9 Best Things To Do At Night In Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a city that offers plenty of exciting sights and activities for locals and visitors alike. Read here for the best things to do at night in Budapest, and tips to make the most of your time.

Relax at Széchenyi thermal spa

The Széchenyi thermal spa is a great place to visit at night in Budapest.

With its unique architecture, beautiful lights, and relaxing atmosphere, this spa offers you the chance to take a break from the day’s sightseeing and relax in an unforgettable setting. 

You can enjoy saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs at Széchenyi thermal spa. There’s also a massage therapy service staffed by skilled professionals.

The outdoor pools are illuminated with LED lights that create a beautiful atmosphere – perfect for couples or groups of friends looking for something different to do on their vacation. 

When planning to visit Széchenyi thermal spa, you should book tickets in advance to experience all the services.

Széchenyi thermal spa in Budapest, Hungary.
Széchenyi thermal spa is open from 7 am to 7 pm daily.

Board an evening sightseeing cruise

A night out in Budapest is not complete without a sightseeing cruise along the iconic Danube River. An evening on the boat offers a magical experience with stunning views of the city’s night-time illuminations.

Danube river things to do at night in Budapest, Hungary.

During the cruise, you can enjoy dinner while experiencing traditional Hungarian culture with a folkloric dance show.

Live music will put you in an even more festive mood.

With plenty of drinks and food offered provided, this could be one of your most memorable nights in Hungary. 

Before boarding your evening dinner cruise along the Danube River, remember to bring a camera to capture your beautiful memories!

Also, bring comfortable shoes if you plan on joining in some of the traditional dance performances onboard.

Hungarian Parliament Building at night in Budapest, Hungary.

Join a concert at St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica offers a fantastic opportunity to experience Hungary’s culture and music. From classical organ concerts to piano performances, you’ll find something to love here.

If you are looking for a cultural evening activity in Budapest, joining one of the concerts at St. Stephen’s Basilica is the perfect option. 

Built in 1905, St. Stephen’s Basilic houses one of the largest pipe organs in the world. This impressive instrument has been playing beautiful music since it was installed over a century ago.

Its rich texture and impressive sound can be experienced throughout the church. The building’s remarkable acoustics adds even more drama to these wonderful performances.

Organ concerts are the most popular at St. Stephen’s Basilica and are performed most days of the year.

Be sure to book tickets in advance, as these events tend to sell out quickly due to their popularity!

Go on a pub crawl

For anyone looking to check out the city’s buzzing nightlife, going on a pub crawl in Budapest is the way to go. 

This involves bar hopping and enjoying the atmosphere, drinks, and food of each place you visit.

With a local guide leading your way, you’ll get an insider’s view of the city’s best bars and pubs. 

As a bonus, most crawls include complimentary shots, so you can sample some of Hungary’s native spirits.

craft beer.

The experience mostly lasts around three hours, making it an excellent option for those who want to explore everything Budapest offers in one night. 

When joining a pub crawl in Budapest, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as you may be doing quite a bit of walking between venues.

Enjoy a Hungarian wine-tasting experience

A Hungarian wine-tasting experience is a great thing to do at night in Budapest. It offers the opportunity to explore the culinary history of Hungary while enjoying some of its finest wines. 

During the wine tasting, you’ll sample some of Hungary’s best-known wines while learning about the country’s winemaking tradition.

In addition, you can enjoy delicious cheese and charcuterie platters with your drinks, which are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

For those who want to make their experience even more unique, check out guided tours through vineyards or private tastings with experts in Hungarian wines.

red wine tasting.

Take a nighttime dark history walking tour

Joining a dark history walking tour in Budapest is an exciting and educational activity at night.

This tour takes you through the city’s spookiest locations, filled with stories of vampires and other creatures of the night. 

You’ll stroll through Buda Castle District, the most haunted district in Budapest, as your guide tells tales of Vlad Dracula and his alleged presence in the city.

You’ll also see some iconic landmarks while learning about their dark pasts.

Make sure you bring a camera with you – this tour offers plenty of photo opportunities! Explore the cobblestone streets by moonlight and keep your eyes peeled for any ghastly figures that may appear along the way. Your guide will also give tips on avoiding nasty surprises, so don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit scared!

Walking tour - Best things to do at night in Budapest, Hungary.

Sample Budapest’s best eats

A trip to Budapest would not be complete without experiencing the city’s delicious culinary offerings. 

On most food tours, you will sample some of Hungary’s best foods and explore the vibrant Central Market Hall.

The tour typically lasts a few hours and involves tasting various regional specialties such as smoked sausage, strudel, Hungarian cheeses, and more.

Market Hall in Budapest, Hungary.

The knowledgeable guide will also provide insights into Hungarian culture and history while you sample these delicious dishes. 

For those wanting something extra out of their experience, there are options for themed tours or private groups that can take advantage of additional features like beer tastings or wine pairings with your meals.

Trdelnik food in Central Europe.

Enjoy performances at Hungarian State Opera

The Hungarian State Opera in Budapest is a great place to experience the city’s culture at night. Attending a show at the Opera can be an excellent way to spend your night in Budapest.

Located in the city center, the Hungarian State Opera has been running shows since 1884, making it one of the oldest theatres in Hungary. The building itself is a beautiful example of architecture from the 19th century.

Hungarian State Opera in Budapest, Hungary.

It hosts a variety of classical and modern performances throughout the year. 

You could enjoy anything from an iconic opera production like La Traviata or Rigoletto to contemporary ballet pieces such as Cinderella or Don Quixote.

There are also shows that incorporate traditional Hungarian music and other art forms for more cultural experiences. 

To make your night at the opera even more memorable, it’s important to book tickets for your chosen performance well in advance. This will ensure you get the best seats and avoid disappointment on the night itself. 

Take a cooking class

A cooking class with a local chef is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Budapest’s culture at night. You’ll learn about Hungarian cuisine and get hands-on experience making traditional dishes.

It is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people from around the world.

You can expect to make a three-course meal over two or three hours. The local chef will guide you through each step of preparing the meal with how to make authentic Hungarian dishes. 

Plus, after all the challenging but exciting work, you’ll be able to taste your creations as you go and then enjoy your finished meal with fellow participants at the end of class.

FAQs about things to do at night in Budapest

What is the nightlife like in Budapest?

Budapest has a vibrant nightlife that attracts visitors from all over the world. The bustling atmosphere surrounding downtown Budapest’s historic squares is perfect for drinking outdoors while watching street performers show off their skills.
When it comes to clubs and bars, you can find everything from underground pubs serving local wines and beers to large nightclubs where electronic music blares throughout the night.

What area of Budapest is best for nightlife?

If you’re looking for the best things to do at night in Budapest, look no further than District VII. This area is known as “The Party District,” and it’s home to some of Budapest’s most popular nightclubs and bars. From dive bars and live music venues to rooftop terraces and craft beer pubs – there’s something for everyone here!

Can you walk at night in Budapest? Is it safe to walk?

Budapest is generally considered a very safe place to walk at night. A good rule of thumb is to choose well-lit streets and stay in busy public areas, especially after dark. In the more touristy areas, such as Castle Hill or Andrássy Avenue, staying out late is fine since they are both well-lit and have plenty of people strolling about even late into the night. 

How many days in Budapest is enough?

The answer depends on your travel style and what kind of activities you would like to do while in Budapest. Two or three days may be enough for a visit if you are only interested in seeing the major attractions. On the other hand, I recommend staying longer if you want to explore more deeply and get an authentic feel for the city. You can easily spend an entire week or two exploring every corner of this fantastic city! 

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