10 Amazing Things To Do In Penang Malaysia

If you’re already familiar with Kuala Lumpur, Penang is an excellent suggestion for your next trip to Malaysia. Chill atmosphere, colorful artworks, and pretty cafes have become a signature of Georgetown Penang. 

What to do in Georgetown Penang?

From the fascinating street food to street art, here are my favorite things to do in Penang.

best things to do in Penang George Town

Explore Penang street art

The reason why Georgetown is famous is partly thanks to its unique and creative street art.

In 2012, the Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic blew a breath of fresh air to the appearance of Georgetown. He created 2D and 3D paintings combined with real objects, offering a vibrant vibe to the old streets.

I love wandering around and finding amazing murals, steel sculptures, and wall paintings on every corner.

Read more: A complete guide to Penang Street Art.

street art in Georgetown Penang Malaysia
One of my favorite street paintings in Penang, Malaysia

Stay at historical houses

Have you ever thought of staying at places that were built hundreds of years ago?

Georgetown Penang Malaysia house

Penang is a city of historical sites, and many buildings have been refurbished into restaurants and hotels. Some locations, such as the Blue Mansion, even have an on-site museum!

Seven Terraces is also an interesting choice. It’s a classic Peranakan hotel refurbished from a 19th-century Anglo-China rooftop house.



Have a fun time at Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

From scary to surreal, Penang 3D Trick Art Museum offers them all.

Although the 3D museum is quite popular in many places, its unique is its Penang-style display. The entrance fee is affordable, and the staff is friendly and helpful.


  • Make sure your camera is fully charged before entry
  • Use the suggested point in front of the painting for a better shooting experience
Penang Trick Art Museum Georgetown Penang Malaysia

Visit Cheah Si Sek Tek Tong

Cheah Si Sek Tek Tong is one of the oldest temples in Georgetown. The temple is adorned with many magnificent lanterns, and the walls are elaborately carved with artwork and old objects.

Try tasty food in Georgetown

Do you know that Penang is dubbed the capital of food in Malaysia?

Penang is always proud to be ranked as one of the best culinary paradises in the world. From street vendors like Char Koay Teow to Penang Laska, fine dining like Rojak can be found in Penang.

Georgetown Penang street food Malaysia

I love to sample different dishes during my stay in George Town Penang. One great place to stop by is Sungai Pinang Food Court. It has other vendors so you can easily try a variety of dishes. 

Watch sunset floating village Clan Jetties

Another place to visit in Georgetown Penang is Clan Jetties. The village on the sea, Clan Jetty, is home and settlement for Chinese clans.

Clan Jetties is divided into six small villages, and each one is home to a clan. The ancient features of the town are reflected in lanterns lit by candles in front of the houses, spreading a characteristic red color of Chinese people.

Clan Jetties Penang Malaysia
It’s best to enjoy the sunset in this village!

Chill at the cafe

Spending an entire day in a coffee shop is a must-try for your visit to Penang. I like the Mug Shot Café (which has excellent yogurt and sandwiches) and the Tavern in The Park. 

Classic houses with vibrant colors are mixed with sophistication in design, and there are a few beautiful cafes with hipster tones.

cafe Georgetown Penang Malaysia

Drink on Love Lane

Love Lane is a narrow street from north to south, linking Farquhar Street and Chulia Street. This is a great area if you want to have a couple of drinks in Penang.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the people who frequent this area are there only for one reason: to have fun!

Penang street art Blue

Visit Kek Lok Si Temple in the evening

A bit outside of Georgetown is Kek Lok Si, one of Penang’s most beautiful and largest temples.

The temple is decorated with many unique sculptures and carvings, along with many images of Buddha demonstrating Buddhist and Chinese cultural rituals in Penang.

Kek Lok Si Temple Penang Malaysia

The unique architecture of Kek Lok Si Temple is even more enchanting, sparkling on Chinese New Year and Wesak Day because bright lights will cover the whole place.

This is also when the most crowded as many worshipers and visitors come here to immerse themselves in a peaceful space.

Take a train to Penang Hill

Penang Hill is one of the most popular attractions in this area. The hill is near Kek Lok Si temple, about 3 km away.

You can reach Penang Hill by climbing a mountain train, with a height of 383 meters. Here you can explore the natural scenery, mosques, and museums.


How to get to Georgetown Penang?

Buses and trains

If you visit Penang from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, or other cities in Malaysia, taking buses and trains are good options.

Penang street Malaysia


After flying to Penang airport, you can take a taxi or bus to Georgetown.

I recommend downloading Grab – a popular hailing car service similar to Uber – to get the best price and avoid overcharge.

A Grab ride from Penang airport to Georgetown is quite cheap, so you should better take them because the bus only stops at the central bus station and you will need to walk to your hotel.

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