 
Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Vietnam map

Where to stay in Bai Xep

Bai Xep’s offerings cater to every kind of traveler – from the budget-conscious to luxury seekers.

From my personal experiences, I’ve found several accommodations that add to the charm of the visit.

Life's a beach Quy Nhon

The luxury Avani Quy Nhon Resort & Spa, for instance, offers plush amenities and breathtaking panoramic sea views, making for a truly splendid stay.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back, homely experience, “Life’s a Beach” fits the bill perfectly. Situated close to the fishing village, it offers a tranquil atmosphere that complements the serene environment of Bai Xep.

Mira Bai Xep, another gem, offers budget-friendly accommodations with attractive room designs that don’t compromise on comfort.

Life's a beach Quy Nhon
Beach-front apartments and sitting area in Life’s a beach.


The weather in Bai Xep is typically tropical, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 32°C. Expect a mix of sun, clouds, and occasional rain showers, adding to the beach’s charm.

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Vietnam

Best time to visit Bai Xep

I’ve visited Bai Xep during different seasons, and I can safely say that each visit has its unique charm – be it basking under the sun or enjoying a soft tropical rain shower.

However, for those planning their first trip, I’d recommend scheduling it between February and August. During these months, the weather remains predominantly warm with minimal rainfall, offering the best conditions to explore Bai Xep in its full glory.

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Vietnam
Unlike other tourist destinations in Quy Nhon, Bai Xep attracts tourists with peaceful and unspoiled beauty.

Time to spend in Bai Xep

Given the tranquil ambiance and the plethora of activities at Bai Xep, I’d recommend setting aside at least 2-3 days to fully absorb the essence of this destination.

Spending a week, however, allows you to explore the beach and its surroundings at a relaxed pace, making the most of what Bai Xep has to offer.

During my longer stays, I’ve had the chance to delve deeper into the local lifestyle, try out a wide range of activities, and soak in the peace and calm that Bai Xep offers in abundance.

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Vietnam

Ticket prices

While the beach itself has no entry fee, some activities might carry nominal charges. It’s always a good idea to check the prices in advance to manage your budget better.

Things to do

From simply lounging on the pristine beach to visiting nearby islands, there’s plenty to do. Fresh seafood tasting is a must, and exploring the surrounding beaches adds to the adventure.

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Vietnam
This area is suitable for nature lovers, enjoying the unspoiled beauty of the sea and peaceful village life.


Bai Xep offers several experiences that are curated by local tour operators. You can opt for various activities based on your preference. For those who enjoy being on the water, boat rides to the nearby islands offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the region.

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Vietnam view

Clothing and Essentials for Bai Xep

When packing for Bai Xep, keep in mind the tropical climate and beach setting. Light, breathable clothes are your best bet. Also make sure to pack a good sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and a hat to protect from the tropical sun.

Comfortable footwear such as flip-flops are ideal for walking along the beach. Don’t forget to pack a beach towel, a good book to enjoy by the beachside, and an umbrella – they always come in handy.

fishing village
Fishing village, delicious seafood dishes, and beautiful scenery are the factors that attract visitors to Bai Xep beach.

Nearby attractions

Bai Xep is surrounded by several other beautiful beaches, including Bai Rang, Bai Bang, and Bai Dai. Visiting these places provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the region and enjoy different landscapes.

Bai Xep beach Quy Nhon Vietnam

Food & Drinks

No trip to Bai Xep is complete without indulging in the local cuisine. Fresh seafood delicacies cooked by locals are a must-try. The culinary experience only adds to the charm of this authentic coastal village.

Life's a beach Quy Nhon

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