Hanoi to Ha Giang Vietnam: Transport Guide

How to travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang, Vietnam? 

This article covers all the transportation information you need to know to travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang by bus, including the bus schedule, ticket price, and how to book buses online.

Hanoi to Ha Giang: Overview

1. How far is Hanoi from Ha Giang?

The distance from Hanoi to Ha Giang is about 300 km (186 miles).

2. How long does it take to get from Hanoi to Ha Giang?

If you are interested in conquering Ha Giang completely by motorbike, you can ride a motorbike from Hanoi, and the journey takes approximately 8 to 10 hours, depending on the speed.

However, it can be exhausting because you will need to drive more when you get to Ha Giang.

Therefore, I recommend taking a bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang for an enjoyable trip. The bus takes about 6 to 7 hours. 

3. How much does it cost to get from Hanoi to Ha Giang?

Here is a chart of the average ticket prices and transportation options available from Hanoi to Ha Giang:

  • The bus ticket is from $10 to $20.
  • Taxi: an estimated ride cost is from $181 to $440.
  • Tour: 3D2N tour costs about $90.
Bus6 hours$13Book from $13
Taxi6 hours$152 Book from $152
Tour3D2N$96Book your tour

Hanoi to Ha Giang bus (Schedule + Price)

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Price starts at $13

The easiest way to travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang is by bus.

Several buses depart from Hanoi to Ha Giang daily, and the journey takes 6 to 7 hours, depending on the bus providers.

Currently, some bus companies run the Hanoi – Ha Giang route: Truly Hagiang, Tbus Hanoi Office,…

Truly Hagiang6:3012:20Book from $15
Truly Hagiang6:4012:40Book from $15
Truly Hagiang7:0013:00Book from $15
Truly Hagiang7:3012:30Book from $17
Tbus Hanoi Office5:5513:35Book from $16
Tbus Hanoi Office6:0012:00Book from $16
Tbus Hanoi Office6:1513:55Book from $14
Tbus Hanoi Office6:2012:20Book from $13
Tbus Hanoi Office6:2312:23Book from $13

*For the latest bus schedule and prices, please check this list

Hanoi to Ha Giang by bike

Starting from Hanoi, you can travel by motorbike or private car to Ha Giang by the following 2 routes. The first route is about 30km longer than the second.

  • The first route: Hanoi – Vinh Phuc – Viet Tri – Phu Tho – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang
  • The second route: Hanoi – Son Tay – Trung Ha Bridge – Co Tiet – Phong Chau Bridge – Phu Tho – Doan Hung – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang

Ha Giang to Hanoi bus (Schedule + Price)

After your trip to Ha Giang, you can book your bus back to Hanoi easily. Here is the schedule of good provider.

Tbus Ha Giang Office11:2517:25Book from $16
Tbus Ha Giang Office13:4019:40Book from $16
Tbus Ha Giang Office13:5019:40Book from $17

*For the latest bus schedule and prices, please check here

How to get around Ha Giang

After getting to Ha Giang from Hanoi, you can continue taking buses to the highland districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac.

Alternatively, you can rent a motorbike and explore Ha Giang on your own. If you travel alone or in a group of 2, you should take a guided tour or have a local show you around for your safety.

Best things to do in Ha Giang

A trip to Ha Giang brings exciting experiences with the majestic and spectacular natural scenery of rivers, streams, mountains, and highlands.

Tham Ma Pass, Lung Cu flagpole, and Nho Que River are famous attractions you should not miss while traveling to Ha Giang.

3 days and 2 nights, or 4 days and 3 nights, will give you sufficient time to glimpse this beautiful Northern area.

Please consider learning a few basic Vietnamese phrases and words before visiting the villages. Check Vietnamese Guide for free lessons

best time to visit Ha Giang Vietnam

Where to stay in Ha Giang

There are several hostels and hotels in Ha Giang, offering you a great place to relax and start your Ha Giang loop.

Bong Hostel is an excellent place to stay and meet other travelers who are doing the motorbike loop. The staff is amazing and will help you with everything to prepare. You’ll get free maps and lessons on how to drive a manual bike. They also offer a fair price for motorbike rental as well.

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  1. Can I transport a scooter by bus ?

    1. Hi Kornelia, I’m not sure because it depends on each bus provider. However, generally, you can’t for this route.

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