An Insider’s Guide To Da Nang Fine Arts Museum

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is an ideal place for those who are passionate about art and culture. This museum houses a variety of artworks ranging from traditional folk arts to paintings and sculptures in different materials. 

Our complete guide to Da Nang Fine Arts Museum gives you all the information you need about this institution.

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum Vietnam.
Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is a fantastic stop which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Where is Da Nang Fine Arts Museum

The Fine arts museum is located in the center of Da Nang City, at 78 Le Duan Street, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District.

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How to get to Da Nang Fine Arts Museum

You can easily get to the Fine Arts museum by car or bike. You can easily rent a bike and explore Da Nang at just $5 a day or rent a private car charter if you travel in a group.

Opening times & ticket prices

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum opens daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

The ticket price is 20,000 VNĐ. However, at the moment, it’s free to enter until 31/12/2022.


Best time to visit

To enjoy a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, it’s best not to visit the museum at the weekends due to the crowd. We spent about 1.5 hours here, taking our time to enjoy the collections.

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Da Nang Fine Arts Museum exhibits

Opened in 2016, Da Nang Fine Arts Museum preserves and promotes artworks in the Central Region and Highlands of Vietnam.

It’s currently storing and exhibiting more than 1000 modern artworks and traditional artifacts on three floors.

  • Level 1: Reception area, theme exhibitions, and a kid area.
  • Level 2: Modern artworks and revolutionary War themes.
  • Level 3: Traditional folk art and handicraft artifacts.
Da Nang Fine Arts Museum.

1st floor

The first floor of the museum displays theme art exhibitions and a children’s art space. Most of themes are about land, life, and the people of Da Nang and Vietnam.

Children’s art space displays works that have won prizes in the city and national children’s painting competitions. It’s a great learning space if you visit with kids.

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum Vietnam.

2nd floor

On the second floor, you can find modern artworks with different materials such as silk, oil, and lacquer. There are plenty of sculptural and graphic works from famous Vietnamese artists.

In one corner of the second floor, you can also see the exhibitions on revolutionary War themes. There are war posters and depictions of people’s lives during the Vietnam war.

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum artwork.
The second floor exhibits silk works, and oil and lacquer paintings. We were totally impressed by the distinctive art styles here.

3rd floor – Traditional folk art space

The 3rd floor introduces traditional handicraft products and artifacts from artisans, painters, and sculptors in the region.

You can see wood sculptures, worship paintings, ethnic costumes, jewelry, and tomb statues of ethnic groups in Central Highlands.

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