Penang Street Art: Hunting Colorful Murals

On my trip to Georgetown, Penang, I spent most of the time exploring the colorful murals. Recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, Georgetown is a popular destination for those who love exploring Penang street art.

In this article, I share the most beautiful Penang street art in Georgetown Penang Malaysia with tips on finding them, including a Penang street art map.

best Penang street art in GeorgeTown Penang Malaysia
Rickshaw appears a lot in Penang street art.

About Penang street art

Everywhere in Georgetown is a work of art, from walls, poles to faucets and traffic pillars.

Penang has so many murals that there have not been any statistics yet to show their number in this lovely town.

Penang street art guide

A unique thing about Penang street art is that these murals are not merely lifeless paintings on the wall.

They are delicately coordinated with many other objects to create 3D works such as motorcycles, bicycles, a swing, or even a purposefully arranged story in the corner of the house.

It brings the feeling that street art murals are both real and imaginary.

When wandering around the streets in Georgetown, you will have a chance to roleplay with these paintings and create vivid and unique photos.

best street art to see in Penang Georgetown

Penang street art map

The easiest way to find Penang street art location is by using a map. You can get a Penang street art map easily at your hotel.

However, only a few famous paintings are on the map, so look closely at the hidden spots to find fun and unique street art murals.

Penang street art map

Penang Art Museum

If you’re really into street art, you should not miss the Penang Museum, where you can learn more about the artwork and take creative photographs from 3D art.

Where to find Penang street art?

Penang murals are scattered around the town, blended well, so it may be challenging to find them.

Grab your map, look closely at the corner of the buildings, and start exploring Penang.

Below are some of the most famous pieces of street art in Penang.

Boy on a bike

Painted on the side door, Boy on a bike is a famous artwork by Ernest Zacharevic – the most renowned artist that transformed the streetscape in Penang.

His works are viral, and you can find them everywhere in Georgetown.

Where to find it: Armenian Street

most famous Penang street art
Boy on a bike by Ernest Zacharevic

Little children on a bicycle

This masterpiece is another famous artwork by the artist Ernest Zacharevic.

Little children on a bicycle, or Kids on a bicycle, portrays a little girl taking her younger brother on a bicycle ride.

The happiness on both faces, especially the little boy, adds joy and cheerful character into Armenian Street.

Where to find it: Armenian Street

Penang street art by by Ernest Zacharevic - Little children on Bicycle
Little Children on a Bicycle is a mural on the wall of a shophouse on Armenian Street, George Town.

Brother and sister on a swing

Along Gat Lebuh Chulia street, you can find the Brother and Sister on a Swing on the wall of a printing warehouse.

The mural was made by Louis Gan, a local deaf-mute self-taught artist.

The swing is solid, so you can stand carefully and take a creative photo with this artwork.

Where to find it: Gat Lebuh Chulia street

best Penang street art in GeorgeTown Penang Malaysia - Brother and sister on a swing
Brother and Sister on a Swing made by Louis Gan

Susu Soya Asli & Segar

Next to the Brother and Sister on a Swing is the artwork Susu Soya Asli & Segar.

In collaboration with St. Xavier’s Institution Homesoy and Vilmedia, the painting was painted at an alley behind an old printing warehouse.

This mural shows a soya stall with a granny selling Soya & Segar to the kids.

Where to find it: Gat Lebuh Chulia, between Victoria Street and Pengkalan Weld.

best street art in Penang - Susu Soya Asli & Segar
Susu Soya Asli & Segar is popular street art in Penang.

Children Playing Basketball

Made by Louis Gan, Children Playing Basketball is a beautiful artwork located on Gat Lebuh Chulia street, opposite the “Children on the Swing” Penang street art.

The girl seems to be flying instead of jumping, while the boy’s leg is out of proportion.

Where to find it: Gat Lebuh Chulia street

Best things to see in Penang - Children Playing Basketball
Children Playing Basketball is the second mural painted by artist Louis Gan.

I want Pau!

Painted on the sidewall of the Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop, I want Pau! is an interesting mural depicting two childing reaching their hands outside of the window to get dim sum on the rack of the bicycle outside.

Where to find it: Armenian Street

best Penang street art in GeorgeTown Penang Malaysia
Along Armenian Street, “I want Pau!” is an artwork outside a pastry shop.

Cat murals in Penang

Penang street art cat - Skippy comes to Penang

In Georgetown, several art murals portray a cute cat. They were painted to create awareness about stray and abandoned animals.

The painting of the large yellow cat on the right corner named Skippy Comes to Penang. This mural was painted by ASA (Artists for Stray Animals) along Armenian Street.

On the left side, the Lion dance was a project from the Penang festival 2012.

best Penang street art in GeorgeTown Penang Malaysia
Cat in a Blue Window Penang

Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat

Located on Armenian Street, the artwork Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat is one of 12 cat murals painted by ASA under the 101 Lost Kittens project.

Those fortune cats are common in Japanese and Taiwanese restaurants, where they bring luck and money.

Where to find it: Armenian Street

Cat murals in Penang Malaysia
Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat on Armenian Street

Street arts in Love Lane

Love Lane is a famous street with trendy cafes and budget hostels, connecting Farquhar Street and Chulia Street.

Besides going there for a drink or two, you should also wander along the street in the daytime to see impressive artwork.

Where to find it: Love Lane.

Penang street art on Love Lane
An impressive wall in a small alley with mesmerizing images.

Everybody Loves Pizza

I was surprised to see many collaborations between the artists and local shops or businesses in Penang.

This mural below was painted just right next to a Pizza shop in a small alley.

Pizza painting in Georgetown Penang
Who wanna get a slice or two at this shop? Everyone seems to love it!

Other artworks in Penang

As I wrote above, there are many street arts and graffiti in Penang. It will take at least a day or two to discover Penang’s 2D and 3D paintings.

street art and graffiti in Penang Malaysia
The purple boy is a mural on the facade of the I-Box Museum of Glass, while the happy faces on top belong to Amah and Asoon at Chew Jetty by local artist Simon Tan.
best things to do in Penang
This artwork offers a great chance to do a fun pose!
Penang street art painting

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