An Inspiring Guide To Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

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Are you looking for an amazing getaway experience in Northern Vietnam? Lan Ha Bay near Cat Ba island is our favorite choice. Although we’ve been there several times, its majestic scenery, rich biological system, and outdoor activities have always charmed us.

This article includes the following sections:

  • Information about Lan Ha Bay
  • How to travel to Lan Ha
  • Our favorite places to stay on Cat Ba island
  • The weather
  • Best time to visit
  • Amazing experiences that you can’t miss when visiting Lan Ha Bay 

cruise Lan Ha Bay Vietnam


About Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

Located in the south of Ha Long Bay and the eastern part of the Cat Ba archipelago, Lan Ha Bay has become a favorite destination for both domestic and international travelers in recent years.

This archipelago is over 7000 hectares, including over 400 large and small islands, and famous for its untapped beaches with pristine beauty.

The bay has a density of limestone mountains separating the sea surface into groves and small bays. Most of the hills have not been fully explored, so they remain untouched like Guoc, Doi, Ham Rong, Tung caves Bear, Ca cave, etc. 

Lan Ha Bay limestone Vietnam

There are hundreds of deserted golden sandy beaches in the bay for those who enjoy relaxing and swimming.

Many sandy beaches stretch between two rocky mountains, offering a quiet and exclusive experience. Some popular ones are Van Boi beach, Cat Dua beach, Monkey island.


Weather in Lan Ha bay

In general, the climate in Lan Ha Bay is quite fresh and cool, thanks to its surrounding.

The average temperature here is about 25 – 28 degrees C. The weather can reach 30 degrees in the summer, while only about 15 to 20 degrees in the winter.


The ideal time to visit Lan Ha Bay

In general, traveling to Lan Ha Bay has its own interesting things at any time of the year because basically, this place gathers almost all resort-exploring experiences.

The best time to visit Lan Ha Bay is from March to July each year. In the late summer (August – October), there are often storms, so you should consider carefully before visiting.

Lan Ha Bay Vietnam


How to travel to Lan Ha Bay

To get to Lan Ha Bay, you must first travel to Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong).

You can travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba by bus and ferry, and the journey takes about 4 hours.

After getting to Cat Ba center, come to Ben Beo and buy tickets to visit Lan Ha Bay at 80,000 VND per person.

Ben Beo Cat Ba Vietnam
View of Ben Beo port on Cat Ba island

There are many options to visit Lan Ha Bay, including motorboats, wooden boats, and luxury yachts. We usually sign up Lan Ha Bay tour and explore the bay on a wooden ship. 


Best places to stay on Cat Ba island

Many hotels in Cat ba town have been upgraded and repaired in recent years, offering better services and experiences. 

We enjoyed our stay at LePont Cat Ba Bungalow. The bungalows were beautiful with sea views. We also loved the panoramic view of the bay from the restaurant. It was fantastic!

If you seek a private beachfront, Monkey Island Resort offers relaxing stays in wooden bungalows. We enjoyed the outdoor activities there, especially the trek exploring the island. The view from the beach bungalow is amazing as well.

kayak Lan Ha Bay Vietnam


Things to do at Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

1. See the limestone mountains

Our favorite part of cruising Lan Ha bay is exploring its majestic mountains. 

These limestone mountains stand out on a stunningly clear blue sea. There are hundreds of them, and each is named according to its shape or the local’s imagination. 

The density of limestone mountains is impressive, and many caves have not been discovered yet.

Lan Ha Bay Vietnam island
A beauty that makes people want to discover right away.

2. Swimming and watching corals

Depending on your tour schedule, the boat often chooses one of the limestones to stop by and let visitors immersed in the clear blue water.

We enjoyed a swim from the boat to the island and then explored the cave and swam back to a ship.  

3. Try kayaking

We also love kayaking on our trip to Lan Ha Bay. Paddling through the ravines and visiting the caves was a fantastic experience. 

Some popular caves to explore are Hang Sang, Hang Toi.

kayak Lan Ha Bay Vietnam
Kayaking and exploring Lan Ha Bay is our favorite activity.

4. Enjoy seafood

In addition to beaches, a visit to Cua Van Fishing Village or stopping by the local’s rafting house is an interesting experience.

raft houses Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

Here, you can try fresh seafood raised at the raft, such as cobia, crab, mussels, abalone, and grouper.

floating restaurant Cat Ba Vietnam

5. Experience the yacht

For those who love luxurious experiences, we suggest trying a yacht along Lan Ha Bay. 

You will have the opportunity to experience the cruise with space and service comparable to a boutique hotel floating at sea.