German Spy Museum Berlin

You can get hands-on history at the German Spy Museum, one of the most interesting museums in Berlin. This museum offers a trip through espionage history with excellent interactive exhibitions.

Let’s take a look at what the German Spy Museum offers in this travel guide.

Useful information about German Spy Museum

Berlin is a significant historical site in the Cold War and the former epicenter of espionage.

For this reason, Franz-Michael Günther officially opened the German Spy museum (Deutsches Spionagemuseum) in September 2015.

He started collecting evidence and information in 2004 from former secret service personnel, double agents, and surviving witnesses.

  • Address: Leipziger Pl. 9, 10117 Berlin, Germany.
  • Opening hours: 10 am to 8 pm.
German spy museum in Berlin Germany.

German Spy Museum ticket prices

The entrance fee to the German Spy Museum is € 18. I highly recommend buying your tickets online so you can visit the museum without a hassle.

After selecting the date, you can enter your details and payment. You’ll receive the confirmation email shortly. Once in Berlin, you can enter the museum via the QR code on your ticket.

For the latest ticket prices, please check here.

German spy museum in Berlin Germany.

Things to do at German Spy Museum

German Spy Museum offers a historical tour with interactive elements.

You may find out more about the history of covert intelligence communications, as well as cutting-edge present and probable future espionage techniques.

Immerse in the world of espionage

As soon as you enter the museum, many cameras start to look down on you, immersing you in the ominous world of espionage.

The resultant surveillance merges with other film fragments to form a flickering collage on a monitor wall.

German spy museum in Berlin Germany.

Go through the Time tunnel.

After that, you can traverse the “Zeittunnel” (time tunnel), which provides access to the 3,000 m2 museum.

German spy museum in Berlin Germany.
Can you imagine how many everyday objects a small camera fits into?

Here is where the history of espionage begins digitally and through physical artifacts.

Gloves that conceal pistols, shoes with bugging devices built into the heel, and umbrellas with poison arrows built right in, you may view these strange items from various perspectives using touch displays.

Exciting details on the exhibits themselves are also available on the screens.

Even the skills required to become a top secret agent, such as computer hacking and code-breaking, are on display, surprised?

Feel like Tom Cruise from “Mission: Impossible” by putting your agility to the test on the thrilling laser course. 

See interactive exhibitions

German spy museum in Berlin Germany.
BW Poppr field telephone listening device.

Don’t miss out on various interactive exhibits from the realm of secret intelligence, including covert cameras and odor preserves from the Stasi’s evidence room, if you want to explore, try, and learn.

You can also see the listening device designed by Lieutenant Josef Poppr at the end of the 19th century.

These interactive features and multimedia presentations are standout features. You can master a laser course, decipher, send Morse code, look for bugs, break passwords, search for bugs, decode, and try to fool a lie detector.

Decode machine at German spy museum in Berlin Germany.
Don’t forget to get a hands-on experience with the decoding machine.

Discover secret services

Also, you can discover the fascinating world of spies and the secret service at this museum.

Your voyage starts with ancient hidden scriptures and concludes with the current NSA debate.

You’ll obtain knowledge of complex spy methods, illustrious cases, and spectacular covert operations. Listen to retired agents discuss their private lives.

More than 1,000 exhibits make up the collection, with 300 displayed in various regions with different themes.

German spy museum in Berlin Germany.
You can learn about the people who play a part in espionage.

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