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Iceland On A Budget: Top 10 Money-Saving Tips

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Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is unfortunately not a budget-friendly destination. 

How to visit Iceland without breaking a bank? Here is the list of 10 money-saving tips to visit Iceland on a budget.


Top 10 budget tips for Iceland

1. Visit Iceland off-season

Although some attractions are closed or inaccessible during the off-season (October to June), accommodation and car rental services offer lower prices.

I visited Iceland in May and it was great. The weather was nice and the attractions were not crowded. 

Iceland Seljalandsfoss


2. Enjoy Iceland for free

There are several free things that you can do in Iceland, such as wildlife watching or enjoying spectacular views of waterfalls. Read here for more inspiration.

Iceland waterfall


3. Rent a car

The public transport system in Iceland is extremely poor while the main attractions are far from the city.

Therefore, the 2 common options are rental cars or tours.

Renting a car would be an ideal option if you travel in groups of 3 to 5 people because it’s more proactive and cost-effective.

However, if anyone is not used to driving the snow, you should absolutely not drive in the winter.

Even familiar and skilled drivers should consider it because the snow in Iceland is often very thick and slippery.

Drivers who have many years of experience in Iceland also experience troubles as usual.

Iceland rental car


4. Buy bus pass

If you can’t drive a car or don’t feel comfortable doing so, purchasing a bus pass would save you money.

Although bus passes are limited to specific routes and travel time, they are cheaper than individual tickets.


5. Carry a tent

Iceland is an excellent place for camping.

It has many well-equipped campsites, and you can camp for free or pay a small price compared to staying in hotels.

I had many fantastic camping nights!

Iceland camp


6. Bring a sleeping bag

If you can’t find a place for camping, sleeping in your car with a sleeping bag is not a bad idea.

Also, some guesthouse in Iceland offers a lower rate for sleeping-bag rooms, so you can save money by doing it.


7. Cycle around Iceland

Another great way to explore Iceland is cycling. You can enjoy Iceland at your speed, and it can help you by saving money on transport too! 

Iceland horse


8. Bring your own food

Before flying to Iceland, pack some food and drinks according to the duty-limit.

Food and drinks are more expensive in Iceland than in other countries. Although I was living in Denmark at that time, I was surprised to see the price in Iceland.


9. Buy outdoor gear

If you travel to Iceland for more than one week, I suggest purchasing an outdoor cooking gear.

You can buy a simple cook and some ingredients at local markets and make your dishes.

Iceland Skógafoss


10. Take advantage of Online discounts

Airlines such as Icelandair sometimes offer significant discounts for travelers.

You can set price alarms or frequently check the price and deal. Traveling off-season also helps in finding budget flights.

Also, don’t forget to use SAS Youth Fare if you’re 12-25 years olds.

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