Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge Travel Guide

Starting as a small French resort nestled in the mountains, Ba Na Hills Da Nang has since grown into possibly the most well-known amusement park in Vietnam, and for good reason.

Upon reaching the mountaintop, in addition to the stunning scenery, you’ll find an interesting mixture of old and new.

Historic buildings and beautiful gardens intertwined with novelty modern-day additions—rides, Disneyland-like mock castles and of-course, the impressive Golden Bridge.

So in this Ba Na Hills travel guide, follow along as we give you our insider info about this one-of-a-kind place.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Vietnam

What is Ba Na Hills?

Located about 23 km from downtown Da Nang City, SunWorld Ba Na Hills is one of the best amusement parks in Vietnam.

Our visits to Ba Na Hills are always memorable—The impressive views, the beautiful architecture, and the range of things to do keep us coming back.

And when it comes to things to do, there’s definitely plenty of choice: the French village, alpine coaster, Golden Bridge, cable cars, beautiful gardens, pagodas, a wine cellar, and even a video-game arcade. 

We last visited during December, and it was quite busy, though not overbearing. It’s always a good idea to plan your trip and buy tickets for Bà Nà Hills  in advance.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Vietnam

Ba Na Hills Admission fee and Ticket types

How much is the ticket at Ba Na Hills?

The Ba Na Hills Da Nang ticket price includes the entry ticket and cable cars for both ways to and from the park. 

The ticket price is 750,000 VND per adult and 600,000 VND per child. However, discounts are available by purchasing in advance.

Where to buy Ba Na Hills tickets?

a) At the ticket booths

You can buy Ba Na Hills tickets at the ticket booths at the entrance to the park.

There are some disadvantages to this, though:

  1. There’s often long lines at the counters.
  2. You’ll have to pay the full price.

So I recommend purchasing tickets in advance!

Ba Na Hills Vietnam queue

b) Online via Klook

I booked our Ba Na Hills tickets online via Klook. 

I like using this website because it’s quick and easy, but more importantly, tickets are usually cheaper than buying through official means.

Here’s why you should buy Ba Na Hills tickets online:

  • Skip the line: We didn’t have to wait in a long line to purchase tickets. After buying our tickets via Klook, we just showed our vouchers at the special counter and were into the park fast and easy!
  • Cheaper: We actually paid less for our tickets than usual!
  • Easy to cancel: If you cancel at-least 48 hours ahead, you’ll get all your money back.
  • Buffet option: For a little bit extra, you can choose between tasty Vietnamese, Japanese, or Korean buffets.
  • Ba Na Hills tour: There’s even a Ba Na Hills tour available – so you can learn more about the history of this fascinating place. 

Here is the list of Klook’s offerings:

Klook ticket

Best time to visit Ba Na Hills

The best time to visit Ba Na Hills is from 8 am to 4 pm, or 7pm if you don’t mind staying a bit later. Let me explain…

The park sits at the peak of a mountain, with cable cars being the chosen method to ferry people up.

In fact, there are six cable car lines leading to Ba Na Hills, but even with so many, there still tends to be huge queues when most people arrive and leave.

Knowing this, we got to the park early for about 8 am. As planned, we were able to jump straight on a cable car without queuing, as we had arrived before the morning rush. This happens when the tour buses arrive at about 9 am—so try to get there beforehand!

We headed straight for the Golden Bridge—A good idea as it was still almost empty. Past 9 am, the bridge becomes almost unbearably crowded.


How do I get to Ba Na Hills Vietnam?

Ba Na Hills is very close to Da Nang city. This is quite an important city in Vietnam, so it’s well-connected with flights, trains, and buses from Hanoi, Hue, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City.

It takes about 40 minutes to get from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills on the road.

We took a motorbike, and set off at about 7 am. The journey was fine, the road was wide and smooth, and almost empty. It did get a bit nippy as we moved closer though—so wrap up! 

If you can, get there early before the big tours at 9 am. This way, there’ll be no queue for the cable car, and you’ll get the best photographs on the Golden Bridge before it’s overcrowded.

a) Private transfer from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills

You can book a private transfer from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills. They can pick you up from your hotel in the city or straight from the airport.

Our friends used this service, and they were very happy. The driver picked them up nice and early from their hotel, and they arrived at Ba Na Hills before the morning rush.

b) Ba Na Hills tours from Da Nang

You can also sign up for the Ba Na Hills tour. A day tour includes a roundtrip hotel transfer within Da Nang city center.

Note: We recommend leaving all your belongings in your accommodation in Da Nang and visiting Ba Na Hills in the morning.

Ba Na Hills Tour

Besides exploring Ba Na Hills on your own, you can join the Ba Na Hills tour. A tour typically includes:

  • Transfers and transportation as per the description
  • Entrance fees
  • Cable car ride
  • Lunch
  • Bottled water
  • English-speaking tour guide (other languages available on request)
  • Travel Insurance

Below are the reviews from the tour I took:

Good points:

  • You do not need to line up to buy a ticket
  • Know the way to get to the fastest cable car
  • Save money
  • Lunch is included

Bad points:

  • Transportation: Because it was a tour, the bus driver drove around the city to pick up all the passengers.
  • Limited time: You need to follow the time the tour guide listed.

In brief, having a tour guide is much easier if you go on vacation with your family. Also, it’s great if you’re traveling alone because you can meet other people and save on transportation costs.

Ba Na Hills Vietnam

Ba Na Hills 1-day Itinerary without Tour

If taking a tour is not your thing, here is our recommendation on how to spend one day in Ba Na Hills.

Please note that the earlier you get to Ba Na Hills, the better because you can avoid the crowd and long lines waiting for a cable car.

7 am: Get from Da Nang city to Ba Na Hills.

7:45 – 8 am: Arrive at Ba Na Hills Sunworld, and exchange your ticket.

8 – 8:30 am: Enjoy the scenery of the mountains and forest and the view of Da Nang city on the most modern cable car system in Southeast Asia

8: 30 – 12 pm:

  • Take the mountain-climbing train
  • Take pictures at Golden Bridge
  • Enjoy a relaxing time at Le Jardin D’amour flower garden
  • Visit Debay wine cellar in the mountain
  • Visit Linh Ung Pagoda

12 pm – 1:30 pm: Have lunch buffet at the restaurant in Ba Na Hills

1:30 pm –  5 pm

  • Visit the French Village
  • See the performances or festivals in Ba Na Hills
  • Join more than 100 exciting arcade games at Fantasy Park – an indoor play area

6 pm: Leave Ba Na on the cable car system

Tips: There are many places to have fun, so you should reduce the selfie time and try to explore and experience it all!

Ba Na Hills Vietnam garden

Ba Na Hills Accommodation

Where to stay in Ba Na Hills Da Nang?

There are plenty of good hotels and resorts in Da Nang city.

The city has different attractions, such as Dragon Bridge, Marble Mountains, and Linh Ung Pagoda. Check our Da Nang travel guide for more information.

However, staying at Ba Na Hills resort is the best way to enjoy Ba Na Hills.

Located on the top of Ba Na Hills, Mercure Danang French Village offers a great experience with spacious rooms and fantastic views.

After a fun day at Ba Na Hills, you can come back and relax at the pool in the hotel. It’s a dream place to stay, even if you’re on a budget.

where to stay in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills Cable car

As Ba Na Hills is located at the peak of Chua Mountain, the only way to reach there is via cable car.

Ba Na Hills cable car system is one of the most impressive ten-cable-car lines in the world, so it is an attraction in itself.

The fee for a cable car is already included in your ticket.

Ba Na hills guide
Ba Na Hills cable car
Ba Na Hills Vietnam cable car
Break-taking view from Ba Na Hills cable car

What to eat in Ba Na Hills?

There are plenty of restaurants and food stands in Ba Na Hills. The price of meals at Ba Na Hills depends on your choice of cuisine.

Restaurants are affordable to high-end (ranging from 50,000 VND per person – 350,000 VND per person). You can check the restaurant list here.

-> You can buy a ticket, including the entry fee and buffet.

Ba Na Hills Vietnam restaurant

What to see in Ba Na Hills Da Nang?

Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills

We hurried towards the Golden Bridge upon our early arrival–knowing that it would soon fill up. 

Suspended by two giant hands emerging from the mountains, this pedestrian bridge spans a length of 150 meters and is truly a remarkable sight to behold. 

We experienced a sense of awe and wonder as we walked along the bridge, taking in the stunning views of the mountains and clouds.

Undoubtedly, a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Vietnam.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Vietnam

Alpine Coaster

As we walked into the square, we couldn’t help but notice the alpine coaster close by. Without a second thought, we decided to take a ride before the crowds arrived. Lucky for us, the queue was only 10 minutes long, so we hopped on board and braced ourselves.

Ba Na Hills alpine coaster

The ride was short and sweet, but boy was it exhilarating! We flew through the air, the wind rushing past our faces, as we took on sharp turns and steep drops. Thankfully, we could control our speed using a brake lever. It was so much fun, we went back for a second ride!

One of the best parts of the ride was the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. As we zipped along, we couldn’t help but marvel at the breathtaking scenery.

Ba Na Hills French Village

We decided to wander further into what’s called the French Village, a charming mock medieval town.

The buildings were obviously built in modern times, but are adorned with a faux stone effect to look older–looking like something you’d see at Disneyland. 

The church stands close to the entrance, and is difficult to miss. 

Ba Na Hills Vietnam French village

A look inside, it was half-convincing, with fake stained-glass windows, wooden beams, and rows of wooden church pews.

The main feature, the church’s balcony, serves as a great photo opportunity. People were queuing to get a good shot.


After the church, we continued deeper into the village and found lots of restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops, all designed in the same olde-worlde style. If you squint hard enough, it might look real. 

Ba Na hills french village

Another corner of the French village in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na hills Da nang

Ba na hills travel guide

Beautiful flowers around the French town

As the French village is not too huge, we found 30 mins to an hour was  enough to take in all the sights. 

Free performances are on the stages daily at 2:30 pm, so don’t miss them!

pic bn11
Ba Na Hills foggy day
Ba Na Hills gets foggy at about 3 pm.

Le Jardin d’Amour – The Paradise of Flowers

When you arrive at the station, take a walk to the Le Jardin d’Amour to enjoy the beauty of flowers and statues.

With an area of nearly 21,000 m2, Le Jardin D’amour is also known as the love flower garden with different kinds of flowers, tropical and temperate species.

Ba Na Hills Vietnam garden

Le Jardin D’amour flower gardens are divided into nine yards with nine unique architectural styles.

  • Suoi Mo Garden: Located on gently sloping terrain, Suoi Mo garden has a beautiful combination of Aparang and Kim Cham flowers.
  • Eden Garden: This place is an ideal place to watch the dawn.
  • Mysterious Garden: An established maze makes visitors with charming massive tree walls.
  • Couple Garden: French architecture is expressed through delicate architecture with vivid and attractive patterns and motifs.
  • Reflection Garden
  • The Mythical Garden: The magnificent column of rows found in the Mythical Garden is inspired by the image of Olympia peak with Athens and Greece Gods.
  • Memories Garden
  • Sacred Garden: The God of Love will witness the couple’s vow in this garden.
  • Vineyard: The Vineyard is associated with a more-than-100-year-old ancient cellar with landscape details and a green layout recreating the vineyard region of southern France.
Ba Na Hills Vietnam garden
Mysterious Garden in Ba Na Hills
Ba Na Hills statues
Ba Na hills travel guide
travel Ba Na hills

Ba Na Hills Linh Ung Temple

There are 3 Linh Ung temples in Da Nang, and you can find one here at Ba Na Hills.

ba na hills travel guide
A view of Linh Ung Temple in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills Linh Ung pagoda

Debay Ancient Wine Cellar

The French discovered the Ba Na Hills area and built several works such as hotels, swimming pools, etc.

However, everything was mostly destroyed during the war, and only Debay’s Ancient Wine Cellar was left. This place was built by French architects and was dug deep inside the mountain in 1923.

Ba Na Hills Debay Ancient Wine Cellar
Ba Na Hills Debay Ancient Wine Cellar
A look from the inside of Debay Ancient Wine Cellar. You can also taste wine here.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park

After visiting the French village, you should visit the amusement park.

There are three underground floors for games, and they are always crowded. There are lots of free games, but the queue is quite long.

Ba Na hills game center travel guide
These games are free to play!

What to pack for Ba Na Hills?

Pack light

Ba Na Hills is huge, and you will need to walk a lot when exploring the park in one or two days (depending on your stay). It’s better to bring light.

If the weather is not good, you should bring a compact umbrella.


Usually, in the cold season, the temperature in Ba Na Hills will be colder than the city’s one, and the difference is about 7-8 degrees C.

Even in the summertime (June to August), the temperature changes may make you feel cold or uncomfortable, so it’s better to bring a light coat or jacket.

Even when it’s chilly, you should bring suncream and a hat to protect your skin.

Shoes: Wear comfortable shoes because you’ll need to walk a lot. Avoid wearing high heels or clogs.

Tips for enjoying the best of Ba Na Hills:

  • Ticket: You should book the Ba Na Hills ticket in advance because the ticket line is long.
  • Food: You should have breakfast first at the hotel before your departure. Purchase the buffet when booking your ticket.
  • Don’t go during the Vietnamese national holidays: It’s super crowded. There are 10 000 – 20 000 people per day, so you will be stuck in the flow of people and cannot enjoy anything.

Is Ba Na Hills worth visiting?

Locals say if you haven’t visited Ba Na Hills, you haven’t visited Da Nang. However, if you are familiar with Europe and want something different, Ba Na Hills maybe not be your cup of tea.

If you want to see the mixture between European architecture and Vietnamese temples, also hiding from the heat of Vietnam, don’t hesitate and go!

We hope you will have a great time at Ba Na Hills.

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