Vietnam Airlines Information: Ticket, Luggage & Services

As the first airline in Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines has quickly won the trust of many domestic and foreign passengers. Nowadays, the airline has become the leading airline in aviation, continuously receiving many prestigious awards.

This article is a complete guide about Vietnam airlines, including information on the history, routes, luggage regulations, and how to check in online.

Vietnam Airlines

About Vietnam Airlines

Established in January 1956, Vietnam Airlines is a national airline.

The company is rated four stars according to Skytrax standards.

On June 10, 2010, the airline officially joined the SkyTeam alliance, becoming the first airline in Southeast Asia to join the coalition.


Vietnam Airlines contact number

Vietnam Airlines JSC Headquarter
200 Nguyen Son Str., Long Bien Dist., Ha Noi City, Vietnam

Contact Center in Vietnam: open 24/7
typicons 2 0 7 phone outline 256 0 006885 none  Call within Vietnam: 1900 1100
spacer  Call from foreign countries to Vietnam: +84 24 38320320
typicons 2 0 7 mail 256 0 006885 none  Email:

Lotusmiles Contact Center in Vietnam: open 24/7
typicons 2 0 7 phone outline 256 0 006885 none  Call within Vietnam: 1900 1800
spacer  Call from foreign countries to Vietnam: +84 24 38320320

Support for tickets purchased on the website: open 24/7
typicons 2 0 7 phone outline 256 0 006885 none  Call within Vietnam: 1900 1100
spacer  Call from foreign countries to Vietnam: +84 24 38320320
typicons 2 0 7 mail 256 0 006885 none  Email:

Vietnam airlines baggage allowance

Vietnam Airlines has different baggage rules depending on the flight and seat class.

You will be allowed to bring two basic types of luggage: checked baggage and hand baggage.

For hand baggage

You can carry hand baggage item(s) and one accessory. For safety reasons, the weight and dimension must follow:


The maximum weight for each piece of hand baggage is 10kg/22lbs.

The total weight of hand baggage item(s), plus one accessory, must not exceed:

  • For Economy class: 12kg (including one hand baggage item and one accessory)
  • For Premium Economy/Business class: 18kg (including two hand baggage items and one accessory
Handbag Vietnam Airlines


Hand baggage item must not exceed 115cm/45in (56cm x 36cm x 23cm or 22in x 14in x 9in).

One accessory must not exceed 40cm x 30cm x 15cm or 16in x 12in x 6in.


Hand luggage will be placed at the bottom of the seat or the luggage compartment above the customer’s position.

Carry-on baggage must fit within the front seat or in the cabin.

Bulky goods, which exceed the size or weight specified, cannot be carried in the passenger compartment, required to be sent as checked baggage.

Also, personal items such as handbags, cameras, light camcorders, and duty-free items will not be included in the carry-on luggage allowance.

Checked baggage

Unlike Vietjet and Jetstar, Vietnam Airlines’ economy class is entitled to free one piece of checked baggage. 

Hanhly Kygui Blue

For health and safety reasons, each piece of baggage checked in must not exceed 23kg/50lb (for Economic Class/Premium Economy Class) or 32kg/70lb (for Business Class).

Its total dimensions (width + height + depth) must not exceed 158cm/62in.

Restricted baggage

Prohibited items on the cabin

Sharp Objects, Weapons: Knife, Sword, Box Cutter, Dart, Scissors, etc.

Firearms And Lookalike Items:

All types of Firearms, Parts of Firearms, Ammunition, Stun Guns, Imitation Firearms, Toy Guns, etc., are not allowed.

Dangerous Items

Crowbar, Shovels, Drills/Screwdrivers, Blow Torch, Blades or Shafts longer than 6 cm, Wrenches, Spanners, and Pliers longer than 10cm in total length, etc.

Bats (baseball, billiards), Hockey Sticks, Golf Clubs, Martials Art Items, Batons, Self-Defense Sprays (mace/pepper), etc.

Goods that should not be in checked luggage

You’ll need to check in Jewelry, Camera, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Lithium Battery For Electronic Equipments (e.g., Power Bank), etc.

Vietnam Airlines flight classes

Vietnam Airlines provides passengers with three categories

  • Economy Class
  • Premium Economy Class
  • Business Class

Each class will have different advantages and benefits.

Vietnam Airline Boeing 787 seats

The routes

Vietnam Airlines has the main operating base at Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Noi Bai International Airport.

The airline has a network of routes to 49 airports in 26 countries and territories.

Also, Vietnam Airlines has codeshare agreements with 23 airlines, which help to cover Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and North America.

Vietnam airlines food and drinks

Vietnam Airlines serve food depending on the seat class and flight.

You can expect delicious and beautifully presented dishes on the flight. Usually, if you travel with international tickets, you will enjoy various food from many countries around the world.

Special meal

If you need a particular dietary style, you can book at least 24 hours before your flight.

Some special meals, such as Kosher meals, are only available on selected flights and must be requested 72 hours before departure.

Vietnam Airlines inflight services

Electricity supply

On B787, A350, and some A330 aircraft, passengers will be provided sufficient power to use their electronics.

Particularly for the B747, thanks to the advanced multi-lighting system, passengers can customize the light source according to their desire: white light for the day & yellow light for the night.

Personal care utilities

Passengers will be provided with soft, comfortable pillows and personal necessities bags such as blindfolds and a noise-canceling button (for flights over 4 hours).

Particularly for business class, passengers are also provided additional stickers to send to flight attendants to remind the alarm, serving food, etc.

Vietnam Airlines inflight entertainment

Passengers can enjoy famous movies, watch the news, or listen to music on entertainment screens.

The B787, A350, and A330 airplanes are equipped with exciting video games. They will help passengers dispel boredom on the flight.

How to do an online check-in with Vietnam Airlines

You can use an online check-in service for domestic and international flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.

It helps flight procedures be much more comfortable and more convenient.

Vietnam Airlines refund policy


If you purchase your tickets with Baolau, you can contact their customer service and request a cancelation. 

The cancelation fee will be applied. 

Vietnam Airlines’ Website and Mobile Applications

You can fill in the refund request form and email it to or contact the nearest Vietnam Airlines offices.

Depending on the fare rule, the refund may NOT be allowed, or a refund fee may be applied.

If the fare is non-refundable, the full ticket cost, including fare, tax, fee, and the charge, is non-refundable.

Vietnam Airlines Golden Lotus program

By registering as a Lotusmiles member, you can enjoy many practical benefits such as

  • Accumulate miles and use these points to redeem into award tickets, upgrade seats
  • Access to Business Class lounge
  • Priority access to check-in services and boarding gates
  • Awarded miles on birthdays
Vietnam airlines Lotusmiles

Depending on the accumulated miles, your membership card will be classified into one of four categories: Platinum card, Gold card, Titanium card, or Silver card.

The platinum card has the highest power and gradually decreases in the above order.

Vietnam Airlines fleets

Vietnam Airlines invests heavily in its fleet to bring the best flight quality.

Vietnam Airlines currently owns three fleets, including:

Boeing 787

  • Manufacturer: Boeing
  • Max distance: 15,750 km
  • Velocity: 954 km/h
  • Number of seats (*): 274 | 311
  • Overall length: 63.73 m
  • Wingspan: 60.93 m
  • Height: 18.76 m

Airbus A350

  • Manufacturer: Airbus
  • Max distance: 14,350 km
  • Velocity: 901 km/h
  • Number of seats (*): 305 or 323 (*)
  • Overall length: 66.89 m
  • Wingspan: 64.75 m
  • Height: 17.05 m

Airbus A321

  • Manufacturer: Airbus
  • Max distance: 5,600 km
  • Velocity: 950 km/h
  • Number of seats (*): 184
  • Overall length: 44.51 m
  • Wingspan: 34.1 m
  • Height: 11.76 m

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