6 Best Live Music Bars In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What are the best live music bars in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, is famous for its vibrant nightlife. In this never-sleeping city, there are so many places to enjoy a fun night out, from karaoke venues, night clubs to live music spots.

In our Ho Chi Minh nightlife guide, you’ll find the best live music bars and cafes in town with diverse genes. 

1. Yoko Cafe

One of our favorite live music bars in Saigon is Yoko Cafe. The place was established in 2002 and named after Yoko Ono, a famous Japanese female artist.

Yoko offers a pleasant atmosphere with a good mix of locals and expats.

Live music usually starts at 9:30 pm, with rock, pop, ballad, indie, and jazz. So no matter your music’s taste, Yoko has something to offer.

Yoko live music bars in Ho Chi Minh Saigon Vietnam

Good points:

  • Great vibe and atmosphere
  • Space is a bit dark but cozy and cool
  • Live music is pretty good, especially acoustic
  • Drinks and food are okay.

Minus points:

  • The price is a bit high
  • Smoking is allowed indoor
  • Strange set-up: Tall tables and chairs are in front of the stage while the lower ones are in the back

Address: 22 Nguyễn Thị Diệu, District 3

2. Acoustic Live Music & Bar

What we love about Acoustic Bar is its chic and chilled atmosphere.

The crowd includes a great variety of attendants, from locals, expats to tourists. So, if you are looking to meet new and interesting people, then this place is ideal.

However, the space of the Acoustic Bar is quite small. It is often crowded on weekends, so come early to take a nice spot for an exciting evening.

Acoustic Live Music Bar Saigon Vietnam

Good points

  • Great atmosphere and lively performances
  • Good mix of guests

Bad points:

  • You may have to stand if arriving after 9 pm
  • Drinks are average

Opening hours: 6 pm to 11:30 pm

Address: 6E Ngo Thoi Nhiem, District 3

3. Rock Fan Club

If you want to enjoy the finest rock music, Rock Fan Club (RFC) is the place.

A few blocks from Acoustic Bar, Rock Fan Club offers brilliant nights for Rock followers. Most popular rock bands gather here with schedules that vary by genre, from pop-rock, rock-ballads to punk and heavy metal.

One thing to note is that at Rock Fan Club, people are free to smoke. So, if you can’t stand the smell of heavy smoke, you should reconsider it.

  • Address: 25C Tú Xương District 3
  • The music starts at 9 pm.

4. Fang Pub

We were delighted to stumble across Fang Pub and had such a good time. They have live music bands starting at 9 pm and perform a mix of Vietnamese and popular English songs.

Drinks are slightly pricey, but it covers the cost of excellent performances. This pub is quite small, so you should reserve tables before coming. I would recommend calling before 6 pm.

Also, Fang Pub allows smoking inside so that you may feel uncomfortable in smoky rooms. 

Fang Pub live music Saigon Vietnam

Good points:

  • Brilliant atmosphere and vibe!

Bad points:

  • Smokey 
  • Drinks are slightly pricey. A beer costs 100k VND

Address: 13 Hồ Xuân Hương, District 3

5. Thi Bar

Thi Bar is another excellent spot for live music in Ho Chi Minh city. It’s a fantastic bar with good beer, a convenient location, attentive staff, and great music.

The live music starts at 9 pm, and the ambiance is always very welcoming. 

6. Indika Saigon

Indika Saigon is a charming hidden gem to escape the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh city.

We love the decorations here! The courtyard offers a relaxing vibe, while the bar is cozy and warm. Also, the services and drinks are good. 

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