Sapa To Ha Giang Vietnam: Transport & Ticket Guide

Ha Giang is an excellent destination to visit after your trip to Sapa. How far is it from Sapa to Ha Giang? How to get from Sapa to Ha Giang? 

This article is a complete transportation guide from Sapa to Ha Giang, including ticket prices, timetables, and online booking tips.

How far is it from Sapa to Ha Giang, Vietnam?

While Lao Cai and Ha Giang are bordering provinces, Sapa is in the Northwest of Vietnam, and Ha Giang is in the Northeast.

The distance between Sapa and Ha Giang is about 235 km (146 miles), and you can travel between the two areas by bus or motorbike. It’s most common to get to Ha Giang by bus, so you can save some energy for the Ha Giang loop.

Is the route from Sapa to Ha Giang dangerous? 

Due to the mountain terrain, there are many dangerous passes and slopes on the roads.

If you travel to Ha Giang from Sapa on a bad day, you may face extreme weather conditions like rain, wind, and fog. The road is steep and slippery; sometimes, you can encounter landslides. 

The road from Sapa to Ha Giang is stunning, with majestic and poetic natural scenery, and you will have unforgettable impressions.

Sapa to Ha Giang Vietnam

Sapa to Ha Giang by bus

If you are not confident in driving, traveling by bus is safer.

Grouptour offers daily buses from Sapa to Ha Giang and vice versa, and the travel time is about 5 hours and 30 minutes.

The bus tickets to Ha Giang start at $11, depending on the seat selections (van or sleeper bus) and travel time.

Routes: These buses usually travel along the following roads: National Road 2, National Highway 70, and National Highway 279.

Travel tips

  • Be ready 30 minutes before departure time.
  • Carry anti-motion sickness medicine.
  • Read more: Vietnam bus travel.
Bus info
Journey time5.5 hours
Price$11 (€11)
Distance232 km (miles)
Frequency71 buses per day
First bus5:20 am
Last bus8:20 pm
Departure stationSapa
Arrival stationHa Giang
OperatorsGrouptour, Techbus, Ethnic
Bus information from Sapa to Ha Giang.
Grouptour7:0012:30Book tickets
Grouptour7:2012:50Book tickets
Grouptour14:3020:50Book tickets
Grouptour19:3000:50Book tickets
Bus schedule from Sapa to Ha Giang. You can check more bus schedules here. 

How long is the bus from Sapa to Ha Giang?

The bus to Ha Giang takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes. Please note that the travel time could be slightly longer due to traffic time. There may be a toilet and food breaks on the way.

How much is the bus ticket from Sapa to Ha Giang?

The bus ticket to Ha Giang costs about $11 (€11). Please note that prices may change on weekends and national holidays.

Where are the departure and arrival stations?

Buses leave from Sapa and arrive at Ha Giang hostel.

When is the first and last bus depart from Sapa?

The first bus departs at 5:20 am, while the last leaves at 8:20 pm. For the latest schedule, please check here.

Sapa to Ha Giang by bike

Traveling by motorbike to Ha Giang is an exciting and challenging experience.

If you travel by bike, you must have good health, endurance, and experience in hilly and mountainous terrain. Although this road is difficult, it will bring you many exciting adventures.

Travel routes: Sapa – Bac HaXin ManHoang Su Phi – Ha Giang.

Note: If you travel on the weekend, I highly recommend stopping at Bac Ha and visiting Bac Ha Sunday market, the region’s largest and most colorful market.

Ha Giang

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  1. I tried to get from Sa Pa to Ha Giang by local buses in the hope to save some money. There are hourly buses departing to Lao Cai (40K) but I didn’t find out how to continue to Ha Giang. I told the bus driver I want to continue to Ha Giang so he can drop me off at the right bus stop. They let me of at a bus stop outside of Lao Cai and said I have to wait 20min. Not a local but a sleeper bus showed up and wanted 250K. I was pretty pissed because now I ended up paying the same as if I would have just booked a tourist bus from Sa Pa directly.

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