10 Reasons to visit Poland

Located in the eastern part of Europe, Poland is famous for its beautiful destinations and drinking culture.

Why should you visit Poland?

Read this article and get inspired to plan your trip to Poland today.


1. Delicious food

Polish cuisine is tasty!

Travelers can try meat dishes, especially pork, chicken and beef (depending on the region), winter vegetables (cabbage in the dish bigos), and herbs. Potatoes are used a lot in different meals.

Polish food pierogi
Pierogi is a must-try Polish food

If you go to Zakopane, Poland, you should try the traditional Polish smoked cheese, Oscypek.

what to eat in poland
Oscypek is famous in Zakopane.


2. Drinking in Poland – Party Kingdom

If you love drinking and partying, you cannot miss Poland!

You can buy cheap beers and shots with just four złoty ~ 1 Euro. The price of a cocktail is higher, but it is still affordable.

Some clubs will charge money to get in, but there are plenty of free-entrance clubs to go to.

3. Many beautiful places to visit in Poland

Before visiting Poland, I did not have any expectations.  However, I was astonished and amazed by how beautiful this country is!

There are many beautiful places to visit in Poland, from beautiful coasts, hills, mountains, land of thousand lakes, to Błędów Desert. Therefore, you can do everything here!

Love hiking or skiing? You can go to Zakopane to visit the Tatra Mountains.

Love swimming? Gdańsk is for you with beautiful resorts and beaches.

The countryside is also stunning! You can take a train and observe the beauty all the way.


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4. Poland is cheap!

Are you traveling on a budget? Poland is an excellent place for budget travelers.

a) Drinking

As I mentioned above, drinks are much cheaper than in other parts of Europe.

Not only drinking, but you can also save some money by eating at Milk Bar. Food in Milk Bar will cost you less than 20 złoty ~ 5 Euro, with exciting choices.


b) Accommodation

It’s easy to find cheap but excellent accommodation while traveling in Poland.

I stayed at Bubble Hostel when I visited Kraków. It’s a lovely accommodation at a low price. Just 5 minutes walking from the train station, you can get to the Bubble Hostel located in Kraków Old Town.

There’s a kitchen where you can make your food.

Bubble Hostel also provides free breakfast, and especially you can drink tea and coffee all the time without any cost. I recommend you to stay there.

You can book directly from Booking.com with the link to the accommodation Bubble Hostel, and read more reviews of the guests from here.



5. Polish are friendly

Polish people are welcoming.

I was hosted by 2 Polish girls when I visited Gdańsk, and they were friendly and helpful.

Also, You can always ask people if you get lost or don’t know where to go. Polish people are so easy to talk to, and yes, to party too ;)


6. Breathtaking architecture

There are many impressive buildings in Poland. While Warsaw is famous for the Old Town, Krakow has its charm with Wawel Castle.


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7. Great place to go shopping

Are you a big fan of shopping?

You can find many shopping districts with discounts and beautiful clothes from different famous brands. Also, local brands and local shops are great places to find interesting and unique souvenirs.


8. Different types of entertainment

If you are looking for a place for relaxing and chilling, you can find many spas and resorts in Poland. I haven’t tried any spas there, but I would love to check it out!


9. Rich history

If you are interested in learning about World War, you can visit Poland and feel sympathy for the losses that Poland suffered.

There are many museums, such as the Warsaw Uprising Museum, or Auschwitz concentration camp. In these places, you can see everything by your eyes, feel and understand more about the history.


10. Transportation in Poland is easy to use

Public transport in Poland is excellent! Travelers can travel by bus, train, tram around with affordable tickets, which range around three złoty to 5 złoty.

There are night buses, so it’s very convenient if you go out late and need to go back to your accommodation.

  1. This sounds amazing! Is there really places to downhill ski in Poland as well!? That would be such a great opportunity to maybe go skiing and not be broke afterwards ?? thanks for sharing! Love from Germany

    1. There are many places to ski in Zakopane. I did not go there for skiing but definitely want to try as well :D!
      And yes, it’s the best way to ski without being broke ?. Love from Copenhagen ?

  2. Awesome! Sounds lovely! I’ve always been interested in traveling to Poland, this made me want to even more!

  3. Are you talking anywhere in Poland or somewhere specific? I have hear a lot of the cities there are amazing so I’m sure its all of that country! I can’t believe it has so much to offer. The parties are suppose to be crazy! Need to go ASAP.

    1. I visited from the North to the South of Poland, and everywhere is amazing! The parties are crazy there because it’s so cheap to drink :) Looking forward to hearing your experience in Poland :)

  4. Poland truly is a wonderful country, an as you as you mentioned, very cheap. I have only been to gdansk and Sopot, but loved it. The solidarity Museum in Gdansk I found very interesting. But There are a bit too many Norwegians in Gdansk I think thou. I could even get Norwegian menus at restaurants :-)

    1. I think Gdansk is famous as a relaxing place with beaches, spas, bars, etc., so many foreigners come there to enjoy. Getting a Norwegian menu there is a good point to notice! I got English menu :D, and they speak really good English as well.

  5. I visited Poland for the first time in January (specifically Kraków!) and already can’t wait to go back! Everything you’ve written in this list is SO true. As a vegetarian I was pleasantly surprised with how many delicious options were available for me. Pierogi is my new favourite thing in the whole world! I can’t get enough of it.

    1. Did you try cabbage pierogi? They have such a variety on food choice in Poland. I would love to go back there as well :)

  6. Some of my good friends from college are from Poland and I still haven’t been there. Have heard so much about Polish food so I think it deserves to be on the top of the list. Great compilation about an often underrated country that so so much modern history and heritage and is a fun place to hang out too.

    1. I was curious about this country because none of my friend has been there, except Polish friends. I went there and it was amazing! You should definitely give it a try :)

  7. I have a friend who moved to Poland from India and he keeps inviting me to come over for a visit. Poland looks like a great place to see, with the low prices, stunning architecture and delicious food. It’s impressive how cheap alcohol is there as well!

  8. I visited Krakow a few years ago and had an amazing time. The food was great and I drank so much vodka, especially on the vodka tour I did!! A great country that I would love to see more of :-)

  9. I definitely agree that Poland is an amazing country! I visited Gdansk for the first time last summer, and it was honestly one of my places in Europe. Great list!! :)

    1. So nice to hear that! Gdansk is one of my favorite place as well :) Everything is so beautiful there :)

  10. If the reasons you have listed are all true, i have no doubt it easy to fall in love with poland. I am aware of some of the history of the place due to world wars and that is definitely something worth visiting for. BUt the nature and goodness of people makes it even better to plan a visit. I am glad you got this opportunity as expat.

    1. For me Poland is a perfect place to visit for any reason, such as history, nature, architecture, etc. I’m so in love with Poland because of all the reason listed :)

  11. Poland sounds wonderful. I had no idea the landscapes were that diverse. I’ll definitely have to try the affordable shots when I get a chance to visit :)

  12. My friend just moved there and I’ve been considering going! This makes me want to go more, especially learning how affordable it is! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I really like this post :) It’s concise and informative and I’ve wanted to visit Poland for a while, so it was also interesting to me on a personal level! Do you blog in two languages?! Give me some advice on how to do that!!

    1. I’m planning to blog in 2 languages but still focus more on English! You will definitely love Poland as I do :)

  14. Yes this post is very useful, thanks for sharing :) . Do you remember which traditional dishes are the one that you liked so much?

    1. I will have one separate post about dishes in Poland if you are interested :D It will include lots of food and drinks there :)

  15. What is the partying scene like there? Like what kind of clubs, music? Love that it’s cheap :p Would love to go there and explore the nightlife scene! Great post =D

    1. I did tons of parties there and I was not sober enough to take pictures. You can find different clubs with different types of music, such as Latin music, Polish music, Pop, etc.

  16. You really surprised me when you said that the Polish landscape has everything you could wish for. I would have loved to see more photos of the physical landscape. Cheap beer and food is also a good thing.

    1. I will have more posts about separate places in Poland, along with more landscape picture! Cheap beer and food are standing out points in Poland!

  17. Looks awesome! Pierogis are so good, I can only imagine what they’re like in Poland. Did you go on that ferris wheel? Looks cool!

    1. I didn’t go there haha, but it looked so cute so I took a picture of it :D. I’m so in love with Pierogi <3

  18. I’ve been wanting to visit Poland recently because I’ve made some friends that are from there. You’re post made it crystal clear why I should visit that beautiful country!

  19. what a lovely list! Poland is definitely on my must visit list but I never knew there was so much to this place; definitely very excited about the food and the prospect of having such cheap drinks haha

    1. I did not know about it much as well, until I went there and loved it! Trying food and drinks in Poland were my favorite activities haha!

  20. I badly wanted to visit Warsaw when I was in Europe. Sadly I missed travelling to Poland! Rightly as you said, a couple of my friends who have been there, told me that its much more economical than Western Europe!

  21. You given a lot of good reasons here to visit Poland, it should be next on my list really!! Cheap nights out and friendly people are hard to beat. It does look beautiful and your Instagram shots prove it!

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback :) You should visit Poland and enjoy its beauty as well as great night life there.

  22. I love Poland and it sounds like you had an amazing trip. I have been to Poland a few times and I could completely relate to your post, especially about Gdańsk. I really enjoy reading about the history in Poland and I can’t believe how cheap and good the food is :-)

  23. I totally agree with you on all 10 points! I’ve been to Krakow and Zakopane too (dec.) and I loved it. I do not understand not more people visit lovely Poland, but hopefully your post will help open people’s eyes!

    1. I’m glad that you love Poland as well. This country is really underrated in my perspective, so that’s why not many people visiting here.

  24. While you’ve done a great job of compiling reasons to visit Poland, I don’t think you needed to stop at ten! Certainly, my time there was amongst the best I’ve had in Europe and I always found the people to be exceedingly warm. And yup, Pierogi is one of the best local dishes in the region

    1. Those are top ten reasons that I love about Poland. And yes, there are so many reasons to visit this beautiful country. Poland is also amongst the best countries I’ve been in Europe as well.

  25. I spent new ear in Poland and loved it. I was amazed at the shot bars there. The tiny spaces that were turned into bars. I also had an amazing time with the local people. I really recommend Poland to every one I meet.

  26. I feel its difficult not to like Poland after reading your blog. It seems to have variety of experiences and being low on cost i am pretty sure there will be more people wanting to visit it. I wish you had more photographs to put, it would have given me a first glimpse of this beautiful country.

    1. I feel happy that I’m sucessful in making you like Poland! I will write more separate posts about Poland and more pictures will come :)

  27. I love pierogi and cabbage. I knew Poland was inexpensive, but those prices are just so low! The architecture is so beautiful, and I would love to visit the museums around the region.

    1. I love pierogi as well :) Before coming there, I knew that the price was cheap, but did not know that it was that cheap! You should visit the museums for sure. You can visit them for free in some days :)

  28. Amazing post! I do agree that Poland is incredible and so beautiful! I love visiting my friends and explore this amazing country:) I usually stay in Warsaw because my friends live there. They always take me to some interesting spots in the city. Last time it was my birthday so we went out to this bar called Bubbles. I was just delighted. They offered so many champagnes, that I didn’t even hear about most of the names:) And the dinner was delicious. I had so much fun:)

    1. You should visit other places in Poland as well! I’m glad to hear your experience in Warsaw. I like the capital as well.

  29. I totally agree with you – Poland is amazing, and there are so many amazing aspects about it. And the food is amazing. I won’t say anything new, but pierogi are one of my favorite food too :D I don’t know what it is about them, but I can never get enough of them. I even have my favorite spot in Warsaw where I had the best pierogi ever – it is called the Akademia Restaurant. Their specialty is actually Polish food, and everything there is delicious and excellent but pierogi are out of this world, you have to try it!

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