Goodbye Vietnam…. and Hello Japan

It’s time to say goodbye to my sweet summer vacation in Vietnam and officially finished my exchange period in Denmark.

I’m on the way to go back to Japan to continue my 4th year Bachelor at my home university. It has been a great year traveling around Europe and my home country – Vietnam.

I will miss everything a lot for sure, but now it’s time to have a new experience! Besides studying, I will travel around many cities in Japan and learn more exotic cultures. Am I ready for it?

What have I prepared?

There are tons of things to prepare, but luckily, I have planned things and met my deadline. I have finished choosing my courses, bought necessary stuff for my trip to Japan.

Also, I already have a new place to live, thanks to the help of my friend Youko (Yay!)

It will be so difficult for me if I start to look for a place after I get there, and have to buy lots of things for new places as well.


What will challenge me?

1. Culture shock

The first thing I need to deal with is Culture shock.

I will suffer from culture shock again, although I’ve already lived in Japan for two years. It’s difficult when you move around the world.

Moving from Denmark to Japan is different, and having 2.5 months living in Vietnam in between won’t make things better.

I will go all the procedures of culture shock again, feeling good and bad all again. The good news is that know how to deal with culture shock now, after moving around different countries and traveling intensively.


2. Japanese

Well, it’s kind of a nightmare to me!

Probably I have already forgotten everything that I learned. I didn’t practice Japanese for one year, so my vocabulary, grammar, and especially Kanji already said goodbye to me. Shame on me, huh?

I finished the Pre Advance Japanese level before going to Denmark, and now I barely know essential words. So, I will need to learn everything again. I still love to travel around Japan, and understanding Japanese is way better.

3. The Learning

Studying as an exchange student and a “real student” is different. All I needed was passing the courses, and now I will need to do my best to get A+… Yep, things change if you are craved for a high GPA.

4. My travel

Because it’s my 4th year, I need to focus more on my study and bachelor thesis. Does it mean I will stop traveling? Nope, not really.

Since I live in a beautiful city, Beppu, which has everything such as mountains, hills, sea, and amazing hot springs, I still can enjoy my weekend by exploring the city and the surrounding area.

However, I will need to plan things carefully in order not to crash all my schedules.


So how will it affect my blog? Any changes?

Guess what? You will see lots of beautiful pictures of Japan on my Instagram stories, and my Facebook page as well. So if you haven’t followed my accounts, don’t hesitate to do it!

Here is one of my recent pictures from my Instagram!


Also, you can expect my expat tips about living and studying in Japan, as well as inspiration and recommendations for traveling around Japan.

Oh, don’t worry, you will not be drowned with posts about Japan only, I still post about my adventures around the world. There will be tons of posts about my solo trips around Europe and Vietnam so that you won’t be bored.

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