Visit Po Klong Garai Temple Phan Rang Vietnam

Po Klong Garai Temple is the most majestic and beautiful Cham tower cluster in Vietnam. The temple is located in Phan Rang Ninh Thuan, one of the important centers of the Champa kingdom.

Po Klong Garai Temple Phan Rang Vietnam
Constructed in the late 13th century, Po Klong Garai temple is a must-visit spot in the windy land of Phan Rang Vietnam. 

The history

On Trau Hill of Do Vinh ward, about 9km northwest of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city center, a cluster of 3 Champa towers Po Klong Garai is lying across the sun and wind in Phan Rang Ninh Thuan for seven centuries.

The temple was built in the late 13th and early 14th century, worshiping the Champa King is Po Klong Garai.

Po Klong Garai Temple Phan Rang Vietnam

Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan used to belong to the Panduranga province of the Champa kingdom.

The Cham culture in Ninh Thuan is clearly shown through writing, costumes, architectural arts, sculpture, pottery, and brocade weaving. 

Nowadays, Ninh Thuan has the highest population of Cham people compared to other provinces in Vietnam.

How to get to Po Klong Garai temple

From Phan Rang city, get to the intersection of Phu Ha. Then follow the 21/8 road towards Da Lat, passing the train intersection. Go a little further, and you will reach your destination.

Phan Rang Vietnam

Po Klong Garai tower ticket price

The entrance fee for Po Klong Garai is 15 000 VND/ person.

Opening hours: 7 am – 5 pm

The Museum of Cham Ethnic Culture – Phan Rang

Before visiting the temple complex, I recommend visiting the museum first and learning about the Cham culture.

Phan Rang temple Vietnam
The material and spiritual life of the ancient Cham in Ninh Thuan province is displayed in this museum.

The museum displays a selection of items, including tools, costumes, and musical instruments of the Cham people in Ninh Thuan. Here, you can also see the photos of festivals and the daily lives of Cham people.

Cham Buffalo wagon
Cham people’s Buffalo wagon
Champa festival photos
Kate festival photos

The architecture

Po Klong Garai tower cluster consists of 3 main towers, including the main tower, the fire tower, and the gate tower.

When we arrived at the gate, we could already see the majestic beauty of the tower lying on the top of the hill. The closer we got, the more impressed the architecture appeared in front of us. 

Po Klong Garai Tower Vietnam

This Champa tower cluster consists of three towers: the main tower, the fire tower, and the gate tower.

The Main Tower

The main tower is more than 20m high, multi-story design. Around the corners of the building are designed with stone statues and fire symbols. 

This tower has one main door in the East, carved with an image of God Siva. Two stone pillars supporting the building are engraved with ancient Cham script.

Besides, the tower also has three fake doors facing the other three sides.

Po Klong Garai Temple Phan Rang Vietnam
The majestic beauty of Po Klong Garai tower
Po Klong Garai Temple Phan Rang Vietnam
The temple complex bears Champa’s cultural identity
Po Klong Garai Temple Phan Rang Vietnam
Exquisite reliefs on the top of the tower

The Gate Tower

The Gate Tower is about 9m high, carved with meticulous patterns. This place is also the entrance gate to worship and welcome the king’s guests in the past.

Fire temple Phan Rang Vietnam

The Fire Tower

In the south is the Fire Tower bearing a typical architecture of the traditional Cham Pa people’s houses.

The Tower of Fire is 9.31 meters high, 8.18 meters long, and 5 meters wide, designed according to Brahmanism.

The two roofs of the tower are curved, shaped like a boat, quite similar to the communal roofs of the ethnic people in the Central Highlands.

The Fire Tower is the place of worship for monks and where they keep clothes and requisites of the Champa King.

The views

Phan Rang Vietnam
You can enjoy a panoramic view of Phan Rang city from the top of the temple complex.
Phan Rang Vietnam

Po Klong Garai Tower Festival in Ninh Thuan

Here are some important festivals at Po Klong Garai tower relic:

  • New Year’s Ceremony: the opening ceremony of the Poklong Garai Tower, held in January of the Cham calendar
  • Rain praying ceremony: held in April of the Champa calendar.
  • Katê Festival: This is the biggest festival of the year for caregivers held in July of the Champa calendar. During the three days of the Katê festival, you can enjoy the fan dances, Siva dances, and many other traditional activities.
  • Chabun ceremony: this is the festival of Father in Cham beliefs, held in September.

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