Singapore Solo Travel: Tips For Traveling Alone

Singapore is famous for being a dynamic country with a modern and vibrant lifestyle. If you plan to visit Singapore on your own, here is my detailed Singapore solo travel guide!

Is it safe to travel to Singapore solo?

Yes. As a solo female traveler, I felt completely safe while traveling in Singapore. 

Where are the best places to stay in Singapore for solo travelers?

When traveling alone, I always prefer staying at hostels as it’s affordable and easy to meet new people.

In an expensive country like Singapore, staying at a hostel is suitable.

Thanks to the growing tourism industry here, relatively affordable hostels have sprung up like “mushrooms after the rain.” These hostels often offer activities for solo travelers through events held at the residence or cafes and bars.

So, if you are a solo traveler in Singapore, it’s best to stay in hostels.

Singapore is quite small and easy to get around, so it doesn’t matter where you stay. There are several hostels in Chinatown, Clarke Quay, or Little India

Singapore Garden by the bay

Best things to do in Singapore for solo travelers

There are several things to do in Singapore if you are alone such as joining tours, pub crawl, or couch surfing events.

Join the tours

Joining one of the tours in Singapore is an excellent idea if you travel Singapore solo.

For example, you can sign up for a Singabities tour – a trip to discover all the typical street food in this country, offering a rich culinary experience.

For exploring, you can join Biking Singapore – a tour where you can go sightseeing on bikes.

Another option is the Best of Singapore tour to visit Pulau Ubin – the last traditional village in Singapore and participate in exciting picnic activities.

Singapore solo travel guide

Join Singapore Pub Crawl

The Singapore Pub Crawl organizes regular events every weekend, and participants meet at Fat Pigeon, Boat Quay, near Raffles subway station.

Singapore Pub crawl is ideal for interacting and making friends with local people or tourists.

A ticket to join the Pub Crawl is about $45, including free tickets to all venues,  free photos, and offers on the happy hour.

Join CouchSurfing event

Couchsurfing and Meetup events are ways to meet and make friends if pub crawl is not your cup of tea.

Singapore has an active community group, CouchSurfing, which organizes regular weekly events.

I also joined a Couchsurfing event when I visited Singapore and had a pleasant night chatting with locals and travelers.

You can check the Meetup site to find business meetups, language exchange events, or sports events. Also, you can find a travel companion to explore the whole of Singapore and nearby destinations.

Visit the museum

Visiting the museum is great if you’d like to have your own space with a comfortable schedule. 

If you visit the museum alone, you can see everything more closely and admire the exhibition. Ideal for a solo travel day in Singapore, right?

Visit the gardens

Singapore offers many options for visitors to explore nature.

You can visit beautiful gardens at Botanical Gardens or Gardens by the Bay. Also, you can go for a walk at suburban parks such as MacRitchie Reservoir or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Singapore Garden by the bay

Best places to visit in Singapore for solo travelers

Each of the following sites carries the unique colors of different cultures and experiences.

Chinatown in Singapore

Traveling to Singapore without visiting Chinatown is a huge miss!

Chinatown is known as the most friendly neighborhood with tourists in Singapore. The area has many eateries hawkers, and you can also buy gifts for your loved ones here. 

Singapore Chinatown

Little India

Little India is the ideal destination if you enjoy typical Indian food and buy spices.

There is a large variety of Indian food and seasoning shops here. Also, don’t forget to try the Indian dishes cooked by Indian chefs.

Singapore Little India

Famous temples and pagodas in Singapore

Singapore Island is a melting pot with different cultures. Therefore, one can easily spend a day exploring many temples and pagodas with different architectural styles here.

St. Andrew’s Church and the Good Shepherd Catholic Church – the oldest Roman architecture church in Singapore are great places to see the majestic architecture.

Also, don’t miss your visit to the oldest Chinese temple on this island used to worship Thien Hau Thanh Mau (Mother Goddess).

Sentosa Island

If you’re traveling Singapore solo, Sentosa Island is an exciting place to visit.

This nature park is the largest entertainment center in Singapore, built on the southern island of Singapore and linked by road.

Exciting experiences include watching parrot shows, walking, and relaxing at the artificial beach. 

Gardens of Singapore

Singapore has not only impressive skyscrapers but also colorful gardens. In addition, you can visit the Park at Mac Ritchie Reservoir area – where there is a suspension bridge across the treetops and explore the nature trails.

Also, Singapore Botanic Gardens is the perfect choice to explore beautiful flowers. The area is about 80 ha and would take a day to explore. This place is also the first tropical garden recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Tips to know when traveling alone in Singapore

Singapore has strict rules and regulations, so it’s important to remember things you should not do in Singapore.

  • If you visit a religious place, remember to dress per customs, culture, and rules.
  • The crime rate here is extremely low, so don’t worry about being robbed. However, a credit card will be more convenient for you.
  • Using public transport is cheaper and safer. For example, with travel cards, you can use the subway or bus system. 

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